The Doppelgangers' Tale

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Darkside (feat. Audena)

And in a few seconds she was gone. Nothing, but the air was present now, where she had been standing.

I ran towards the empty air, moving my hands around, shouting, "Miss Ying Yue!"
Just a second before, here she was. Same eyes, her dark brown hair twisted into a bun with a pencil.

The wind around me was cold and bit every part of my body as my inside felt empty.

I suddenly realized it. My stomach knotted up, and it clicked. She was gone.

I sat down hugging my knees tightly. I felt the heat build up in my cheeks. My eyes were trying to do something I had forbidden them from, long ago.

I could feel tiny droplets of water in them. But I blinked them back.

I looked at Beth, who didn't move from her place at all. Maybe the shock. My eyes moved around and landed on him. Dylan.

I got up and advanced towards him. But before I could push him, he moved back on his own. He put his hands up, and shouted, "Miss, I have done nothing! Absolutely nothing. I have no idea what just happened."

"And, what the hell makes you think, that I will believe you?" I snapped.

He seemed to have no idea. He opened his mouth to speak, but before that, a deep and husky voice spoke. From everywhere and nowhere.

"Well, I didn't think that quite was possible."

I and Dylan looked around, searching for the source of the voice. Suddenly, right in front of me, a person materialized. A boy.

I could have judged how he looked like but, my eyes were turning misty. He had curly black hair and thin and tall body structure.

He looked at me, up to down. Then, he turned towards Dylan and looked at him up to down. Twice. With more wider and shocked eyes. I blinked my tears back.

I stood up straight as I saw him staring at Beth. He started stroking the little hair on his chin, and pointed a finger towards her. He said, raising an eyebrow, "Who's she? She wasn't supposed to come."

He looked at me and spoke before I could even open my mouth. He bent down on one knee, bent his head and said, "Lady Sortitia, it is an honor to see you."

I was too sore to give any real reaction. I was just blown away by the fact that since the last two hours, my life had taken a U turn. And, I hadn't realized.

"Lady Sortitia?" I croaked. Was all I could say.

"Yes, you are Lady Sortitia. You need to come with me to know what is happening." He shrugged.

He walked towards Dylan, and said, "Don't worry, you are not so powerful yet. You haven't brought them and yourself here."

I found my voice, "So, you brought me here. Where is my mo- Miss Ying Yue? What have you done?"

He looked at me and gave me the "seriously" look while saying, "This is not my job to tell."

He gestured us with his hands to come.

He announced, "Leave that blond barbie here. She is not needed. I thought Lady Sortitia had no friends."

I flinched every time he called me that.
I looked at Beth, she was trembling. I had just made her my friend. I can't do this to her. I looked at Dylan, and I have no idea why but, some sense of understanding passed between us.

I asked him, "Where are we? On the sets of Back to the Future?"

He was puzzled. "What's Back to the Future?"

Dylan interrupted, "She meant did we time travel?"

He turned back to face us and started laughing. He said, "You think you're so close to your home??"

He stopped laughing and said, "This ain't no time travel, Lady Sortitia. This is a different reality."

"What's a different reality?" I asked.

"Imagination is a big deal. Whenever a human imagined something for the world to be, if something had or not happened. A new reality was formed. This is one of those."

"We can't go back?" Beth looked pale.

"Why would I tell you?" He winked.

Suddenly, I saw Dylan moving his hand in small circular motions, while murmuring something underneath his breath.

He suddenly moved towards me and touched my arm. Then he stepped back fast and touched Beth's arm too.

I was too much in a shock to move or say anything.

Suddenly, sensing something wrong, that curly haired guy turned back. His eyes widened as his fist tightened. He was becoming angry.

He stamped his feet, "I knew it. I shouldn't have left him alone. He does know how to enchant."

I looked at Dylan, and back to him.

He shouted looking at us, "I know you guys are still here. So, just listen to me. If I can't have Lady Sortitia nobody can. Lemme tell you something. Everyone here loves you and will respect you. But, not because you are a queen or something. It's just fate. They all are searching for you. To kill you."

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