The Doppelgangers' Tale

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Two Doppelgängers. Two timelines. One Conspiracy. Princess Violetta is living happily in the world, her mother and grandmother have given her, till that one disaster, which destroys everything she has. Audena, has been an orphan since she turned 5 years, and hasn't had the best life. Things tune in and out, and she is in a big mess. Catch up with the unfolding of a big fantasy tale telling.

Fantasy / Romance
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My arm throbbed with pain because of the big cut it had just suffered. My hair was caked with dust. The smaller strands stuck to my face because of the sweat and the hard winds.

I dragged my feet forward as I had no energy. It was getting darker and darker every minute.

I kept looking back, to check if anybody was still following me. The grass around me was dry in these winds like my lips were chapped.

My eyes wandered here and there, looking for help. They finally fell on a little light coming from-

A cottage!

I dragged my legs faster towards the cottage. I tripped right before the door and my hand banged the door for support.

A boy with copper hair opened the door, and I fell on him, for support. He caught me by my shoulders and helped me stand straight. The second he looked at me properly, the color from his face drained away. He put his hand on his mouth and called out, "Audie! Audie!"

A girl ran towards the door frame and we both saw each other. I thought, no this can't happen.
Same body.
Same face.

We both lifted our hands in each other's direction at the same time.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" We both said at the same time.
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