A Queen Rises

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A princess who's lost everything is crowned. Newly Queened Galia has word of attack on their western front, as well as a rebellion rising. With her allies spread across the country, Queen Galia will have to sort her country through. However, problems arise as more and more potential suitors make their entrance. With a looming threat of war and traitors in her midst, Queen Galia had better keep her walls up and her heart protected. In a world of magic and curses, Galia will attempt to manage the kingdom and find her parent's murderer. But she never expected some curses to ever be real. After all, there has to be an extend to what is allowed, right?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“It’s important that you learn the difference in a northern mockingbird and a southern mockingbird’s language. Calling them the wrong thing could mean getting some poop on your gown at the worst time.” Profesor Jackson explains, taking away his birds with a heavy sigh. I sigh back and sink into my seat. Professor is such a kind gentle man, but if I have to hear another chirp about how his hatchlings divorce is going, I’m going to be put in the stocks by myself. What time is it? Pulling out my watch I smother down a smile. Thank the stars. I stand up and soothe down my tunic.

“Sir, with all due respect, I believe that it’s about time for lunch. I’ll be sure to send you up some tea.” I smile, nodding at him before leaving. As I turn I run right into someone. I back away as I look up. My face falls immediately. It’s the mage. Sir Winchester, a man who wears a pile of furs and the eyes of a dead man. Looking down, I see that he dropped a few books.

“My apologies Sir Winchester, I didn’t see-” before I can utter another word, he wraps me into a hug. My body freezes as he holds me.

“Princess you mustn’t trust anyone. Enemies are on the rise and these bastards will do anything to get their agenda out. Don’t listen to them.” He mutters before pushing me away again, grabbing his books and walking away like nothing happened. No. That. What? What does he mean? We’re in a time of peace. I don’t get it, what’s happening? Maybe I should look for Mama. She usually knows what’s going on. As I make my way to the throne room, the halls are eerily quiet. Not even a maid gossiping about someone sleeping around.

When I make it to the doors, the guards don’t move, only looking at each other. What’s going on? You know what, I don’t care. I’ll open it myself. I push the doors open and everything within me shatters. This. This can’t be happening. No. No. This can’t be. I. I can’t. No. My feet carry me and I’m running. You know it won’t do anything. I can’t let them die! No!

“Mama! Papa!” My voice sounds shrill even to me. I. No. A pair of arms pull me back just as I’m about to reach them. No. No. This. No. Mama. This. No. It. My legs crumble beneath me as I stare at the horror before me. I-I can’t. Papa.

“Princess, you need to leave. We need to examine the scene.” It’s the Arch Duke. How can he be so calm? My parents, the king and queen were slaughtered! My body trembles as I look into my father’s empty gaze, an eternal scream left. He turned to stone with a sword in his heart but blood. Blood’s still dripping from the sword. Mother’s on the ground with a slit throat, red staining her dress and polling around them both. How. How could this happen? Who would do this? I. I can’t. I can’t breath. Clenching are my throat I struggle for breath as I look into my mom’s eyes. Mama. “Please stop making a scene.”

“Your highness?” It’s the knight that caught me. Tears fall as I tremble at the sight. Who could’ve done it?

“Galia, you’re safe...good...” How could anyone say anything is good? The king and queen were butchered! My parents. Turning my anger vanishes instantly. It’s my cousin, Dacad in his small pool of blood. A healer’s already attending to him. Focus on the living. I tumble over to his side and look him over. He’s barely older than me... His side was cut but his leg. His leg isn’t going to make it... I take his hand.

“W-who?” I ask, looking into his eyes.

“Princess, we must take him into surgery. The amputation needs to be in my quarters.” The healer says. I hold on tighter. Dace... He wraps me in an embrace, clinging to me as he does. I embrace him. He has to survive. I can’t loose that many people in one day. I refuse.

“Only allow one other to preform on him. Sir Fredrick will stand watch of the door. Only you two may come and go. If he dies, it’s your heads.” The high duke orders. Sir Fredrick, he’s Dace’s best friend. Trustworthy. He picks Dace up and follows the healer. The duke pulls me to my feet and onto a chair. “I promise you that your parents will be avenged. We’ll send the very best after the ones responsible.” He smiles, soothing down m

y hair.

“I will have their heads.” I breathe. The duke smiles widely. This man isn’t to be trusted. “Notify me the moment that my cousin is awake.” I say simply. Turning away I make my way to my tower. Mama. Papa. They’re really...they’re dead. The moment my door closes, I throw myself onto my bed, allowing myself to wail and sob as loud as I wish. I throw things and smash glass. Time flies and rain takes over the sky. My room is in shambles when my body collapses back onto my bed. Sobs rock through me as the night comes and goes, the image of my murdered parents haunting my mind like a plague.

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