The place where I belong

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Part 2: 3

The day… today was the day when I start all this acting… piece of art maybe. All of this and i still do not know for what. I will found out as some point, I hope. The young man woke me up pretty late, 9 am, he let me sleep? Shouldn’t I help? Shouldn’t I cook or something.

-It’s your first day as a member of this crew, you are going to meet them after you eat breakfast. By the way I don’t know your name.


-Cute name, like you, now come whit me, he grabs gently my left arm. He looks barbaric but he acts so nice. I wonder why? From pity? I am not blind but that’s exactly the point. I need to trick them all, to make this worth something. I’m not just risking , myself for nothing. Right? Or am I? Do I really want to die this bad? Do I really want to disappear? To be a shadow? Can’t I just be fine whit being like this? I can’t even understand myself anymore… I feel like I’m losing my own mind.

The man is taller than me, they all are, his ears are arched, an elf I guess, the scar on his face is hidden by his dark hair. His blue eyes are shining not just in my head, like literally SHINNING! And I’m not joking.

This man is a magical being. Fluffy hair, the fluffy hair I want to mess up. I sware!

We are on the main part of the ship and people stare at me like I’m some killer, which is true… kind of. They just stare and stare, and stare again. I feel like they want to haunt me. They don’t know right? It’s all new, I’m new here.

-Guys, this is the new member of the crew, don’t dare you even try say something about the fact that she is who she is, as the son of the captain I give orders when he is not here. Understood? He commands. They all nodded understanding I guess so.

-But why is she here? What’s her place? One of the man asked.

-She can do whatever she wants, as I understood, she can fight and identify different treasures, we will see later which place she’s better at.

-Thanks sir.

-James. How did I tell you to call me??

-By your name, Blade.

-That’s right now everyone back to work!

Blade commands to the rest of the crew staring at the both of us. He looks at me whit a smile.

-I am going to make you a tour of the ship, I don’t think it matters if you don’t see, but still it doesn’t do anything wrong either, if you don’t mind of course.

-I don’t mind, but as you can see, it doesn’t really help just for me to learn the directions on this ship.


He takes my hand walking around whit me at his side. He’s gentle, walking me around whit me inspecting each inch whit my eyes, memorizing every room, every hall. The ship is fancy made, so much torches and plants, even skulls and golden decorations. Cute jewelry, rings, earrings and other bracelets and other pieces of art. The paintings are immaculate, I want to ask who made them, but that would make me a liar. Blade was starting at me all the way. What is wrong whit him? It’s creepy… I don’t like this “tour”, I can’t wait to go back to my room and stay there, safe.

-Tell me about yourself a bit. Blade asked nicely.

-Well… it’s complicated…

-Tell me.

-It started when I was born… back then I was healthy and I still could see.

The first sentence and I’m already lying.

-I was a gifted kid. That was… fine till my parents expected to much from me. I was trained to be superior, but the problem was… I never wanted that, I felt like I was in a bird cage. They forced me to fight and take hard decisions, a kid couldn’t even think of. I ran away and someone found me and then I got captured again. That was the place where I lost my eyes practically.

-That’s not a happy story. He says rubbing the back of his neck.

-What did you expected? Rainbows and fairytales?

-Of course not, but what happen to you is just…


-Yea… I don’t understand why would someone ever do that. It’s just not fair, not right , and definitely not ok.

-Tell them that.

-I wish I could.

-No problem, I already handle them a bit. Let’s just say I was… hopeless back then, when all I had was myself and some wepons I couldn’t use by myself.

-I’m sorry for what happened, but now you can’t think about that forever. Can you?

-I can’t, I have things to do that are much more important than that.

-That’s right. Now… if you don’t mind, I have some work to do so, you can stay here or I can lead you back to your dorm, but some fresh air wouldn’t hurt you either.

-I think I’ll stay here for a while… I say softly. He nods forgetting I “can’t” see. I just ignore him because yes I kind of need to act like I’m not normal. It’s hard to hold my questions in, but I bet would not be answered. I watch the sea… the lightly waves and the slightly air running trough my curls. The sky is clear, for now at least… seems like a sunny day. I wish I could draw the picture. After I found out, I’ll leave the next minute. There is no exception for this to happen. I’ll be here for a while so I guess I will get bored pretty easily cause I should do something, but I’m just staying here like I’m glass.

-I bring you some tea. I didn’t notice he’s back. He puts the cup in my hand. I take a sip humming. After, I look at the sky and the cup fell from my hand.

-And she falls again.

-Calm down… it’s just a cup of tea… I say.

-I know, but maybe if you would be more caring about others things you wouldn’t drop it.

-Shut up… I roll my eyes under the black glasses.

-I could, but I won’t.

-Just don’t talk all the time my head already hurts.

-Really? Is that easy to piss you off?

-Yes, short temper, long story.

-As always. How many surprising things can I found out today?

-There are many things you do not know about me, but that’s for another day.

When I said that I was especially referring at the fact I’m a two faced, lost princess, who always gets in trouble and now it’s on the biggest ship in the whole world because a dream told me. Sounds stupid and it is stupid, but who cares? I don’t have anything to lose do I?


I was okay… I was doing my job and by that I mean I started to clean and one of the mans asked me for some help whit a rose white pearl. I could’ve feel the warmth… and it was looking so pretty… precious. I said something about the history of the pearl. It was very rare as the man explain the pearls appearance. I could’ve bet it was one of the “Ocean eyes” that’s the name they gave to the 5 pearls. One was found a decade ago… The green one, now the rose one? Both of them are in the custody of the pirates? This seems suspicious… is that the reason I’m here? Is it? I need to find the pearls? But… for what? What would that help me whit? I have so many questions I can’t even count them… and their answers… the answers are so complicated to respond.

-Good morning. Blade surprised me behind my back. I flinch scared.

-Uh…uh…I..Morning you moron.

-Sorry for scaring you, but today… we are landing in the “The town of gold” . We have something to do there. You better not try to do something stupid ’cause you might not survive. That town is a literally a dangerous area. So… you better know how to fight like you said… two days ago.

-I know how to fight and I guess this is the perfect opportunity to prove my point. About that pearl… isn’t that one of the “Ocean eyes”? As I heard the description… seems like it.

-Actually… your assuming is in fact true… we have the green and the rose one. We need to find 3 more, it’s hard to find them, but it’s not impossible is it? We already found two… My father found the green one years ago… he said that I’m going to be the one to find the rest of them… let’s say that’s my job on this earth. I always was one of the superior ones, or at least I was categorized by those standards. The son of the most feared pirate… They all thought I was like him…but the truth is I’m just acting to be bossy and cruel. Those stereotypes are stupid and childish. Just society standards.

-Let me guess… they throw you in the middle of chaos. I feel dizzy and like I’m leaving my body.

~ Why so many questions? Who is her? I talk about myself non-stop, but she stays quiet acting like I don’t exist. What am I doing wrong?~

Again, I’m coming back to my own mind and body. What in the living hell is happening to me? Is like I’m reading minds and switch bodies. Do I do anything I didn’t know I could do? Can I find anything about what I want by doing that? Is that real at least? And now I’m believing anything that happens unexpectedly.

-Aelin? Earth to Aelin.

I snap out of my deep thinking. Widen eyes, mouth forming a slightly straight line. He looks confused… and concerned at the same time.

-Are you alive?

-Yes and no at the same time.

-You are confusing me more then ever… He said rising one of his eyebrows.

-Well I don’t know how to tell you, but I’m fucking destroyed. My heart is just ashes and pure pain. I can said I died years ago if that helps your confusion.

-What do you mean by that?

Did he had that good of a life he doesn’t know…? Am I really that bad at living? Even the only thing everyone does…how in the world am I like this. I can’t even live right. So after all I’m that dumb. Maybe what I do know is for nothing… Maybe…just maybe, but for now… I have to continue what I started.

-So you really had a better life… I’m happy you don’t understand, but some day you’ll get it… till then I say, live your life before it’s too late.

I am dressed whit a dress… It’s a bit… weird but it’s better than those big royal ones. It’s easier to move, but still not easy enough. I think I found the reason I’m actually here.

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