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"Life is like a roller coaster." Aki, a princess of Daemos, travels to Earth with the princess from a neighboring kingdom, on a mission to find more humans for their magic. Enjoy!~

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“ASCH GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN DAGGER!” Screams Aki chasing her annoying brother. “TRY TO CATCH ME FIRST” Asch replies, teasing the younger. This happens on a daily basis, Asch would find a way to annoy his younger sister. Why? Just for the fun of seeing her annoyed face. But Asch deeply cares for Aki. He just doesn’t show it. Lady grandma pops into the scene. “What are you both doing?” The look on Lady grandma’s face didn’t seem pleasant. How couldn’t it be? The both were fighting early in the morning. “He took my dagger” Aki points to Asch. “And why?” Lady grandma asks while looking at Ash. “To ruin my morning” Aki mumbles but still audible. “Give it back” Lady Grandma demands. Asch was persuaded by Lady Grandma to give the dagger back to Aki. “Now, both of you, get ready to meet the royal family of Raveryn.” Aki and Asch looks at each other confused. “What? Why?” Asked a confused Asch. “Ask your brother.” And with that, Lady grandma left. “Well.. I’ll get ready! See ya~” Aki left right after.

{Aki’s POV}

What do I wear?′ Aki questions to herself while going through her closet. The young girl picks a simple dress, afraid of looking too extravagant. “Miss! His highness chose a gown for you.” Mila informed. Mila took care of me since I was young. Both of my parents were busy, even my brothers are occupied most of the time. She was there to take care of me. Well my time got wasted.. “And father chose a very uncomfortable dress...great...” Aki proceeds to wear it as she didn’t have a choice.

{3rd person POV}

Aki runs through the halls to find Rhal. Apparently he is out of sight, probably in his quarters once again. “Princess Aki, your brother, Asch, is calling for you” A familiar knight informs the young girl. Aki looks behind her and sees one of her brother’s knights, Leif. ” Oh hello, Leif! Tell Asch I’ll be with him in a minute.” Aki says with a smile. Leif nods and proceeds to tell Asch. As for Aki, she continues to search for her brother.

“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I made for you!”
“That’s nice sweetie, go put it on mommy’s vanity”
“This symbolizes that you won’t leave me”
“Of course sweetie...”

~End of Flashback~

Aki’s face saddens as she reminisces memories from her childhood. She didn’t notice tears were threatening to fall. As she tries to hold it in, she ends up crying. “Dear? What’s the matter?” Lady Bish asks. “N-Nothing” Aki denies, wiping her tears. “You can tell me” Lady Bish ‘comforts’ the young princess. “It’s nothing. I will be going back to my room.” Aki runs back to her room. “Gosh.. Good thing I didn’t add to much..” Says Aki trying to fix herself, well mostly her makeup. “Princess? Let me help you” One of the younger maids offered help. “No thank you.. I’ll do it” Aki kindly rejects. “OH FU-” Aki realizes she will be going to her brother.


“Why’d you call?” Aki asks in a rather annoyed tone. “Brother is calling us now.” Asch answered. Aki is left confused as to why Rhal is calling for them. She has no choice but to follow Asch. “Why is Rhal calling?” Aki questions for the tenth time. “FOR THE TENTH TIME I DON’T F*CKING KNOW” Asch shouts at the curious girl. We’ve arrived to Rhal’s room and just entered without knocking. “What’s so urgent Rhal?” Asch gets straight to the point. “Lady grandma told me that Daemos is experiencing a magic crisis.” Rhal said seriously. Since Aki is still young she was still confused with the whole ‘magic crisis’. “What do you mean magic crisis?” Aki asks. “It means our source of magic is running out.” Aki still looks confused as to why she needs to be involved with this. “Ok so why am I needed here?”
“Because you will be the one to restore the source” Lady grandma answers, making the three siblings look behind them. “The family of Raveryn will be arriving soon.” “Come to the throne room.” Lady grandma continues.

{Aki’s POV}

This is nerve wracking... Asch nudges my arm to greet the family. “Good morning, it’s a pleasure to meet the royal family of Raveryn.” I greet them while curtsying. “Your highness, you are certainly very beautiful! Now I know where your daughters got their looks from” ′This is complete torture..
“Oh how lovely of you to say!” The queen replies. “Your daughter is very kind [insert their father’s name].” The queen continues. “You flatter me, your highness” Aki says in a sweet tone. “May we invite you for a meal? You’ve had a long journey.” Rhal offers pointing his hand to the direction of the dining room.


“The meal was divine!” The youngest princess complimented. She looks about my age. But the boy beside her seems to be timid. He looks younger than Asch but not too young. As princess Yuki lift her napkin, she bumped the glass beside her plate. Which she ends up spilling her drink all over the quiet boy beside her.

Yuki apologized immediately causing all of us to stand from our seats.

“I’m so sorry Alex!!”

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