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Sapphira Brown is the type of girl who doesn't like attention from anyone, but with her looks and brain she'll get all the attentions without trying to do anything. Kyle Black is the opposite type of Sapphira Brown, he wants attention, he wants he's he's mother to come back, he's mother's gone and it made him seek for attentions ************************************************************************************************************************* This story is about magic's and princesses and on how Sapphira got into Earth when she's suppose to be on the magic dimension. READ SAPPHIRA'S STORY AND ENJOY HER JOURNEY

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Chapter 1


My life is close to perfect, problems are always solved by my parents.

I have nothing to worry about. but something’s missing,

Mother said I have everything that I need.

or do I not?

I heard the door of my room opened and saw mother walk-in. that stopped me from daydreaming

“shappira? mama and, papa is going to work now are you sure you’ll be alright here?” mama asks while touching my hair

" I’ll be just fine here mama, on my own” I answered while smiling at her to assure her I’ll be fine

" okay. we’ll be back early ” she then closes my door and I sigh,

I decided to read a book instead. maybe my boredom will pass

an hour past and I heard a sound of a vehicle approaching our neighbor’s house

I got up and move the curtain a little just to see who is it,

our neighbor’s house has been for sale for about a year now

we’ve been living in this neighborhood without a neighbor for also a year

Mrs. Dela rosa, the old owner of that house has been my friend since childhood.

When mama and papa have a business trip and can’t come home for a week they always left me with her. but sadly she has to go away and sell her house

I never knew her reasons. she also didn’t say goodbye. it’s like she vanished like a bubble

Anyway back to the present. so, I currently see a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman. at first, I thought it’s just the two of them but one came out of the car later then. it’s a boy, just my age or a little older perhaps? I’m not sure.

I can hear them talking

" kyle stop being so hard on your mom,” said the middle-aged man to the boy.

so, I suppose the boy is their son

I can hear their conversations because our houses are very close to each other. we share the garage and that garage is the only thing that set’s our houses apart.

" she’s not my mom,” the boy replied while leaning on the side of the car crossed arms.

the middle-aged man sighed,

“come on. help me unload the things in the truck” the middle-aged man said to his..... son? I think?

The boy then walks with his father to the truck to unload their things

I was busy looking at them, suddenly the boy faced my direction

my eyes widen and I quickly put the curtain back to its right position,

I covered my mouth with my hands. did he see me?

maybe not, maybe he was looking at something and not me. right?

oh no, this is embarrassing I shouldn’t have looked. damn Sapphira, what were you thinking?!

okay, it’s been a minute after the getting caught thing happened and I’m still pacing back and forth,

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t like attention from anybody even my parents. I’m always like this the silent type, the liking alone type of girl.

I get that I’m weird.

but in school I still have people coming close to me, being friendly to me

I didn’t get bullied. I guess that’s a good thing right?

my phone vibrated so I checked to see who texted and saw mama’s message.


sapphy, we’ll be late maybe until midnight? or later than that. something came up in the office, make sure to feed yourself. love you, sweetie


okay, please feed yourselves too, I’ll be fine here. take care, love you too

I throw my phone back on top of my bed and since it’s 9:35 in the evening it’s way past dinner. but me being me means I eat whenever what time it is.

so, I got down the first floor and head to the kitchen, opened the lights, started opening the ref, and decided I’m too lazy to heat the frozen foods.

but then I found eggs! so I suddenly crave for sunnyside egg, I started cooking and while cooking I washed the things that I used for cooking it.

When the cookings finished, I place it on my plate and also took the bread, ketchup, and lettuces!

I’m currently eating right now and enjoying my late-night meal. I’m the kind of girl who enjoys little things

There comes a time that I felt lonely in this big house, I don’t know what to do sometimes just to make my self forget the loneliness that I feel,

I’m the tough girl to mama, I’m the smart girl to papa, I’m the fragile thing that needs so much protection more than needed.

I feel suffocated, it’s like I’m inside a box without any hole for me to breathe, but I love them too much to complain.

So, I just keep them to myself, that’s what I’m good at.

I sighed, it’s never good to think about things like that while eating..

it makes you lose your appetite, but I forced myself to eat the remaining egg.

After eating I got up and washed my plates and wipe the wooden table because I saw some bread crumbs on it.

After my business in the kitchen, I went up to my room again and read another book from my bookshelves.

Time check it’s past 11 in the evening and I’m sleepy so I think I’m going to bed now,

My name is Sapphira Brown, 18 years old, and my life is close to perfection.

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