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The Old Vampire

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Emma is 52, she's a successful attorney at her firm. Her husband has recently been incapacitated and her kids are off at college with their own lives. One night while driving frantically because she was upset she hit a man in the road. She was confused because the man jump from the road and bit her. She thought it was nothing until she started to changed. This changed upset her so bad that she vowed to find the man that bit her and make him pay. But what happens when she gets the attention of the king of Vampires. Khan has heard about the little spitfire that's reining terror amongst the vampires. He thought nothing of it until he found out that she's doing it during the day. He set out to find her but get a surprise of his own.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Emma Pov

“Goodnight Dave.”

“Goodnight Emma. Tomorrow? Same time.”

“You betcha.”

I get into my car and I deflate. I’m so tired. I’m 52 years old and feeling it. I don’t know how much longer I can take this drive. It’s long and it’s exhausting. My kids refuse to make the drive. They say it’s a waste of time. I love my two children but they are wrong for abandoning their father in his time of need. They become upset with me every time they find out that I’ve been here.

I sigh and pull from the parking lot. I have cases to go over for court tomorrow. When I make it home I put leftovers in the oven and look for my paperwork that I’ll need for court tomorrow. I look it over until the microwave beeps. I really should let my maid go since it’s just me but I know she needs the money. When she cooks, I have leftovers for days until my son comes and demolishes it. My phone beeps and it’s a text from my son.

“Well speak of the devil.” That’s my baby. His father used to tell me all the time to stop babying him. And yes I do baby him but I also show him tough love when he needs it. He’s on his last year of college with a public health degree. My baby wants to be a hospital administrator so he can make sure everything is good with the world’s health system and I have no doubt that he will do just that. My daughter has already graduated with a doctorate in literature. Now she’s a college professor. So for them to be so spoiled I think they are headed in the right direction. Especially my son because he never felt the love of his father. His father was just here. He wasn’t a parent. I took care of them while trying to get a law degree. But my husband has always been there financially. That’s one cross I didn’t have to bear while going to school, so the least I can do is be there for him.

I texted my son back and put my phone down and got to work.

After court the next day I drive to see my husband. When I pull up and see Oakridge Care Center my mood changes.

Years ago when my husband Leonard used to come into the room and give me a blank stare and couldn’t remember why he was in the room I brushed it off. I would just tell him that he’s getting old and laugh it off. But it started to spiral out of control. I would tell him that he already did something and he would become mean and hateful. He was already mean and hateful but with the loss of his memory it became worse. He and my son even tussled because he didn’t like his father’s treatment of me. After he fought with a co-worker at his job he finally admitted that he needed help. But the onset was so fast that the doctors couldn’t stop it or slow it down.

My kids simply say it’s his karma that has caught up to him for being a sucky ass husband and father. Even though he was sucky. He gave us financial stability and for that I will always be grateful. My kids say it’s what a real man does anyway. I just feel like they are not doing enough to support their father. How could they be this way towards him. It makes me so mad sometimes. But I do understand. My kids and I have a wonderful relationship. So it pissed them off to see their father treating me like dirt. The man didn’t have not one romantic bone in his body. But he had money so I married him. I guess I’m part to blame as well. I’ve never told my kids that though. I’m afraid they will look at me differently. I have incorporated myself in every aspect of my kids life. Even when they were teenagers and were lost or confused on how to do something they would come to me. Not their friends. We vacation together. Whenever my daughter needs a new hairstyle for her natural hair she calls me. Even though I get perms and don’t know much about it. I will still you-tube some styles and let her know which one will fit her rounded face better. I’ve played grand theft auto and street fighter with my son. I’m his gaming buddy.

So yes they think I deserve better and they want me to get a life of my own.

“Hello Emma.”

“Hello, Becky, where’s Todd? Is he late today. Again.”

She laughs. “You know it.”

I keep walking until I reach Leonard’s room. “Hello Lenny, how are you today.”

He stares at me a while trying to process who I am.

I sigh. I take photos of him, me and the children from my purse and show it to him. I talk to him about our wedding and our earlier years. I know it’s shameful but I like it when he’s like this. He’s nice. On his coherent days he’s a dick.

He says, “you’re beautiful Emma.”

He hasn’t told me that in years. I smile and continue to talk to him about the kids and our beautiful life together. I lie a little but he won’t remember anyway.

“If we have children. Where are they now?”

“Oh, they are away at college.” More lies. His kids can’t stand his ass. They wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. At least that’s what my son says.

“Lenny, I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow, ok.” All these lies are giving me a headache.

He stands and kisses me on the forehead softly and smiles. I smile back. He’s so handsome. He’s tall and light skinned with a dazzling white smile. Everything a predator needs for the hunt.

I leave and get into my car. My cell rings. “Hi sweetie.”

“Mom, where are you.”

“I’m driving.”

“Where have you been.”

I remain silent.

“You just love punishing yourself don’t you. Why can’t you let this go.”

“Zenobia please don’t start.”


“What did I say Zen, not now. I already have a headache.”

“Mom. What’s wrong. I’m coming over when you make it home.”

“No baby, I’m fine.”

“Mom, please stop doing this to yourself.”

“How’s work, baby.” We’ve had this conversation many times. My daughter and I are a lot alike. We’re both have a know it all personality and stubborn to boot.

“I know you’re trying to change the subject. Ty and I will be over in the morning for breakfast to talk with you.”

“What is this, an intervention.”

“Do you need one.”

“No, I don’t Zenobia.”

“Then it’s not one. See you in the morning.” After she says this she hangs up.

I curse as I hang up the phone. “Fucking, perfect,” I say to the car.

Don’t forget to vote and comment. This will be a wild crazy ride. I love when female vampires kick ass. I love fantasy. It’s my favorite genre to read.

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