the fairy within

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Margaret's Pov

I was in the kitchen making lunch when there was a knock on the door. "Victoria can you please get the door for me sweet heart"I say. "Yes aunty Margaret I would love to"she said. When she opened the door a boy walked in I wiped around so fast I may have scared my niece. "Aunty are you okay" she said. "Yes dear I am fine who is your friend"I say softly. "Oh I am sorry my name is Hunter and I almost knocked into your niece but she jumped out of the way"he said. "I see Victoria is that what happened" I say. "Yes that is what happened oh aunty this is Hunter Hunter this is my aunt Margaret aunty can he stay for lunch please "she said sweetly. "He may as long as it's okay with his parents"I say. "I will text my mom and ask"he says. His mom said he could spend the night which he did we all hang out I learned a bit about him but I'm just worryed about Vicky (her nickname for Victoria) will loose control of her powers and he might find out or get or both I promised my sister I would keep her safe and I will keep that promise no matter what soon it was time for bed then something bad happiness.
(Cliff hanger I am evil well bye for now)

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