The Mist

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in this era everyone has their own spirit animal and when the "mist " decides that today I the choosing. Get ready to be hunted down by your spirit animals mate and be tied with who you are meant to be with

Fantasy / Romance
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We all have our own spirit animal. Whether you're a hawk, a snake ,a lion a spider ,a cat, or even a fly we all have our own animals. In my world these animals aren't just spiritual they are us. Our goddess Arnibeth has blessed each one of us in a special way. Some are born with a strong connection with their animal and live on the "mist" to keep them satisfied. Others are lucky to have a connection and be able to change into their animal all they want and tame them. Then there's some like me. The not so lucky ones, we're called the domestics. Our animals won't come out naturally, it's only under conditions of being in danger, or the day the choosing. Some never get their animal at all.

It was a normal day like no other. I was getting ready to got to school. Sliding into me red skirt, and tucking my white shirt in, I look in the mirror. My tan skin is unblemished from head to toe. my blonde dyed hair was straightened and pulled into two braids.

'PIPER, GET DOWN HERE OR YOU'LL BE LATE!' my mother screams at me from downstairs. I cringe at the fact that she yells at me. She doesn't seem to understand that just because I'm a domestic doesn't mean my hearing is bad. I grab my red blazer and school bag and leave my room.

My dad flies by me and toward his study . He must have left something he needed for work, Because that's the only time my dad if in he's hawk form. I may be a domestic but I hope I don't get the same animal as my parents.

' Piper, me and your father will be working late we might not return home either for tomorrow morning.' my mom runs around the living room stuffing her purse with documents of a case shes been working on for weeks. "Okay, but you know its getting closer to the choosing what happens if I get picked this year?"

My mother turns around to face me and my father flies back in and changes into his human form. ' Now Piper we've been over this , you're 17, the likelihood of you being picked is slim.' my father says, ' Not only that Piper if you were to be chosen, then you must leave with your mate. We'll under if he doesn't even want you to keep in contact with us also.' mom chimes in.

I nod my head and shrug my blazer on. "Yeah you'll understand." I head out the door and start walking to school. I meet up with my friends Adam and Tristan. "Hey guys." I walk up to them playing rock paper scissors.

' paper, scissors... I win. You gotta give her a piggie back ride Trist. ' Tristan changes into a white stallion and I climb in his back. 'Dont be upset Tristan ,your horse is better than Adams.' Tristan stomps his hoof. 'Hey that's not true the only reason I can't give you a ride is bc of Trist. He's been a horn dog since the choosing been getting closer." I laugh and ruffles Adam red hair. 'Oh hush let's just get to class.'
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