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Charismatic Combinations {Twisted wonderland x reader}

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[Twisted wonderland x Fem Reader] Oh boy, this is gonna be a rollercoaster ride~♡♡♡ "Ah how cliché this is exactly what I thought~" Ahh yes, Y/n the sarcastic little badass who's gonna kick yer ass and hurt your pride with words Oh whats this? She gets tossed into another world that has Disney vibes and literal decsendants of her favorite Disney villains!? Wowie your gonna be in a real doozie!~♡ "You mess with the lion, you get the claws." "You mess with my patience, you get a broomstick up yer ass" "..." What has this fantastic wonderland do if a girl like Y/n gets thrown into a school full of boys!? Oop! Only one way to find out! "I suggest you have 'manners' for lunch, don't worry anbody could afford it!~" So why don't take a look in the mirror.... ....And jump in~ Good luck! ":D" "Wait- how did you say that..!?" "Im a bad bitch what did'ya expect?" -Lath~♡ (Also some lines that I'll use here are original my whole plot is original!♡ please dont copy this!, Twisted Wonderland does not belong to me, but Y/n and some OC's are. The meme's and references I will use belongs to their owners as well. And have fun reading you beautiful person!!♡♡♡♡) -Lath~♡ Started: February 18 2021 Ended: [On going]

Fantasy / Humor
Age Rating:


“Waking up with a head ache is annoying huh?”

“It’s been three months...”




“..Three months since you last left your room...”




“Are you sure about this..?”




“...I know it’s hard but....”




“He’s...gone y/n”




“He’s gone.”










“P-please..just..Just leave me alone..!”










“Ok... I’ll see you later sweetie”





“Three months..”

I whispered under my breath

“..three fucking months”



“Three months...and I still can’t forget about you...”

“Ah....my head..” The girl let out a groan as she proped her arms for her to arise from her slumber

But that only made her head ache worse


“Ah..!! What the heck-!? Huh..?”

She looked above to see a wooden barrier close to her face, moving back a little she inspected it’s texture and questioned herself as to why she was inside this narrow container.


She smalled her fist into it’s lid


But unfortunately her attempt had failed

‘Where the frick am I..?’ She thought to herself, trying to feel her way inside the human sized box

‘Shit- am I dead..!? This is a fricking coffin!! What the heck!?’

The casket started to shake from the outside as the girl tries to kick her way out of it, finding a way to escape once more.

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shit!’ Bang!

‘Shiiiiiiiiit!!!’ Bang!! Bang!! Bang!! Bang!! Bang!!

Groan “I need to hurry!!” An unfamilliar voice said

‘Oh frick..! Someone’s here..’

“Crap! People are coming. Gotta get a uniform while..- Grrr!! The lid is too heavy..!”

‘A-are they... trying to open this casket..?’ The girl questioned

“Time for...my secret move!”

‘Secret move!?--’

“Guwaaaahhhh!!~~ There!”

B O O M!!!!



The lid had finally open but the thick layers of smoke covered Y/n’s vision, which also caused her to cough due to her accidentally breathing in the smoke.

"Cough Cough Cough!! Ugh..! What the-”

“Ok ok, gotta get-- KYAAAAHHH!!! Why are you up!!?”

The girls thoughts were clouded as she stared at a creature she’s never seen before
‘Huh?... what is that?’ She thought
‘It looks like a....’

“..A raccoon?”

“Hey! Just who are you calling a raccoon!!!???” It yelled with anger
“I am the Great Grimm!”

“You don’t look all that great though..” She silently mumbled

“Well, whatever! Hey human, Hurry and gimme those clothes!” He demanded, trying to reach her sleeves
“Otherwise I’ll roast ya!”

“The heck? Why do you want my clothes?”

“So I can go to this school! Now gimme!!” The creature named grimm cried as it sent a wave of fire towards the female

“Gah!!” She Yelped, barely avoiding his attack, “Im getting roasted by a floating raccoon..!? What kind of sick dream is this..!!??”

“I said Im not a freaking Raccoon!!” He hollered at her, sending another blast of fire

By instinct she got up and ran away and atleast find a way to escape this “dream”

She ran towards the door hoping to lose the angry “raccoon” that apparently wants her clothes, and as she does she noticed that each room she passed had this fantasy aura around it like those RPG games she used to see online

“Wow...” She stopped in her tracks and gawked at the sight, it was a library that had floating books and candles “...This is so cool”

She walked further into the rrom, getting lost in it’s beauty and atmosphere.

“This is great and all but...where the heck am I..?” She muttered to herself, caressing the books on the shelves.

“Did you really think you’d get away from my nose? Dumb human!”


She turned to see the same creature who attacked and chased her all the way here

“Wha- You..!!”

“If you don’t wanna get roasted, you better hand over--” But unfortunately for him, his sentence was cut short due to a whip being wrapoed around him quite harshly
“WAH!!? Ow! What’s with this rope...!??”

“This is no mere rope. It is a lash of love!” A man with a mask said

“Pfft- kinky” Y/n mumbled

“Oh I found you atlast, Are you one of the new students?”


“Yes, You know you shouldn’t do things like that. Leaving the Gate on your own!”

‘Gate..? Does he mean the Casket!?--’

“Not only that, you have yet to tame your familiar which has broken a number of school rules.” The strange man continued

“F-familiar..? You mean that Cat-like Raccoon?” She asked with confusion in her eyes

“Let me go! Im not their freaking familiar! And Im not a Raccoon!!!!”

“Sure, sure~ The Rebelious ones always say things like that. Well except for the raccoon part, but no matter!” The masked man exclaimed, placing his hand over the mischevious monster’s mouth that was yet to escape from his grasp.


“Goodness, It’s unprecedented for a new student to leave the Gate on their own, uggghh...How impatient can you be?” He scolded the girl,

The girl in the other hand wasn’t actually listening to him. She was busy looking at her outfit, her hooded form being the only thing that is visible to one’s perspective. So in other words people who look at her wont be able to tell that she’s a girl and of course her getting distracted by the Entrance Ceremony outfit, didn’t really pay any attention to it.

“The Entrance Ceremony is already about to start so let’s head to the Hall of Mirrors”

“By Gate you mean those floating Coffins?” She questioned

“Yes, All students who wish to attend this academy must pass through one of those doors to arrive here. But Normally...Students wake up only aftef the door is opened with a special key but...” He trailed off

“The fire must have blown the lid off..?”

“Ah I see, so this familiar of yours was the culprit after all--”

“Uh, he’s not my...”

“-- If you’re going to bring it with you, you must take responsibiluty and properly take care of it!” The man said, continuing to scold the girl


“Oh my! Now isn’t the time to be long winded. The entrance ceremony will soon come to a close, Let’s get going now” He explained, grabbing her hand and leading her towards the ceremony

“J-just a second sir, who exactly are you..?” Stopping in her tracks she looked at him with an unsure expression

“What? Why? Are you still dazed”

‘You’re wearing a mask, how the heck would I recognize your face..!?’

“Well it’s fine, You’re probably still a little dizzy by the teleportation magic. But I shall give you a brief explanation as we make our way there, For I am gracious”
The man smiled, giving the girl a small bow of respect towards her

‘Uh...am I suppose to bow?--’

“Come now, let us waste time no more” He spoke, draging her by her hand once again

‘So much for gracious...’ She deadpanned.

After Knowing the information about Night Raven College, and it’s “Gracious” Head master; Dire Crowley

The both of you (Along with Grimm) have finally arrived at the room where you were in the first place

′ Sigh welp... might as well go for it even if it’s a dream...′


“The shape of thy soul is...

.... I do not know”


“Come again?”

“I sense not a spark of magic from this one... The color, The shape, all are nothing.”

“What?” The girl’s breath hitched

Should she be worried?



“...Their soul may not have such magic, their soul is as Beutiful as a thousand Diamonds and as Pure as Gold.”

‘Say what now?’

“...But that is all that I’ve gathered from a new perspective.”

“He has no magic?”
“How the heck did he get in then?”
“Pure as gold? Beautiful as Diamonds?”
“Who is this guy..?”

Whispers begin to fill the room as each student start to question what is happening.

’What are they talking about..? Pure as Gold!? I look like a dead fish!! Also ‘He’!? ‘Guy’!? What do they--′ Her thoughts were cut short as she examined each and every one of them

‘Th-they’re all...GUYS!!??’

“This is impossible! The Ebony Carriage would never bring someone who wields no power! B-but what do you mean by soul as Beautiful as Diamonds??”

“Their soul has no kind of magic, but it’s as pure as Diamonds, it cannot be broken nor Shattered”

“I...I see.”

Suddenly The Cat-like creature escaped Crowleys grasps and claims to take my place as a student

“Unlike that dumb human I can use magic! Let me in instead!! I’ll prove it to ya!”

“Everyone, get down!” A red headed student yelled



Students screamed and panicked, as they dodge the monsters attacks with poor amounts of speed, while others just stood still to think of something.

“AHHHH!! Hot!! My butt’s on fire!!!”

“At this rate the school would be a sea of fire! Somebody catch that raccoon!!” The Head master Demanded

“Im not a raccoon!!” Grimm screamed before sending a wave of heat towards me,

‘Shit!’ I was about to duck when someone pulled me out of the way

“Gyahh!!--” I shrieked, falling out of balance, accidentally landing on top of the person who pulled me in with force

‘Shit! What sick Cliche dream is this..!?’

“Are you ok?”
A male with green hair and glasses asked, a clover symbol marked upon his left cheek.

Y/n quickly got up, her face heating up faster than this room that is literally burning with flames
“I-Im fine! Sorry for that..” She apologized, lending a hand to help him get up

The male gave a sheepish smile, responding in a positive matter that he himself is alright, although before he could take his eyes off of Y/n, he noticed something unusual to their apperance. (More likely unusual to a boy)

‘A-are they actually a--?’


“Nygah! The heck is this!?”


‘Off with...your head?’


“Once more, Oh Dark mirror! Guide this...”

“It is nowhere.”


‘What? Nowhere??’

“The place they belong is nowhere in this world, It does not exist.”

“What? Unbelievable! This scenario has never happened before in all my years as Head master... how could it be? Where Exactly did you came from?”

“Eh...? This is strange, why would you want to know? All of this isn’t real after all”


“I mean...you are just a guy from my dream right? This isn’t actually happening.”


“Im sorry but whatever thought you have in mind that makes you think all of this isn’t real is utterly incorrect, for I Dire Crowley is as real as you”

“Yeah.... Im probably gonna wake up any second and possibly forget about this whole.. abominable fever dream of mine, so... see ya I guess”

“Eh? You don’t believe me?”


“Very well”


“Ow! Hey what was that for!?” She protested, rubbing her left hand to ease the pain

“You felt it right? The pain caused by me pinching your hand.”


“Then that proves that you are infact awake” He exclaimed, crossing his arms

“...” The girl went into complete silence “I- I.... Im actually... What..!!??”

The older male flinched at her outburst, scolding her to use her inside voice, but the girl didn’t listen and only clutched her head with disbelief

“Hm, I must say... your voice is quite high for a male though”

Y/n once again didn’t listen and kept mumbling and squeaking little words like; “No” and “Why’s”

“It’s alright lad, I could help you figure out a way to--”

“You can!!??”

“Yes! Yes! Now inside voice!!”

“O-oh..! Sorry...” She said, placing her hands upon her lips giving the man an apologetic look

“Mm, I shall forgive you, for I am gracious” He replied, placing a hand infront of his chest, “Now young lad, let us come forth to the library and try to find a way to get you home”

‘Sigh... I thought Im gonna be stuck here’

But unfortunately for her, she is.

‘Wait..’ She halted her thoughts


’Did he say; “lad”..????”



‘Woah, we’re back at the library..!!’ She mused in her thoughts

“So, tell me...” Crowley spoke, as he grabs different kinds of books from the shelves “Who are you exactly, and in which location have you come from?”

“My name is Y/n Ascott and I’ve come from Musutafu, Japan” She replied, still looking above and beyond the library. [yes Im using referenced locations, and yes Y/n’s last name isn’t japanese for reasons :D]

“Musutafu,Japan..?” He trailed, flipping a book’s pages “Well I’ll say, I’ve never heard of such place before.... and neither has this book!”

“Really? I mean, you’re speaking japanese...are you sure?” She questioned with a confused expression

The man, wearing the same expression as her shook his head, wondering what kind of place “Japan” is

“No, not at all. Not ever” He said, making the girl frown sadly, “But, I could still try! I am gracious after all”


“Indeed, now as we work in trying to find information about your location, why don’t you tell me more about “Japan” and what “Japanese” is

She smiled, walking towards his side to grab books herself,
“Well it’s basically my country’s language and honestly what Im saying right now is japanese.”

“Hm? How about me?”

“Yeah, actually you’re really fluent too”

“Is that so? Maybe we just have the same languages but with different callings I suppose?”

“Haha..yeah I guess” She giggled, which made the man beside her melt at how adorable she is

‘My my, what an adorable young man, despite a scenario like this happening to him he still stays completely calm and composed’


“There really isn’t anything....” Crowley said, making Y/n gloom once more
“Not only the world map, but the name of your home isn’t written in any history”

“Really!? Not anything about japan or even other countries!!?”

“Yes, Im sorry to say; but it seems as if you are from another planet. Or possibly from another world!”

“I got isekai’d!!??”

“Isekai’d...?” The man questioned

“O-oh... that’s a word that reffers “transported into another world” or dimension” She shyly explained

“I see, I see.. is this a word from your language?”

“Uh.yeah..? Well I think?..”

“May I ask, do you atleast have anything with you? Like a possesion of yours? A license for a magic car, name on a shoe... you seem to be empty handed”

“A-ah..! Well let me check--” She said, as she patted her robe and the clothes she wore inside of it, once she felt something inside the hoodie she’s wearing, her face lit up to see what it is “--oh! My phone! And my earphones..! Ah... but it looks like these are the only things I have..” She said, scratching the nape of her neck, and in the process pulling of the hoodie that has been on her


“Y-yeah..! Sorry this is all I have I guess” She smiled awkwardly

“N-no..! It’s not that..! B-but, Y/n Ascott, you are a Female!?”

“Eh? I thought you knew...”

“I didn’t... and I assume it’s because of the robe... and the fact that this school is only meant for Males..”

“Wha- this is an Al, boy’s school!!??”

“Shh! Yes it is! Now p,ease use your inside voice! This is a library..!”

“I-Im sorry..! B-but.. if my home’s information isn’t in any of these books.. h-how could I go back..?”

“Im not sure how...but I’ll find a way! I cannot let a magicless person stay in this academy, however, as an Educator and a Gentleman, I cannot simply toss out a penniless teenager, and young lady at that point!” The man exclaimed

“S-so... you’ll still help me..?”

“Of course!”

“Thank yo--”

“-For I am Gracious!”


“There is an unused building on the campus, it was once used as a dormitory before, but I shall allow you to stay there in the time being, And I shall also help you find a way to gst back home” Crowley proposed.

“Unused Building?”

“Yes, Ramshackle to be exact, My Graciousness is limitless for I am a model among all educators!”

“Ah...haha I see” Y/n cringed, looking away from the man with a deadpanned expression

‘What do ya know... He’s too Gracious’

“Now let me lead you to your temporary home, it might be old but it has a certain charm to it!” He explained, opening the door for the girl as they made their way towards ramshackle

‘This is all too surreal... I hope he could actually help me..’

To be continued

A/N: Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day!!~♡

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