The Doppelgangers' Tale

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when the party's over (Feat. Princess Violetta)

I looked at Elle as she looked at me, with an alarming look in both of our eyes, we mouthed together, "Oh no!"

Since the last few months, rebels around here have become more restless and have started attacking the Palace. Being totally harmful.

I shouted, "Elle, come we need to hide!"

Elle ran towards my side and I caught her by her shoulder. We knew that a few steps away from where we were standing, there was a hiding spot. Which will be safe from the rebels.

But only for one person.

Elle caught me as I moved towards it.

"No, I am not going to hide, you should. I will run somewhere else." Elle's eyes were slowly becoming watery.

I shouted, "No, you are younger. You hide here, I will find another place."

Suddenly, a tall soldier appeared beside me.

He said, "You need to hide, your Highness."

I shouted at him, "Yes, please take me somewhere safe," Then I looked at Elle and said, "See, I will go with him safely. You just hide here."

She opened her mouth to speak, but as I raised my finger, she decided not to.

I shoved her into the secret room and closed it shut, which could only be opened from the inside now.

I turned back fast, "Yes, soldier?"

He caught my arm and ran towards the back exit of the Palace. While running, he said, "We need to get out of the Palace, the rebels are more this time, Your Highness."

I nodded as I ran gathering my gown, with my free hand. I could still listen to all the screams coming from inside of the Palace.

As I stepped out of the Palace, I sat on the rough grass that poked me, with my back touching the cold, grey wall of the Palace.

The soldier was looking out for danger standing in front of me. I was grateful to him, so I said, after noticing his uniform, "Thank you very much, Lieutenant?"

He bowed down, "Lieutenant Asher Brown, Your Highness."

I smiled at him as I nodded. But the smile melted as soon as I heard footsteps approaching us. They weren't coming from the Palace, but the forest.

Lieutenant Brown became alert as his hand resting on the hilt of the sword, pulled it out of the scabbard now. He shouted, "Who is it?! Come out, right now!"

The sound of the dry leaves being stepped on increased, and we knew that whoever was in the woods, was now very close to us.

Firstly we saw a foot, then a shadow of a human. And then the shadow came to life under the sun. A woman, dressed in tribal clothes.

"Who are you?" Shouted Lieutenant in a deep voice. His forest green eyes constantly looking her up to down.

She was old, the saggy skin around her eyes had half covered them, but still I could see those grey eyeballs glaring. Towards me.

Her face, her hands and body, all had saggy skin. But, she still did not seem harmless.

She spoke in a deep voice, "You, child, are not supposed to be here. Destiny knows it all."

Suddenly, she bent down and pulled out a bunch of grass. She mumbled something under her breath, glaring at me.

Lieutenant Brown was frozen but, alert in his position. The lady threw the bunch of grass at the lieutenant. And ran away, while he was suffering fits of cough.

I was frozen in my place, scared of what happened, clueless to why it happened, and, just shocked. I told Lieutenant, "We should report this to Her Majesty."

Before he could reply the great bell rang again. He nodded towards me and said, "Yes, we should." He took a pause and said, "We can go in now, the rebels are gone."

I quickly reached the door where Elle was locked and started shouting, "Elle, open the door! It's me! Princess Violetta!"

But there was no respond. Suddenly, the door latched open and Elle walked out of the room, on her tiptoes. She seemed to ignore me. She looked around the corridor and behind her.

But her gaze did not stop on me, or on Lieutenant. She ran towards another soldier in the corridor, and asked him, "Are the rebels gone?"

The soldier nodded and left. They also weren't allowed to call her Your Highness.

Elle mumbled, "Where is sister? She should have been here by now." She looked around, "I can't even find that soldier."

I felt something knot up in my stomach. I ran towards her, stood in front of her waved my hand in front of her face, but received negative response. Actually, no response.

I said, in a panicked voice, "Elle, this is not funny."

But, her face, the lines, and sweat of tension revealed that she wasn't making a joke.

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