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Kentrell runs away with Nau' Jour and they fall in love buts its bumps on the road

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Things you need to know


There will be mentions of :

Boy on Boy action

Girl on Girl action



Intersex males and females

And more so if you can't take that exit stage left please


Facts about the Werewolves

Alpha -

The alpha's are the most aggressive ones out of everyone, they are the larger, stronger, dominate ones in bed. They can be male or female.

The females would differ from the males, while the males have dick's females don't and everything is different for them.

They have a small chance of getting pregnant at all but they can impregnate by the female clit is once she gets aroused a retractable dick is there instead.

Since she has a very small chance of getting pregnant her womb would be smaller or not there at all, in some verses she does go through pregnancy stages so she can help her Omega.

The hormones the omega releases helps the Alphas, the female Alpha would already have small breasts but they would grow so she could help feed their child.

For males it's a bit different they don't grow anything in their chest area but yet they still help their omega out with feeding the new born.

In almost all verses there is a lot of semen being released and knotting which means the alphas dick enlarges at the base to lock the Omega in giving them a better chance at breeding.


All Alpha's have dicks and are the ones to fight over an omega.

Betas -

Betas are normal everyday people, they can still breed with other Betas just not Omegas.

With a female and male beta they can reproduce that way, sometimes even a female alpha and a female beta could reproduce.

Omegas -

Omegas are the softer more gentle of the roles.

They are nuturing parents who raise their kids and are also the only ones who can pregnant other then female betas.

The female omegas use their systems as normal, getting pregnant that way and then nuturing the chile like they should do as a mother.

But for the males its different.

All omega's go through heats during this time they are most fertile but the pre-heat is what males go through since they only have on enterance.

( Two of them in this are intersex which means he doesn't have a dick )

During pre-heat the parts start to grow out after they empty their rectum completely.

The reason why is so nothing gets stuck in the uterus.

But omegas are the smaller ones with less muscle and smaller dicks then the Alphas if they are males.

They also love to take care of kids and do parenting things.

Heat -

Heat is the time when the Omega is most fertile and ready to mate, or they just hide away until eat is over.

If they have an Alpha mate, they will never leave their side unless they go to get water and/or food.

Mainly they have sex and then just fall asleep.

The Alphas keep a watchful eyes on their Omega listening to them and coming for them but in bed they are the doms.

If an Omega has no mate that could be dangerous to even leave the house seeing as if they could raped and forced into things they don't wanna do so they just lock themselves in their room using toys to pleasure themselves.

A good thing about heat is that the Omega self lubricates which means Alphas only prep them for sex.

During the heat a strong scent is released during the heats causing the alphas to smell it and chase after the omega.

If there is already an Alpha with the omega the Alphas will fight each other.

Sometimes when out in public some omegas will go into heat and they have places where they can go if they need help.

In some verses omegas use pads to help the leaking of the lubricate that they create.

Pregnancy -

Pregnancy is about he same as the world for betas.

For omegas everything is different, the male omegas chest will grow to around the size they would need to feed their child.

The omegas will most likely be happy about a child as the alphas become more and more protective over their omega and their child together.

With birth the female omega and betas give real birth while Male omegas they get a c-section seeing as if they have only one entrance.

How to tell the difference -

The three groups would get a doll and based on how they treat it is how they know what rank they are.

Alphas : Alphas would carry their doll close to them growling at anyone who tried to take the doll or even get close to it therefore the protectiveness means they are in the Alpha rank.

Betas : Betas would most likely treat the doll like a three year old would, they would let it get dirty and swore that someone else took it to hide the fact they most likely lost it.

Omegas : Omegas would treat the doll like a real child feeding it, bathing it and carrying the doll with them at all time never putting them down or letting the doll out their sight.

Marking -

Marking is where an Alpha and Omega bite at the spot between your shoulder and shoulder while having sex meaning their married.

Marking is a way to show whats theirs and to warn other Alphas to stay away or Ima beat yo ass.

Rut -

Alphas version of heat except the Alpha is aggressive and more dominate then they already are as it also happens Omega's are in heat.


This story is based of the rappers Kentrell Gaulden also known as Nba Youngboy

And Nau' Jour Grainger also known as Toosii2x

I hope y'all enjoy the story and also go read my other story Infinity only reason Im on here is because of Wattpad period bi-polar ass.


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