Witch of the moon

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This story is about a poor girl name Star who lives in a small nobody has never heard of. Her entire family had turned on her except for her father, who loved her so much. Before he dies he gives her a moon shaped ring that unlocks her powers. As soon as she displayed them her whole family told on her which causes one person to use that against her. Now she has to fight evil and figure out how she can work out her magic as perfect.

Fantasy / Action
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New beginnings

Early that morning

As Star woke up in bed receiving a call about her father passing away early that morning. She couldn’t properly process what she was just told in the phone, so she hanged up and called her job. While she was telling her work place about why she can’t work for a few days, she remembers the small box she was told to open today by her father. As she went ahead and checked her big box, which is wear she keeps secrets and stuff, she finds the small box from her father. Once she opens the small package she finds a little letter from her dad that states: ‘Star if your reading this then I’m probably dead but not from what you think. This ring is going to help you out in stopping them. The moon ring has all my powers that I gained from them moon when I was younger on it. Once you put it on you will get your powers that are beyond this earth. Love you so much kid, never forget me and I’ll never for get you.’ Star found the note quite weird especially when he said powers come from the ring or something like that. She decided to put on the ring but felt nothing so she went on with her day getting ready to go on her last day of work before she takes a break for her father’s death.

Later that day

As she just arrive at work one of her male coworkers come in behind her while she unlocks the door. While they both start walking down the hall to get to their jobs, the male coworker introduced himself. His name was Christian and he was new to working their. They both continue to talk until they both had to part ways sense they both have two different jobs at the store they worked at. As they both said their byes and see you later, a vase had broke.
Later at night

It was already night time and that’s when things started getting weird. Star was trying to do her job a Karen kept on pushing her buttons about something they didn’t have. While that was happening everything in the store started to float in the air. Everyone in the store started to point it out and Star then noticed what was going on, which caused everything to drop. A few thing exploded by nothing much, then everyone started questioning what just happened. The store ended up closing earlier then usual to try and figure out what happened. While everyone then started to get ready to leave, Star was still trying to process what happened today.
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