The girl wolf

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Serena is 18 years old she lives with her mom and her brother and 3 sisters she does not know her dad her mom doesn't talk about him when one day she was walking home and something strange happened read to find out what happens

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Serena's Pov

Hi my name is Serena I live with my mom and my little sister Adira she is ten my little brother Gabriel he is five and then there's my twin sisters Kendra and Kamala there three last but my mom and her name is Elaine she is 38 but looks 25 "Serena can you watch the twins for me I have to work do you think you can watch them for me"said Elaine. "Yes mom but when are you getting back "I say. "I will be back at 11:30 now I got to go sweet heart love you "said Elaine. Serena watch her twin sisters and put them down for a nap helped Adira with her homework and played with Gabriel then got ready for she worked at a walmart not far from there apartment and her mom worked as a nurse for a hospital three blocks down so she got into her uniform then her mom came in looking mad and tired. "Mom what happened talk to me please "I say. "It's just something from work I will tell you when you get back from work I love you now go "said Elaine. "Serena got to work and was about to go in when a man stopped her. "Can I help you with something or do you need to find something "I say.
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