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Chapter 3

“WHO ARE YOU-” Ava shouts causing the three girls to quickly shift to the entrance from the living room.

Aki: Asch?! What the hell are you doing here?!
Ava: You know each other?..
Aki: He’s my...brother.
Yuki: Alex! You’re here too!
Alex: I was worried, hehe

As Alice saw Alex she froze. ‘Alex..?’ He’s alive?!′

Yuki: I thought you were in Raveryn?
Alex: Well, Asch and his knights called me for...backup.
Yuki: oh ok, can you make me my favorite dish? Since you’re here.
Alex: Sure *ruffles Yuki’s hair*

{Alice’s POV}

How is he alive? I thought he died... Doesn’t he remember me? Maybe he just didn’t notice me yet? Right?... He won’t forget his little sister...his only sister! “Alex! I thought you died!” I run to him, opening my arms for a hug. “Hi? um...Do I know you..?” The words I didn’t want to hear came out. He did...forget...me... No... Impossible... “You’re j-joking right? This is just some sick p-prank right? Right?!” He looks at me, with those eyes... The ones that scared me when we were young. I couldn’t take it. I had to get out of there. I pushed everyone out of my way and left the building. Tears were shed on the way out but that was the least of my concerns.

I was finally out of that mess...well escaping that won’t solve my problems- Well just my luck. I fell on my ass.
??: Oh! My apologies, I didn’t see you there.
Alice: It’s fine, I wasn’t looking where I was going either.
??: I’ve never seen a half-spirit before, what’s your name?
Alice: Its...Alice.. What’s yours?
Rhys: I’m Rhys, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Alice!
Alice: Same to you too... *inaudible* I guess...
Rhys: I couldn’t quite catch that, what did you say?
Alice: Oh, nothing.
Rhys: You seem... unhappy?
‘No shit, Sherlock’
Alice: I’m not, I just...watched something depressing.
Rhys: Don’t be, it doesn’t look good on you.
Alice: h-huh?! *blushes*
(Yeah just accept compliments from a complete stranger😒)

“I’ll be on my way, safe travels to you, Alice!” And with that, he left. It felt nice being complimented. I don’t know where to go now. If I go back, I’ll look like an idiot. Eh who cares, f*ck them if they judge.

{Aki’s POV}

“What are you guys doing here?” I ask Asch after he ignores my question. “I wanted to.” And that made me pissed. You can’t just go to a different dimension just because you want to! Ugh. “You wanted to-” “Yes” Asch cuts me off. He is infuriating me! What the hell?!

Aki: Asch! You cannot just go to other dimensions whenever you want! Your older than me but you act so immature!
Asch: Did you raise your voice at me?!
Aki: Yeah and so?! Go to my room! Stay there until I call you out!
Asch: What why?!
Aki: Are you talking back?!

Asch knows that talking back to me when I’m at this state is the worst. He follows my orders and went to my room and just stayed there. Heh no one can control me (oh really Aki?😏). After an hour, Aki decided to call her older brother. “Asch!” She shouts while having a sip of her tea. Asch soon leaves the room and goes to Aki. “Learned your lesson?” Aki asks but doesn’t look at the guy in front of her. “mhm..” Asch mumbles, almost inaudible. “Use your words!” This made Asch flinch. “Y-yeah I learned my l-lesson..” Asch lowers his head. “Good.” Aki says with a pride. Meanwhile Ava was very worried for Alice. She doesn’t know where Alice could’ve went. “I’m here Ava... You can stop worrying.” Ava jumps at the sudden voice behind her. “ALICE! THANK GOD! WHERE DID YOU GO?!”

{Alice’s POV}
“I just went outside to think” I respond to the panicked girl in front of me. But then I saw a familiar face. It’s the guy I met earlier! What was his name... Reese...Raymond... Rhys! It was Rhys- “Alice?” The guy seems to remember- “Oh hi..” Aki looks at us confused.

Aki: You guys know each other?
Rhys: Yes and no princess. We’ve met just a moment ago outside.
Aki: Ah I see... You both look good together
This causes the both of us to blush at the statement made by Aki.
Aki: What? You do look good together.
Alice: So there’s demons in my apartment-
Aki: We’re daemos.
Alice: Dae- What?
Aki: Daemos.
Alice: And where are you from?
Aki: Daemos.
Alice: So you call the citizens of “Daemos”, daemos too?
Aki: Yes, and don’t ask why. I don’t have the answer as well.
Alice: I’ll go to my room..

{Aki’s POV}

It seemed like Alice knows Alex? Well they do look alike in comparison. They may be siblings. But Alex doesn’t remember a thing about her. I’ll ask Yuki. She may know why. “Hey Yuki, When did y’all hire Alex?” Yuki turns to me and gladly answers. “Oh, Scorpi found him in a forest and revived him. But the spell Scorpi used had side effects.” Aki listens to Yuki attentively. “Alex may have forgotten some of his memories..” That’s when I figured out what happened. Alice and Alex are siblings. (duh) Alex was on the verge of death but Scorpi saved him. Alex forgot About his memories with Alice. But if they had many memories together, he wouldn’t forget some. “Alex, may I ask you a question?” Alex looks at me and nods. “Do you remember someone named Alice? Please give me an honest answer.” I continue with a gentle tone. I wouldn’t want to scare him. Maybe?- “I’m sorry Princess, but I don’t remember any Alice.”
This will most likely be difficult. “Scorpi! Is there a potion for Alex to remember his past memories?” Scorpi looked at me with a hesitant look. After many minutes of persuasion, he finally told me the potion. “But the ingredients are difficult to find.” Well shit. Great. I asked him where could the ingredients be. He told me almost all of the highest mountains. And here’s the thing. We have to enter Silas. The most dangerous forest in Daemos. I thought that the conversation was only between us but...

“I’m coming with you.”

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