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Chapter 2

{Aki’s POV}

Ahh so his name is Alex. Aki snaps her finger to signal one of their maids to clean up the mess. “Kira, go get clothes for Alex. Thank you.” Kira followed my orders and went to get clothes. “Alex you can change in the spare bedroom upstairs, the last room to the right.” Aki says with a smile. “Thank you, princess.” Alex bows and walks upstairs. Well more like jog... “I’m so sorry” Yuki apologizes for the 30th time. “Its alright princess Yuki, it was just an accident” I give her a warm smile, assuring her that everything is fine.

Alex walks in with confidence. Damn the clothes are perfect for him. “Thank you for the clothes, I will return them when they are washed.”
“It’s alright, you can keep the clothes.” I reply. We go back to our seats but the tension in the air feels...awkward... “We’ll have the desserts now, thank you.” The maids start serving the mouthwatering desserts. Princess Charli didn’t socialize nor did she notice anyone around her. She just simply minded her own business. “Strawberry Sherbet! My favorite!” princess Yuki exclaims cheerfully like a child receiving their favorite candy. I’ve always wondered, ′what is it like to have a younger sibling? Will it give you joys? Sorrows? Or would it be a pain in the ass? Well, I know for a fact that I won’t have any more siblings other than these heathens.′ But even if these two caused me a lot of head aches, I love them and I wouldn’t replace them with anything.


Time flashes by and the family of Raveryn are about to leave. It was enjoyable having guests. But I’m glad they’re gone...I had to host this... It was pretty boring. “Thank you, sweetie.” Lady grandma says going to her spell room once more. “I will go change” I try to run but stumble some times since I was wearing heels. I thought no one could see me, so I started running to my room. My feet are screaming in agony. I eventually...tripped. “oh gosh- ow..” Aki said while checking her ankles. Aki tries to stand up, but falls an her knees. “Princess!” A knight hurries to me. “What happened?” The knight asks. “My ankle is swollen..” I respond in a weak tone because of the pain. “Princess Aki!” Another knight screams at me. Looking up, I see Leif running towards my direction with a very worried expression. “What happened to her?” Asks the concerned knight. “Her ankle is swollen, sir..” He informs Leif, reassuring that it isn’t too serious. “Ok, go inform Lady Grandma.” Leif says before he carries me bridal style. This leaves me flustered because I’ve always been vigilant. “I’m sorry for troubling you...” I apologize for my negligence. Leif chuckles and says its alright. Aki, still blushing in embarrassment, was placed on her bed. In some time, Lady grandma enters her room.

“You should have been more careful, Aki. If Leif hadn’t seen you sooner, your ankle wouldn’t have been treated sooner.” Lady grandma scolds Aki after treating with the swollen ankle. ” I know... I accidently tripped.”

[The Next Day]

Aki’s good sleep was interrupted by lady grandma. She came in without knocking and suddenly shouts “Get ready, NOW!” Causing the sleepyhead to fall of her bed. Aki was confused but she didn’t have time to question anything. She immediately got up and got dressed. As she was in a hurry she wore this,

“What’s happening?” Asks the concerned princess. “You will be going to e-arth” Aki’s eyes widens at the statement her grandmother has given. “N-Now?! I’m not ready!” Lady grandma ignores Aki’s worrying. They’ve finally arrived to the spell room. “You can do this, dear” Lady grandma assures Aki. As they enter, Princess Yuki was there too. But why? “Princess Yuki? What are you doing here?” Yuki chuckles and replies, “Your not the only kingdom that needs a power source.” And with that they went in the portal.


“Exactly where are we?..” Yuki asks in wonder and disgust. “We’re in...E-arth..” Aki starts walking but stops. Aki mentally curses herself when she sees someone. “You are really taking this whole cosplay thing seriously.” says the girl. “Those horns look so real” The young wolf steps closer and tries to pull one of the horns. Yuki covers her eyes to keep every bit of innocence she has. Aki pushes the girl and brings out her daggers. “Are you gonna ‘kill’ me with those?” She says with a lace of sarcasm. The flustered princess targets her but Yuki stops Aki. “Chill, she can just be our prisoner!” Yuki exclaims with...joy..? “What’s your name, half-spirit?” Questions the princess while pointing her dagger at the so-called half-spirit. “It’s Alice, and put those away” Alice introduces but it was too late. Aki knocked her out. That was a bad idea. Another human saw them. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!” another annoying girl screams. “uh...she fainted and I’m trying to carry her but she’s too heavy.”
“Well that’s true, she is heavy” the girl states. ” Thanks for helping, why don’t you guys come for a drink?” The girl offers with a warm smile. “Thank you, that will be appreciated.” The girl seemed bothered by the formalities, isn’t that normal? Well at least I’ll be able to see where these two humans live. Yuki is right. Having them as prisoners will be an advantage.

“You have a very...nice...home.” The girl didn’t seem to mind my unsure answer. “Oh, what’s your name by the way?” The girl just gives me a smile and says “Ava”. That gave me chills. There was something off with her smile. It seemed...fake? But I brushed it off. ‘Ava’ gave us some drinks. They don’t look like any of the drinks in Daemos. “What is this..?” I stare at the glass in front of me. “Its soda? Also stop with the whole medieval roleplay.” It’s what Alice said as well. “Role..play..?” Ava turned around and gave judging look.

{Alice’s POV}

What in the- What happened? Wasn’t I taking the trash? Maybe I just fell asleep when I came back. As I was getting up from bed but I suddenly remember what happened. I quickly went to the living room to find the two ‘cosplayers’ I encountered minutes ago. “Still not over the cosplay thing?” I ask while walking to the kitchen. I grab a water bottle and went back to the living room.

[Author’s POV]
Aki grew impatient and and knocked both of the humans out. She quickly ties them up and waits for them to awaken. “So what are we gonna do with them?” Yuki asks while sipping her honey lemon tea. “I’m not quite...sure yet..” The older states with a bit of embarrassment.

(I will be doing this when they’re having a smooth conversation)

Yuki: Well then, let’s enjoy our time here!
Aki: What?! Our people are going to run out of magic any time soon!
Yuki: Chill, we’ve got two humans so far
Aki: And we need more than two
Yuki: Fine Ms. Boringpants we’ll ask them to show us how to be humans.
Aki: Why would we want to act like humans?
Yuki: To gAthEr mOrE hUmAns, dUh!
Aki: If that plan fails, its all on you.
Yuki: Fine.


Both of the girls woke up and Ava started to panic. “WHAT THE HECK- WHY-” Ava was cut off by Alice. “Oh will you shut up...” Alice replies. “I see you’re both awake” Aki states the obvious with a mysterious tone. “Great you let in two psychopaths in our apartment.” Ava apologizes to Alice even if she keeps saying fine. “Cooperate and I might spare your lives.” Aki kneels down and grabs the chin of one of the girls. “Or maybe having you as my prisoner will be better.”
“Cut it with the mysterious crap.” The younger princess pulls the older. “We need to gain their trust.” Aki rolls her eyes at this statement. “Let’s just kill them! It’ll be easier.” Yuki scolds the older for being unreasonable. “What do you want?” The two princesses look at the young wolf. Aki was about to speak but was cut off by Yuki. “We want to have a tour here and we want to know your traits.” Ava and Alice looks at each other with a surprised face. “That’s all?” Ava says with amazement.

{Aki’s POV}

“That’s all?” Of course it’s not all. But yeah I had to shut up. Ugh killing them would be easier but Yuki’s right, it isn’t enough. “We have no where to stay, may we stay here for the time being?” Alice was about to say something but we heard a knock. Ava stood up and went to see who it was.


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