The Doppelgangers' Tale

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How You Like That (feat. Audena)

He shouted looking at us, "I know you guys are still here. So, just listen to me. If I can't have Lady Sortitia nobody can. Lemme tell you something. Everyone here loves you and will respect you. But, not because you are a queen or something. It's just fate. They all are searching for you. To kill you."

He stamped his feet multiple times on the ground, frustrated.

We had been walking for two hours now. Just two hours ago, I suddenly made a new friend, Miss Ying Yue was taken away, and I was threatened for my life. Ha! I have a thrilling life.

The three of us have just been dragging our feet in this large grassland towards the sun. We have not spoken a word to each other, since I was threatened.

Suddenly, Beth stopped walking. She was in the middle, I was in the end while, that other guy, Dylan was leading. I stopped as she spoke, "I can't stay quiet anymore." Her voice cracked, "I don't know what just happened to us, I don't know who this guy is-"

She pointed her finger towards Dylan as he stops to face her. "I don't even know if this is a dream?!"

She started nodding, "Oh yeah, maybe this is all a dream. Oli didn't betray me. You are not my friend. This all fantasy fiction magic is just my dream."

I knit my eyebrows thinking about it.

Suddenly, Dylan spoke, "Aren't you going to ask me how I made everybody invisible?"

I let out a powerful sigh, "Oh yeah? Yeah! You think about Oli, you think about magic shows, what are you gonna do next, huh? Bring out a pigeon from your hat? Oh, you don't have a hat. First, you will get a hat, won't you? Huh?" I spat out words like fire.

I continued, "While I get threatened about my life and think what to do to solve our problems, you go conduct a magic show and you go into your dreamland!"

Dylan calmly replied, "Calm down. The solution to our problems lies in my question, in my magic show."

Beth who had started crying after my outburst, wiped her tears.

I spoke, "So you were building up suspense from the last two hours, were you? Couldn't speak anything."

He continued, ignoring me, "But, you will have to come with me. And trust me."

I snapped, "Oh, totally. I will trust you, from the bottom of my heart."

Beth intervened, "We don't have any option Audi."

I thought back on everything and agreed reluctantly.

We walked towards the song sub for another half an hour and reached a forest. As we entered the forest, I felt something change. Maybe the atmosphere, as it was cold or something else.
Dylan gestured us to stop as he walked towards a tree. He put his hand on the ball and said, "I am an Enchanter. I can do magic. I knew it. The prophecy had come true. I didn't speak because after the magic I had no ability. And I knew we had to walk up to here. I would have died."

I was tired from the walking and didn't want to argue, so I said, "So you knew you were going to be kidnapped?"

He smiled, "Thanks for not arguing. No, I didn't know the how or when, but I knew I was going to meet you."

I was taken aback, I said, "Oh God."

He continued, "I am your protector. I was waiting for you to come. I didn't who you were. But, now I will protect you."

Beth suddenly spoke, "I don't have a dictionary that contains Enchanter as a career, I think you should explain, don't you?"

He said, "Well, I am a magician. But not just done rabbit or pigeon magician. I am an elemental magician. I recharge my magical powers by trees. Other Enchanters use different elements."

"Well, if I trust you completely, what should we do next?" I spoke.

He smiled, but before he could say anything, a voice spoke, "Salvino. You are back."

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