The Doppelgangers' Tale

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Hakuna Matata (Feat. Princess Violetta)

"Aaaah!" I stumbled as somebody screamed.

The sound was coming from the basement. I gathered my gown with both of my hands, and ran towards the stairs leading to the basement.

I hurriedly climbed down the stairs. In the basement, there was an enormously small bird fluttering around. And as I had judged, it was my little sister, Elletra. No, not little, younger sister. She was 3 years younger than me.

"Elle, don't worry, it's just a bird. You don't have to be scared from a small harmless bird." I tried to calm her down.

"No! Not at all sister, look at my hand." She extended her hand and pointed towards her wrist, whose area had become red. She screeched, "That bird hurt me! It is not harmless, sister."

I looked at the bird, still fluttering her wings violently, while moving here and there. It was light blue colored and very small.

I climbed on the biggest wooden box and whistled. I asked Elle to stay quiet if she wants me to take the bird out.

I whistled, "Hey! Sweetie! Don't worry, it's OK." I tried to calm down the bird and Elle watched me quietly.

Gradually, the bird slowed down her wings, and sat on the shaft beside my arm. I gently caught the bird with both of hands, and climbed down the box.

I called Elle closer, and whispered, "See, when you try to force something on somebody, they go against you, which means hurting you." I smiled sweetly, and continued, "You tried the same thing with her, didn't you?"

She nodded.

I bent towards her with the bird, "Every creature in this world is born free and we should never force them. You get it? Now, we'll let her go. OK?"

We both went to the garden, as I made soft sounds to the bird. I looked at Elle asking for her approval, using my eyes. After she nodded, I slowly opened my hands, and gave a little push to the bird.

The blue bird then got lost in the blue sky, as the sun shined on us. I looked at Elle and said, "So, little birdie? What did you learn today?"

"That every creature is born free and we should never force them for anything!" She exclaimed.

I caught her small round nose, shook it a little and said, "No, silly. That Princess Elletra's sister, Princess Violetta is the best."

I smiled and winked at her.

To which, she started giggling.

"Very well, Princess Violetta. But, I don't remember asking you to address Elletra as princess?"

A sharp voice cut into our giggles.

I turned towards a woman in her 40s, with curly brunette hair, and an elegant and poised attitude.

She continued, "I have told you a hundred times, haven't I? Daughter, answer me."

I nodded, as she continued, "Your father committed a mistake, and she is the result of that mistake. How many times should I tell you that a maid's daughter will only become a maid! Irrespective of the father."

She looked at Elle with disgust in her big dark brown eyes. Elle fell silent and started tracing the ground with her feet, sadly.

After father's death she was deprived of love. Only I would give her time. Mother and grandmother hated her. According to them, she was the symbol of my dad's infidelity. A living, breathing example of his betrayal.

I also disapproved of dad's betrayal. But also understood that none of this was Elle's mistake, and was blamed wrongly. But I couldn't go against my elders. After mother had scolded Elle till today's fill, she left, after asking me to come to her room after a few minutes.

As soon as mother left, Elle ran towards the Palace. Most probably, her room.

I ran behind her and stopped her.

As I caught up, I said, panting, "Elle, don't worry. I am sure, very sure that one day those two ladies will also accept you." I bent a little and wiped her tears.

I said, "Now let me read my poetry, "

"No, you won't." She denied.

"Oh, just one." I made a puppy face while moving my index finger sideways.
"So, here it goes,
Why do you need mother,
When I am so talkative?
Why do you even need grandmother,
When I am so talkative,
Breathe in, stay positive, positive, positive..."
I tried speaking as if it would sound as the positive is fading.

She started laughing while I was already laughing.

Suddenly, the big bell (That rings in danger) rang, loudly. A few handsmaids started screaming, "Rebels! Rebels! They are here!"

Another one screamed, "Run for your lives!"

I looked at Elle as she looked at me, with an alarming look in both of our eyes, we mouthed together, "Oh no!"

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