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It's totally not strange when three new kids come in the middle of the school year, at the same time, when they are not related at all. No one batted an eye at the thought of that, except A. He was all over their case, like it was his mission. He doesn't want to come on strong and seem obvious, but he has to get to the bottom of this before graduation, or he'll never see them again, and the mystery will remain unsolved. Six immortal teens finally make it to the common ages of today. Thrown into a new high school, they're forced with the difficulty of knowing mortals, Of course, they've handled it before, but they have never experienced love.

Fantasy / Romance
bailee faith
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π”­π”―π”’π”£π”žπ” π”’

Queen Alexandra, a notable leader. One that most pretend to love, but are deeply afraid of. She may rule over the lands, but there is someone hidden in the shadows you should be much more afraid of. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and although I agree, I think it'll be more poisonous this time.

As far as money went, Victor III had all of it. He owned wealth that could by him everything. The only thing Victor couldn't buy, tragically what he desired most, attention. He tried to hide it, but envy crawled through every vein in his body when he saw his own child reviving in life, and praise he knew was owed to him. A story of internal conflict because the one you whom he loved, had something Victor would do anything to receive, maybe even kill.

Vikings are cool too, right? But it seems everyone thinks they're all the same. Ravenous men, who eat all the food, and kidnap women. But it seems maybe, just maybe there is someone to set the record straight for himself, prove to be different than his kind, but still someone who can defend his kind. Or will he buckle under pressure and ruin his only chance at making things right.

pirates ever been approachable, or nice? What if one of the most dangerous pirates, aren't as lethal as they seem, or give off. What if they're just looking for a friend, someone to connect with them, show them love, understand them, things they have never received before. Maybe it isn't all about booty;) but so much more, others will never understand.

well demons are absolutely, hands down, one of the most frightful, and dangerous creatures to ever walk any type of land, especially Satan's son. Will they be able to hand the normal human life, in an ordinary playing field of life. But even worse can kids handle the secrets their going to unfold amongst themselves.

Humans... humans are stinky. They like, they die, they get angry, and they cry, boring am I right? Well, we're about to spice up their little world. Let's see if they can handle us and the rain.

Knights... okay, knights. They desire a princess, will the real world attempt him, and let him continue on his high horse painted pretty white, or will it knock him down, back to reality.

Are you ready for a sneak peak into their lives? continue if you will, but the secrets that are about to be revealed, is something no one knows.
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