The Elven Queen Of Minotaurs

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Lenon Suleva Adreesa, the King of Minotaurs, was officiously cruel and dictatorial with dark secrets in his maze. Not a bird flapped its wing in his Kingdom unless he permitted. Every inch of him was build to rule brutally but that was until the cheeky Elven Princess of Elavia, Maleh Senka entered his court with her defying antics, flipping his Kingdom upside down… literally.

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Valley Of Elavia

Note: The Minotaurs in this story are humanoids with a human whole body but with the addition of badass horns and elves with the addition of pointed ears!

“Amah!” She swished past the green, sunlit hallway tumbling on her feet as the wind took fall of every step of her delicate feet.

Her silk plain white dress left a trail behind her as she strolled steadily to the miniature rock-craved palaces’ hallway barefoot, passing many servant and maids, gracing them with her beautiful smile, unrestrained by the youth she radiated to sanctify their day in amicability.

Every step she took alighted the ambiance of every soul that she came in contact with. The delight and spirit of Elavia have come of age last fall, precisely, in her age of nuptials but neither her folks nor had she grown of her childish ways.

The Princess was jovial and everything in her little world was pleasant and tranquil. She was mischievous but she was the life of this valley. Her laughter brought life to it and her smiles brought bliss to that life.

Elves lived in airy and rendering habitats of nature. Their souls were tied with nature. Serenity and delicacy were their only dispositions. So the Kingdom of Elavia was situated on Mt. Feirra with all its four sides walled by forestry. They were cultivators of that forestry, just as their nature’s peace demanded.

“Amah!” She beckoned with her sweet melodious voice again, as her feet skip the stone pathways wrapped in soft grass to cushion the fragility of her feet.

Vines scaling the ivory and beige tiers of the palace greeted their Elven princess by beaming in her aura a little brighter than they did in the sun.

She closed down to her destination and placed a hand over her head sheltering her turquoise orbs from the blinding sun. The heavy wings-like lashes fawned on her almond eyes, fluttered till her sight adjusted to the bright light. Giggling once she saw her desired sight, she shot back to the veranda.

Her long tree-red blonde silken-glossy mane flowed behind her in the morning wind. She crossed the veranda and the courtyard looking for her mother. Passing by several gardens she finally saw her sitting below a pergola decorated with blooming Mandeville of blush and scarlet hues in a field of lilies.

Her bee-stung cherry lips blossom into a heart-wrenching smile, expressing her joy for the end of her quest.

“Amah!” She cried out in delight catching the attention of every elf under the pergola serving their Queen. The Queen turned to the voice and a smile bloomed wide on her face, she stood up and caught the enthralling youth in her extended arms but the youth instead of recoiling fell on her.

She crashed on the Queen making her fall on her flowery divan. The Princess snickered at her crash landing. She held the Queen’s face between both of her dainty palms and kissed both her cheeks.

“Amah! The grace of the day to you.” She greeted chirpily and got off the Queen to settle beside her on the divan smiling at all the elegant elves present.

“Grace to you too, My sweet bud.” Her mother returned her greeting with frowned brows.

She turned to all the servers working and addressed them pleasantly too, “Grace of the day to you all.”

“Grace of the day, Princess.” They returned her greeting with wide smiles in a chorus.

The Queen sighed and shook her head in disapproval at the juvenile behavior of the young princess. Fixing her dress and flower crown back on her head, she huffed at the princess who was giving her a sheepish smile.

Her stern gaze softened for a moment melting under her warm smiles but then hardened. She scolded censoriously, “My beloved Darling, always in such haste! And what calamity had transpired on your head to do this to your hair?!”

The Princess touched the end of her auburn tresses and shrugged, “There are, but too many hairs on my head, I can’t keep an account for what happens to every one of them.” The Princess cheekily retorted.

The Queen gave her a stern look and turned to her server. The server who was smiling endearingly at their naïve, witty princess’s sweet insolence at once averted her head and handed the comb she brought with her everywhere she went for her Princess.

The Queen gave her a look and the Princess sighed, flopping down on the stone stool placed by the server below the Queen’s divan.

She liked her hair flowing in the wind, unruly but they gave her the feeling of being free and bold. But she always relents by her mother’s heeding as it wasn’t a trait of a good lady to leave her hair for show. As if anyone ever came to look at her.

The Queen caressed the Princess’s small pointed ears, making her squirm because of their sensitivity. With a disgruntled sigh, she combed her hairs then braided them in a plait, the server brought back several blooms in all their glory for the princess.

The Elven people seldom made the use of living essences or ornaments. Their houses were carved out of stone and their accessories were the jewels of nature that withered and revived in a revolution, flowers. Unlike the stone-hard trinkets and gems, the other creatures adorned. The Elven’s never harmed the living for consumption. Every living being calmed in their untainted presence hence they were the guardians of the forestry.

Taking each flower the Queen inserted them in the princess braid like her own hair. After she was done she pulled the young woman and made her sit on the divan and reprimand the young princess, “Was your act appropriate?”

She pouted and bit her lower lip trying to placate her mother, “Appropriate, it wasn’t. But Amah, I came to inform you something you would be immensely pleased to know!” She bragged with her eyes wide for more animation.

“Oh,” The Queen raised a quizzical brow in inspection and suspiciously inquired, “And what may be the source of such bliss?”

“Sehena, Jenli, and I are determined to survey the forestry so we can see the hatchlings, the cubs, and feel the flowing zephyr and the praise the colors spring had brought upon us this time!” The Princess giggled some more staining her already ripe-red cheeks.

Her mother cupped the face of the young beauty and smiled forcedly. The girl was dainty but her spirit was too enthralling to be owned. Her heart-shaped face was embellished with the most exquisite features one would behold.

But that wasn’t what drew people to her: it was her air, her untainted purity of heart. Such souls attracted evil and she feared for her little bud.

“A precious Princess bud, you are. One day but you will bloom into a beautiful flower for your King.” She whispered with a soft smile of ache.

It was the fate of the Elven Princess since she took her first breath eighteen years ago. Every Kingdom had heard of the tales of the Elven beauty, every King who ascended wanted her for himself. Since Maleh had come of age many suitors had pursued her hand. The Princess should have been betrothed by now if not for her wretched father’s persistence to wait a while.

Elven females were great and delicate beauties thus several Kings thrived to have them in their courts, alongside the fact that the elves were pacifists and only tended to greenery so the Elven princesses were given away to create alliances and maintain peace.

The Queen placed a hand on her slightly protruded belly and prayed, hoping the next royal heir would be male for the future of Elavia Valley and the heir. Looking at her little princess she dreaded days to come where she will be sent to a court where maliciousness and deceit ruin her little flower bud.

The girl’s cheeks strained and she pouted, whining playfully, “Maleh wish is that she shall always stay Amah’s bud! And I wish if I bloom, I bloom into the strongest Queen the world has ever seen! The Queen of Elavia!” Making her declaration, she ran giggling in the wind.

“So do I, my sweet bud. So do I.” The Queen whispered as fear and grief plagued her heart looking at the naiveté of the Princess.

The Queen knew in her heart how wistful it actually was. The Valley of Elavia wouldn’t be the same after the Princess will leave. It was their destiny assigned to them by their King. He had doomed her little bud to the worst of fates.

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