The Elven King's Mistress

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Aerasume is from a small primitive village on the planet Fleekopolis. Many fled there after the fall of Earth. She's simple, humble and sweet but her village shun her for something that was not her fault. King Aeason is the Elven king. He runs the whole North side of the planet. His kingdom lives in modern times like old earth. He's very powerful and cruel. He travels to Aerasume's village, threaten to kill her friend and make her his mistress. He then subjects her to pain, abuse and rape, but all Aerasume wants is to be loved and have a family, but King Aeason is already promise to another. Sample:: King Aeason said, " I hear the dark ones have tough skin that an arrow can't even pierce it." " Your majesty can you please be nice to me," I said on a sob. He starts to circle me like a predator, " now why would I do that, I would love to test the arrow theory." " Your majesty please!!!." " On the bed. Now!!!, he growls. I sob as I walk to the bed.

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Chapter 1

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Aerasume Pov

Walking home from the market and it starts to rain lightly, I curse then ask the goddess to forgive me. My life is so horrible here. I really have been thinking about joining the star fleet, but I have no training to speak of. I’m starting to think that it’s my only way off this planet. I’m not wanted here anyways. As I make it closer to mine and my aunt and uncle cottage the looks start. I pray one day their faces get stuck that way. I just drop my head and keep moving. I don’t understand why they look at me like that, it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t doing anything that night except being young. I lost everything that night, my betrothed, my good standing in the community, everything. The only one that still talks to me other than my aunt and uncle is my betrothed little brother Hershel. I made it to my cottage and my aunt looked like she was hoping I didn’t come back. My uncle looked like he could care less. If it wasn’t for the coin I make from my herbs I know I would have been asked to leave. That’s ok I finally saved up enough money to purchase my own hut. My only problem is I won’t have a male guardian over me, but I plan to go to the council and ask them about that since the rules don’t apply to me and my circumstances. I put the sack on the table.

“I finally saved enough coins for my own hut and I will be taking my herbal garden with me.”

My aunt says, ” how? you don’t have a male guardian.”

“Well auntie I’m a special case so hopefully the council will adhere to my wishes.”

“You think just because you’re a whore they will let you move on your own like the widows.”

Tears spring to my eyes, why does everyone have to be so hateful.

“Auntie you know that is not true, you of all people know that isn’t true,” I said running from the cottage. I run and run until I reach my favorite spot. My mountain I call it. I stare out over the mountain for hours and hours. The planet Fleekopolis is sectioned off into 4 main sections. It’s us, the dark ones because our skin is so dark it’s almost obsidian. Then you have the Pyre, rumor has it they drink blood, then you have the Elves. The Elves and the Pyres mostly run the planet. Last is the outlands. They are the entertainers, the actors and musicians and evil doers.

They say my mom was an adventurous person. She has explored all regions of Fleekopolis. She came back pregnant with me and told everyone that my father was murdered, but never told anyone who he was. She died giving birth to me and my aunt took me in. I was the daughter that my aunt never had, until that night.

A hand touched my shoulder. I jumped and turned around.

“Hershel!! I’ll kill you curse you.”

“Aerasume you wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“I will learn then maybe I’ll get accepted into the academy.”

“No you’re needed here.”

“Hershel, how can you say that, no one here cares whether I stay or go.”

“I care, plus we all need your herbs,” he said chuckling and bumping my shoulder.

Suddenly the ground starts to shake and rumble, like a team of arroches are coming. ( horses). Hershel said, ” Come let’s go,” he said, grabbing my arm. The ground rumbles harder. We run away from the rumbling down the side of the mountain holding hands to keep each other upright. We reach the bottom of the hill.

“What was that,” I say looking back for a team of arroches.

“I don’t know,” he said.

As we walk back to town I say, “Hershel can you teach me how to fight.”

“Why?. So you can beat up everyone in the village.”

“No. I want to protect myself,” I said sadly.

“I finally saved enough coins to have my own hut.”

“What about your guardian.”

“You really think the council will care whether I have a guardian or not.”

“Aerasume look at me. You have a good heart and you’re a sweet and kind person. Your as innocent as a baby.”

“You mean as helpless as one. That night would have been different if I..ii, I would have still had my betroth and children and a perfect life.”

" Stop it, I do mean innocent. Who takes care of all the children around here. You even made something they can kick around and throw from the belly of that roche. (sheep). The village should appreciate you more and I’m sorry they don’t. Anyway I can’t teach you, I’m going off world soon.”

“What!! Why Hershel,? Please don’t leave me.”

“Aerasume I’m sick with something and I don’t know what it is. Mom found me a medic but I have to go to him. As soon as we have enough coin I’m going.”

“Oh Hershel,” I say and throw my arms around him.

Suddenly I drop my arms as if I’m willed to. I stop and look around. I have a feeling I’m being watched. I’ve been having that feeling a lot lately. I have woke up and walked to my window and saw light red eyes at the tree line. I was so afraid that I ran back to bed and threw the linen over my head and prayed to the goddess about demons.

“Hershel, I have coin. What if I help you with your treatment, but you have to promise me that you’ll come back, don’t go off world and decide to stay, I need you,” I said on a sob.

“Aerasume are you sure,” he asked while grabbing my shoulders.

" Yes. Come to the cottage after dinner. I rather have you then my hut. I can put up with my aunt for a few more years.”

“Are you sure, she’s pretty terrible,” he said with a chuckle.

I laugh also then we part ways.

I make it back to my cottage and it’s some ruckus going on. A team of arroches and buggies are in front of my cottage. I get a sense of foreboding. I walk past everyone and into the cottage. I walk in and see no one. I hear voices out back and walk that way. I walk into my garden and see my aunt talking to elves. I stumble back, afraid. My goddess, what is this. .

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