the fairy within

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Victoria's Pov

I was so socked I ran out of the house I don't get it I have been living with my aunt for years she tells me this now I don't know what to think my aunt told me I would be getting my wings soon then my necklace glows jumped out of the way just in time. "Watch out you almost hit me but are alright"I say. "Yeah I am sorry I was not watching where I was going oh and my name is Hunter Hartman and you are"Hunter said. "My name is Victoria Grace it's nice to meet you and it's alright I am just glad your alright now I got to go see you soon and stay safe bye"I say. I run home to my aunt's house and we talk then have my aunt says when I get my wings she will help me with my magic that was the last thought I had before I went to sleep tomorrow is the day I start my first year of high school I am smart so that way. (Bye for now)

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