The Doppelgangers' Tale

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Play Date (Feat. Audena)

I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked the corridors of my school. I was never great at studying. So, schools weren't one of my favorite places.

I stopped in front of my locker. The only worst part of my locker was that, it was beside Bethany's. And she, and her boyfriend were mostly found there, kissing- I mean eating each other in public.

Well, they both were hot, but maybe 'cause I am straight, I found Oliver hotter. With his muscular arms, trimmed eyebrows, warm brown eyes.

Even Bethany was hot, but she was really rude so it was difficult for me to think good about her. She had the perfect figure, thin thighs, for God's sake, and her protruding Jade green eyes.

I looked at what subjects I had today, collected my books, touched up my lip balm, stuffed my bag in the locker and locked it shut. And they were still going on. Stopping for breaths, Bethany saying, "Oli-Oli, I love you." I sighed, Whatever.

After my third class, I found Oliver standing outside my class. He waved in my direction and I glanced behind me to check if Bethany was there. But, she wasn't.

I pointed a finger towards me and mouthed, "Me?"

He nodded and I walked faster to him. I asked him, "Yes?"

"You know me, right? Oliver." He extended his hand.

Immediately, I took his hand and said, "Obviously, who doesn't know you, Oliver."

"That's great. I had just come to ask if you- I don't know why- the way you looked at me this morning, I thought-"

"I like you?"

He nodded shyly.

"I do."

"You are bold." He said, admiringly stroking his chin.

I smiled.

He smiled, too.

I asked him, "So? You are asking me out or something?"


"Out or maybe?"


"But, Bethany?"

"I am having issues with her. It's just, we are growing apart more and more everyday."

I thought, Well, if two minutes of eating each other in public means having issues, anybody would want one.

"That's sad-" I pouted, " For you."

"I know. I just wanted somebody to share the pain with me so, will you? Tonight?" He asked, hopefully.

I nodded, happy on the inside.

At sharp 6.30 pm, I reached the restaurant Oliver was talking about.

He was early and waiting. As I walked towards the table, Oliver looked at me, my red crop top and denim shorts. He got up and said, "You look beautiful."

I sat on the chair he pulled back for me. He sat in front of me and said, "What will you order?"

"I wanna have a good look at the menu first."

The waiter came and he ordered a Tuna Sandwich and banana milkshake for himself. I asked the waiter to come again after sometime because I wasn't able to decide.

I asked him while looking at the menu, because his food has already arrived, "So what happened between you and Bethany, that you asked me out?"

I looked at him, and realized I shouldn't have asked so I covered up, "Oh no, I didn't mean that I mean, I shouldn't interfere, I know. It's OK if you don't want to tell." I looked at him.

He shook his head, and gulped his banana milkshake, "Oh no. You deserve to know. After all I asked you out, without any real signal from your side."

He took a big bite of his sandwich and continued, "Actually, she is pretty nosy. I mean, she is hot, you've got to admit but, she just got annoying and I feel as if she is having play dates with random boys."

He took one more large sip of his milkshake, and said, "Well if she can do play dates, why can't I? This gives me an idea. On our next date, we can go play a game. Anyways, I would love a good play date."

"But,I wouldn't" I snapped, gritting my teeth.

He put his sandwich down and smiled, "You are funny."

But, my expression didn't change.

He pulled his chair forward, and said, "OK! Now, this is getting creepy."

"I would love a play date with you, Oli."

A voice spoke from the table beside ours. As, Oliver turned, he was already pale.

"Beth." He said, astonished.

"Yes, So Mr. Oli-Oli, let me warn you, if you plan to do such a thing again. NEVER-LIE-TO-A-GIRL-ABOUT-A-GIRL-BEFORE-SCHOOL-ENDS. Did not understand? Let's go into a flashback.

"I was in the girls washroom, scrolling through my phone.
And, Bethany came with her friends. She said, 'Aww! Oli-Oli is so cute. He keeps doing things to keep me happy.'

Her friend spoke, "Today, I found him talking and blushing with that orphaned girl in our Spanish class."

"He is so sweet that he always smiles and blushes. What's up with that?"

"I don't know, it just didn't feel right." Said the other friend.

"You are just overreacting, both of you." Bethany said.

I came out of the washroom. As soon a they saw me, they turned pale. So, they packed their bags and started to leave, but, I stopped them and told them everything. And for proof I called them here."

I bent in front of Oliver, used my finger to lift his chin and said, "So, How you like that? Mr. Play Date."

I waited outside the restaurant, for Bethany as she thrashed, scolded, blamed and broke up with him for real.

She came outside, looking miserable. Her eyeliner was smudged. She put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Thanks a lot. It's good luck that we both were in the washroom at the same time."

"I thought you would be rude when I would tell you."

She wiped the smudged areas with her napkin and said, "You shouldn't judge people without knowing them."

"You are right. I shouldn't." I nodded.

"We should be friends. Now that fate had us meet. We should be."

"Its not fate. I mean, being in the washroom at the same time wasn't fate, it was me."

She blinked twice, "You knew he was lying?"

I looked at her seriously then smiled and said, "I have a big secret in life."

She gulped, and widened her eyes, "That you are a vampire?"

I chuckled and said, "No, silly. Anybody smart can have this rule."

She blinked, "What?"

"Audena never trusts hot guys. Ever."

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