The Elven King's Mistress

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Aerasume is from a small primitive village on the planet Fleekopolis. Many fled there after the fall of Earth. She's simple, humble and sweet but her village shun her for something that was not her fault. King Aeason is the Elven king. He runs the whole North side of the planet. His kingdom lives in modern times like old earth. He's very powerful and cruel. He travels to Aerasume's village, threaten to kill her friend and make her his mistress. He then subjects her to pain, abuse and rape, but all Aerasume wants is to be loved and have a family, but King Aeason is already promise to another. Sample:: King Aeason said, " I hear the dark ones have tough skin that an arrow can't even pierce it." " Your majesty can you please be nice to me," I said on a sob. He starts to circle me like a predator, " now why would I do that, I would love to test the arrow theory." " Your majesty please!!!." " On the bed. Now!!!, he growls. I sob as I walk to the bed.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Aerasume Pov
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