Flash Destiny

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Love without depth and obstacles is just like medicine without any effect. They say love after a flash marriage is always beautiful but will love bloom between two such personas who dont quite like each other? When things go right, a series of unexpected event takes place. Will they make through these obstacles together or by ... themselves?

Fantasy / Humor
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*Ash’s pov*

“Honey! Though he is handsome and regards me as his best friend, I’m damn sure, I’m 100% NOT his crush or the one he wants to spend his whole life with.” I exclaimed to my best friend.

Mary shook her head, “You don’t understand. He lik...”

“He doesn’t Mary! He doesn’t. And even if he does, why doesn’t he say anything? Why doesn’t he express his feelings...for me? Why? You know what?! I think we are best friends in name only! He doesn’t even share a single thing with me nor does he takes much interest to whatever I say. Do you get it? He DOESN’T like me!”

An anguish feeling crawled in my heart when the realization dawned upon me.

Mary and I had these kind of arguments every other day and on the same old topic.


My aunt’s son, well my cousin, Luka and I became Twitter friends the previous year. Though I used to visit them once a year but that stopped when the travelling expenses shot to the top. I never thought he regarded me as his BFF since the age of 8 and now he is 21 and I am 18. Frankly speaking, he was one of my heart eye boys (crushes). Well, who doesn’t have numerous crushes at this age. He is handsome, the kind where girls would drool over him. Sometimes I regret liking him when he hurts me with his rude words and vice versa.


NOW?! Well now I don’t even think about him. I don’t know why but I am sure that I don’t like him anymore.

“Look he is the type of guy who finds it real uncomfortable in expressing his feelings. He does like you !” Mary started up again. I sighed and then laughed, ” Mary! Lets not talk about him. Its not like that I am getting married to him or something.”

Who knew!

My whole family knew that in our household, marriage between the cousins , is not common, not disregarded but not common. So I had this feeling that he will not marry me.

I didn’t know that my own thoughts would turn its back on me!

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