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Dark Waters

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Sequel to the Daughters of Merlin, Dark Waters covers the fourth life of Jynx and Zanabelle. This dark tale begins with Jynx though she is more commonly known as Cali attracting the attention of none other than Peter Pan. However, she soon discovers that not everything is as it seems, including herself.

Fantasy / Romance
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Part I: Prologue

(Disclaimer: Do not mean to offend any Native Americans nor Indians by calling Native Americans Indians, only wish to stay true to the original story and legend.)

Cali Jynx Winston sat on her bed in her messy bedroom that reeked of alcohol and cigarettes though the ten year old girl had long ago gotten used to the smell. Despite being only ten, Cali looked like she was thirteen, in need of more than the training bra that she had. She wasn’t wearing it at the moment though, instead having chosen to wear a fuzzy blue robe and nothing else, absorbed in the book that she was reading.

Cali was so focused on her book that she didn’t hear the front door of the trailer that she lived in open up before being slammed shut. Cali did notice however when the door to her room banged against the other side of the wall revealing a fat man with a full head of blonde hair and a beer bottle in his hand.

“Dad!” Cali cried out in alarm and surprise at the sight of her father, her blue eyes widening.

Cali’s father, Marcus Winston, smirked at the sight of his lovely daughter sitting in her robe. He walked over, placing his beer on the nightstand. Cali watched his movements, biting down on her lip as she quickly marked her place in her book, throwing it to the ground and off her twin mattress.

“I didn’t know you would be home.” Cali said in a quiet voice, avoiding looking into her father’s eyes as he admired her, the bulge in his pants growing. She hesitantly stood up. “I’ll go make you some supper.”

Marcus was a short man and so Cali, though only ten, stood up to his chest when standing straight. Marcus was 5’ 2”.

“I ate at the bar. But I know something else you can do for me.” Marcus said, placing his finger under Cali’s chin and forcing her to look up into his grey eyes.

As Marcus pushed her back down onto her bed, pulling apart Cali’s robe, neither noticed the silhouette of a boy standing outside the window which was covered by a simple red sheet that barely covered what happened next in the room.

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