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Powers of Tigoris [MYTHICAL SERIES 1]

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1 || Sakari's Genesis

THE SOUND OF MUSIC COULD BE HEARD in a bedroom. A girl with dark brown hair and blonde streaks was playing some while getting ready for school. It was her first day and she made sure that she would be there early.

On her bed was a thick book with the letter M engraved on it. She had just been reading the origin chapter earlier before getting ready for the day, wanting to take it with her in case she got bored.

“Sakari, are you up?” a woman’s voice broke through the music. The said sixteen year-old turned it off.

“I’m coming, Mom!” Sakari voiced, making her way down the stairs. She was donned in a white t-shirt and orange vest, along with red shorts and sneakers to match.

The aroma of breakfast reached her nose when she stepped off of the last step, a smile cracking across her light brown skin. It really lifted her spirits and her motivation today.

Aiwami spotted her daughter and smiled, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. She was making grilled fish, accompanied with rice and miso soup. “How did you sleep, Sakari?”

“I slept well. I’m really excited for today!” Sakari flapped her hands. “I can’t believe that I’m going to start my junior year at Izaka Academy.” She knew that transferring would be difficult.

“Mhm.” Aiwami nodded. “I’m glad that the principal there agreed to letting you attend. It’s been hard, you know, since we took up home-schooling.”

The brunette nodded, helping set up everything at the breakfast table. Sakari hadn’t used to do home-schooling, but after things changed in the Hinagu household, they had reverted to that. She knew that she had to adjust to being at school again.

“I know. But I feel like I got this. I am a bit nervous, though.” Sakari frowned. The aroma helped distract her and she assisted her mother in bringing it to the table.

“Well, a lot of students feel nervous on their first day of school. But once you finish it and continue on, you will break into the routine.” Aiwami gave her daughter a reassuring smile, resting a hand on her shoulder.

Sakari returned the smile, prior to sitting down at the table. She got her chopsticks and began eating, with Aiwami doing the same. The two used cutlery from time to time, but they mostly used chopsticks.

“Hey, what are my classes for the semester again?” the brunette mused, after swallowing a piece of her food. She did not have a good memory, so she was prone to forget things.

“Well, you’re going to be taking a couple basic courses. Math, Science, and History. I believe you offered to sign up for Tigorian Mythology, right?” Aiwami recalled these off of the top of her head, her brown hues flicking over to her daughter’s matching ones.

“Oh, right!” That had almost slipped Sakari’s mind. “I can’t wait to see how that class is going to go.”

“And I’m sure that you will love it. It’s fairly new from what I read when signing you up for your courses. They started teaching it last year.” Aiwami noticed the time when looking at the clock. “Let’s finish up and get you to school.”

Sakari nodded and continued eating her food. Once she finished and all that jazz, she and her mother were on their way towards Kiyosumi Academy.

The sixteen year-old was now in the car with her mother, looking at the window. Other cars were driving past, one blasting music that could be heard from outside. There were also people walking their dogs on the sidewalk. Everything seemed pretty calm today and Sakari didn’t mind that.

They eventually neared the school. It looked like any other school, really, with the dull grey walls, the name emblazoned on the front. Aiwami and Sakari got out of the car and headed inside. There before them was a line of students waiting to be taken to their classes.

Sakari looked around with interest, not really paying attention to where she was going. Due to this, she had bumped into a green-haired girl her age. “Oh-! Sorry-”

She looked up to see the girl glare at her and she immediately stepped back. The girl looked back in front of the line, seemingly soughing in relief when she got the list for her classes. Sakari got hers and said her goodbyes to her mother.

Her hues rested on the list, seeing that she had Tigorian Mythology first. That made her bounce on her feet and she made her way there. 121 seemed to be the room name, fairly easy.

Except that she almost got lost doing so and had to ask for help from one of the other students. They helped direct her there and she thanked them with a soft smile.

When she entered the classroom, there didn’t seem to be that many students in there. Around six to say the least. That was a bit disheartening but she would get used to it.

“Oh, you must be...” the teacher looked at the roll call papers before looking back up. “Sakari Hinagu! Welcome.” she stuck out her hand, a bright smile on her lips and reflective in her blue eyes. “I’m Mrs. Nozomi.”

Sakari looked down at her hand before shaking it, smiling a bit. Mrs. Nozomi told her that she would be at one of the desks in the front so she made her way over there.

Beside her was a a girl with blonde hair and light brown skin. Her blue hues set on Sakari when she saw her. “Oh, hey! You seem new here.”

“I am.” Sakari rubbed the back of her neck with a small smile. “I’ve just transferred here this year.” she made herself comfortable at her seat.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Haru.” she grinned. She heard a stutter from a brunette on Sakari’s other side, leaning forward. “And that’s Jun.”

Sakari looked over to see a girl with brown bobbed hair and green hues. Jun did a small wave before looking down at her book - which was a copy of the Tigorian mythology book.

“Jun’s really shy, but don’t worry. She opens up.” Haru reassured.

“Okay.” Sakari smiled softly. She heard Mrs. Nozomi taking roll call and took a moment to quip her name. “It’s nice to meet you two. I’m Sakari. I...recently transferred over here.”

“That’s amazing! Oh, here-” Haru cut herself off to confirm that she was present. “I’m sure you’re going to like it here at the academy. Is this your first class?”

“Yeah it is.” she nodded. “And then, I have math and science afterwards.”

“Ah, that’s a bummer.” Jun apparently slumped in her seat. “I have physical education and social studies afterwards. They’re not as interesting as this class is going to be though.”

Sakari merely nodded in understanding, parting her lips to speak again. But she was cut off by Mrs. Nozomi saying the name Leiko a couple times. Her saying the name was eventually answered by the door opening, followed by the green-haired girl that Sakari had noticed before.

“Leiko Ichika?”

What came out of the greenette’s mouth was a mumbled “here” before she went to her seat, sitting down. Her seat was right behind Sakari’s and Sakari could tell that the girl wasn’t really in a good mood.

“Hey...uh, Leiko, right?” Sakari perked. “Is everything okay?”

Leiko’s golden hues set on Sakari and she glared. “None of your business, blonde streaks.”

The brunette was a bit shocked by her behavior and frowned. Well, so much with trying to be nice to her. Sakari turned around, just in time for Mrs. Nozomi to announce that they would be starting the first chapter today.

“Get your notebooks out.” she voiced, putting on her glasses.

Sakari bounced on her feet slightly before getting her notebook out. She listened to the purple-haired teacher as she began reading from her own copy of the book.


[Unknown date, 3000 B.C.]

Everything seemed to be calm and lively on the terra-cotta planet, Tigoris. The planet has been thriving since one thousand years ago. Solaria, the ruler of Tigoris and one of the entities in the God class, had a pretty good handle on ruling the planet as of right now.

Solaria had just finished helping keep check with the Legendaries. Rumor had it that they were just as old as the god entities, but truth revealed that they were actually around 100 years younger. So those rumors were almost on the dot.

The Legendaries had been assisting in helping tend to the environments around Tigoris. Many had flourished, such as a lush forest with flowers to a cold, Antartic-like environment. And even one that was broiling hot with a volcano. It was grueling work, but they found themselves enjoying it. They also were part of the council Solaria made to help regulate Tigoris and announce any problems that may arise.

And of course, there were not really many major problems. Save for some entities thinking that they were above the law and tried to commit heinous acts to some entities not really caring for the environment and trashing some.

But the most major one was yet to come and right under their noses.

During some time off, Tumelo trained her only daughter, ‘Aerial’ at one of the training sites on their part of Tigoris. Aerial was making very good progress for someone that was eleven years old, but of course, it would take her years to master the sword-fighting, bow and arrow, and flight.

“Amazing job, lesego!” Tumelo clapped after Aerial finished up her training for the day. “We will continue tomorrow, alright?”

Aerial had smiled up at her mother that day and nodded. Aerial really wasn’t one to speak much around this time, as Solaria had written recalling these events. But she had assisted Tumelo in helping put up the training equipment.

Tumelo had given Aerial some time off, so the entity got into her human form and began to explore. As their shoes crunched the grass underneath them, they looked around at the environment around them. It was so beautiful with the sunset sky and the different cultures, which Aerial always loved.

However, this was the first time during their walk that they’ve encountered a rift.

The rift was rather ominous with dark and purple colors, the corners of it glowing an eerie white. Aerial grew rather nervous just seeing it, recalling the advice her mother had given her on eerie things like this.

But alas, her curiosity got the better of her and she ended up going through it.

What greeted her was another realm it seemed? But when she looked around and saw the bright suns in the light red sky, she realized it was another planet.


Leiko interrupted the lecture. “...Wait.” you could hear her pencil stopping on the notebook of hers. “Another planet?” this seemed to be her first time hearing about this part of the story.

“Mhm. That’ll be found out soon.” Mrs. Nozomi noted, prior to continuing once she cleared her throat.


But Aerial didn’t know that for sure, it was just an assumption on her part. She continued walking, noticing that the place seemed devoid of any life for right now. The buildings made no sound, there was even no wind. Just a slight breeze that only added to the haunting atmosphere.

The young entity felt like her legs were aching after thirty more minutes of walking, deciding to turn into her entity form to take a breather. And thankfully, it seemed to help.

She eventually approached what appeared to be an abandoned building. It looked like a lab of sorts. What was a lab doing here on this planet?

She decided to take a look, finding a door that was ajar. She headed inside, only to met with a haunting figure.


“Alright, that’s all for today!” Mrs. Nozomi announced. Time sure did pass by fast in this class, Sakari noted.

The class filed out and over the day, Sakari seemed to be doing well with her other two classes. The first time at the cafeteria went swell, too and she got to hang out with Jun and Haru there.

The bell at the end of the school day rung, signaling the students to go home. Sakari parted from Jun and Haru and decided to take a walk back home. It wasn’t that far, anyways, from where she lived.

Once she went to turn the corner, something out of the corner of her eye piqued her interest. She saw what looked to be a large field of grass but as she looked up, she noticed it was actually a hill. The sun decided to try and disturb her vision, so she had to use her hand as a visor of sorts to deter it away.

After doing so, it dawned on her that there was something on that very hill. Looked like...a cave? Pretty small one from where she was. Sakari decided to take a look, pitting her book underneath her arm. She had ended up taking it with her and read it after she had eaten lunch. She had gotten some weird looks from people, but she had tried to ignore them.

Sakari began trying to walk up the hill, but it proved to be more of a hassle than she assumed. She managed to get to the top when she nearly lost her balance.

However, something managed to save her. It looked like a paw but a bright glow was emanating off of it.

That’s when Sakari looked up and her mouth was agape.

“Thought you needed a hand...or paw.”

All that could come out of Sakari’s lips were stutters out of shock, only to be interrupted with-

“You must be the chosen one Solaria told us about.”

Chosen one?!


Aiwami is Metoko’s new name in this rewrite. Aiwami means “hidden”, “tale”, “truth”. So it literally means “hidden tale of truth”. Foreshadowing.

Kiyosumi is a made-up region in Japan. It means “serene” in Japanese.

Hinagu is the surname of Sakari, Aiwami, and her father. It means “light, sun” and “tool”. Literally “light tool” or “sun tool”.

Quick note on Sakari: Sakari goes by she/they pronouns and will be revealed to be nonbinary later.

Haru: Haru Mochizuki is a junior and has been a student of Kiyosumi Academy since she was a freshman. She’s 16 like Sakari is.

Jun: Jun Kazuko is also a junior and 16. Also has been to the academy since she was a freshman. She, like Haru had said, is very shy but will eventually open up to others over time.

Leiko: Leiko Ichika is Hawaiian/Japanese. She’s 16 years old and her name means “flower” and “best, excellent”. The reason for her last name will be revealed later on. She is also a transfer student, meaning like Sakari, she was homeschooled.

Solaria: Solaria is one of the oldest entities of Tigoris, being a survivor of quite a few from the fall of Kaori. Of course, he is not the oldest, however, but not every entity knows this.

Tumelo: The Legendary of Air and the runner of the Wing tribe on Tigoris. Around this time, flying element types were not all that frequent as they are now. So this is just the beginning of the tribe flourishing: just Tumelo and Aerial. Tumelo had created the tribe to help show her roots and also for representation.

Aerial: The first revealed entity in the first chapter o the Tigorian Mythology book. More will be found on her in the second chapter of this book.

The first chapter is written from Solaria’s perspective, with some input from Aerial from what she had remembered from then.

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