Powers of Tigoris [MYTHICAL SERIES 1]

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[REWRITTEN VERSION OF POWERS OF TIGORIS] Ever since Sakari's father, Ren, had gone off to another place to fight a war, she has mostly been helping out her mother. She had gotten into Tigorian mythology, as a way to escape from the worry of her father. So it does come as a surprise to her when a class that teaches that is available at the Kiyosumi academy. And also that she's apparently the chosen one of the entities when she stumbles across their cave after school. She will get wrapped into the task of helping the Legendaries, of which some are the mothers to some of the mythicals, from Darkurus. As well as developing bonds and also herself along the way. ------ [POC] | [LGBT] | [DIVERSITY + REPRESENTATION] [TW: Might include graphic mentions of violence and gore from time to time. Strong language. Will have trigger warnings at the beginning of chapters that will have said violence and gore.] [Rating: Mature] [⚠️= Chapters with said TW ^^^^]

Fantasy / Action
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It was 4000 B.C.

Life was alight on Kaori, the homeplanet of the entities.

Over the years, the entities had developed. Starting off as souls of light in the universe before having landed here. They had formed into creatures who were monochrome in color.

A kingdom eventually formed and one of the entities declared themselves as the ruler. The ruler went by the name Primis. He and his husband ruled over Kaori for many years and their daughter, Kasha had been a surprise to the whole kingdom. The rainbow colors at the end of her hair were something that her parents did not have but previous entities before her did. No one knows why this rare genetic mutation had occurred, even back then. But the colors did assist in an evolution of the entities over the time Kasha grew up.

When she reached her adult years, she had become the heir in ruling Kaori. Both of her parents had decided it was time for her to rule. She had adapted to becoming one, making sure that Kaori was a utopia like her parents did. She had ended up marrying a kitsune entity and they ended up having kids that would later be known as the Ancestral entities. The Entitian schools flourished and so did the villages and sections of Kaori as a whole. Same with their technology, which was way ahead of Earth’s time. Solaria, one of Kasha’s proteges from their learning of their powers, had offered in helping the planet and learned a couple things from Kasha as well.

But that all came to an unfortunate halt in 3500 B.C.

A war between two forces had caused chaos around the galaxy where Kaori was. Due to the forces’ power, Kaori was one of the planets that suffered immensely. The planet became a place of ruins and many of the entities were killed. Kasha, Solaria, the proteges, and Kasha’s children were one of the one hundred entities to survive. They ended up having to go to another planet, eventually finding Tigoris.

Tigoris was not an inhabited planet, its warm, terra cotta landscape being perfect for another settlement for the entities. Kasha had planned for her children to be there, but unfortunately, one of her children had fallen ill. She had to go another planet, which left Solaria and the rest of the survivors on Tigoris.

Using the skills he had learned from Kasha, Solaria and the other proteges had worked at making the planet an environment for the entities to live on. After five hundred years, some of the other entities had moved to other planets. Others had stayed, of which included a group of entities who were close in power to Solaria and his group and of the same age - 1000s then. They became known as the Legendaries, eventually going on to have children of their own.

Solaria eventually made classes concerning the power levels - Ancestral, God, Legendary, Mythical, Normal, and Unevolved. Unevolved stood for the entities that were not able to evolve like the other entities due to a rare genetic mutation. No entity knows what that mutation was to this day.

But know that we know of what happened to Kaori and what Tigoris came to be, let’s fast forward to 2016 A.D.

[1] - The kistune entity was named Megumi - he and Kasha had met during her time at the elemental school. Both were students and when they reached their adult years, they ended up getting together. Kitsune entities were more common on Kaori than they are on Tigoris and other planets.

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