The Doppelgangers' Tale

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I'm a Mess (Feat. Audena)

"Wow! That's a good rule." Bethany's eyes brightened.

I smirked, "I know."

She extended her hand and said, "Nobody ever became your friend, right? Because you were orphaned, and mysterious, and a loner, and maybe a little too straightforward. But, I like that in you. Friends?"

I hesitated, because nobody had ever done that to me. But, I took her hand and smiled towards her, "Friends."

"So, where do you live? Let's go to your house."
She hurried, and then realized, "Oh, I am sorry, I meant or-orp-orphanage."

"It's Ok," I smiled, "Technically, that is my house."

She blinked fast, "So, we can go?"

"What about your other friends?"

"They are not my friends. You know what a friend is, it's you. They aren't. They just follow me because I am popular." She pouted.


"You mean we are going?"

I nodded.

I slowly opened the door, and collided with a person, whose books fell down because of me.

I looked at the person, the boy. He seemed of my age. He bent down to get his books, as I glanced towards my right side, I found that even Bethany had bent down to help him.

He thanked Bethany and stood up straight. Now, I could look at him clearly. I had never seen him till now. Maybe he is new.

He had reddish blond straight hair. His gray eyes were looking at me seriously.

I asked him, "Yes, why are you looking at me?"

"I am not looking at you, Miss. I am looking at her, Miss Ying Yue."

Well, it was a surprise. Till now, I had thought I was the only one. Nobody ever liked saying the name, Miss Ying Yue. They always preferred calling her by her English name, Della.
I glanced behind me, and smiled at the only family I had. Miss Ying Yue. She was like a mother to me. She was the only one for whom my existence was important.

I pulled Bethany towards me by her hand and said, "Let me take you to my mother."

"Mother?" She blinked.

And, honestly, I wouldn't blame her. Nobody knows about an orphan.

I smiled. And said, "She has been like my mom, Bethany, since I have come here."

Bethany put her hand on my shoulder, and smiled sweetly, "Don't call me Bethany, call me Beth, now. We're friends."

I smiled back and looked towards Miss Ying Yue. After she finished her talk with the new kid. She came towards us. Her dark brown bangs always covering half of her monolid eyes.

She slipped a strand of wavy hair behind her ears and said, "So, who is this young lady?"

Beth smiled, and bowed down, "A pleasure to meet you, Miss-"

"Ying Yue." I interrupted.

She smiled and said, "If it's difficult, you can call me Della."

Beth looked towards me as I glared towards her.

"Oh, no, Miss Ying Yue. I am quite comfortable with this." She smiled.

It's good she understood my glare.

Suddenly, that stranger boy came in the middle, looked at Miss Ying Yue and said, "Miss Ying Yue, I have come for the interview can we do it now?"

She looked at him, and said, "Dylan, give me a minute. I will be right-"

"Can't you see Dylan, we were in the middle of something?" I interrupted, giving more pressure on Dylan.

He looked at me and said, "Ok, I am sorry, I didn't mean to disturb."

Why does he keep apologizing? I thought.

He moved a step back. I hugged Miss Ying Yue, with Beth's hand still on my shoulder.

Suddenly, somebody touched Miss Ying Yue and we-

We were engulfed in a blanket of black clouds. I broke from the hug and saw that I, Bethany, Miss Ying Yue and that stranger, Dylan were all in that shadow. Bethany shrieked with fear.

I was confused. I moved my hands around in the dark. Suddenly, we felt the atmosphere change again.

We all fell down. I looked around and found us the in middle of nowhere. There was grass all around.

Where are we?! What just happened?! I thought.

I got up, and helped Beth who was in shock. I looked around to find Miss Ying Yue. She was lying on the ground, motionless.

I ran towards her, shook her as she opened her eyes slowly. I helped her stand up.

As soon as she was stable, I advanced towards Dylan who was standing shocked. Or so, he acted.

I pushed him to the ground and shouted, "What is this? Where have you brought us?!"

He looked at me, and shouted, "I didn't do this! I don't even know what happened."

He tried getting up but I pushed him again, "You are lying! Why did this happen only when you touched Miss Ying Yue?!"

I pointed towards her.

He looked at her and widened his eyes.

I looked at her, and widened my eyes, too. She was starting to fade.


The color in her face, clothes, body was starting to drain out. I ran towards her.

But, I couldn't touch her anymore. She was fading out and I couldn't do anything. I shouted, "No, no, no, no!"

And in a few seconds she was gone. Nothing, but the air was present now, where she had been standing.

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