The place where I belong

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Part 2: 4

I need to make a plan to steal the pearls, but I don’t really know what am I going to do whit them… for now I just need to find the place where he hides them. We are so close to the island… I think I am going to stay here… on the ship, that way I’ll have some time to find the pearls and get out of here whit one of those portals I think I can create. I just need a drop of my blood. That should be easy I guess. After I found the pearls I cut my finger and imagine the portal right in front of me and it’s going to appear… I hope so.

Tonight there is a celebration that the crew found the rose pearl… I have to go so I don’t look suspicious. It shouldn’t be that bad. It’s just some people, beer and music. Their music show. They’ll get drunk and fall asleep. Wait… that can mean one thing… I can do it today? No. It would be to obvious. I just need a way to find them… I saw the room he works in… the shelves whit loads of books, maps, candles, pictures. Maybe… in one of those boxes. Maybe he hid them in the desk or maybe he caries the pearls whit him. There is no way to find those like this. I really need time… I hope I will at least have a few hours before they come back to the ship.

I think and I think… till Blade enter the cabin where I stand. He looks so damn mad. What in the world happened. I do not want to be here… Lord have mercy. He punched the wall and I filched.


-Sorry… just angry.

-Well next time give me a warning! I almost had a heart attack idiot!

-What do you want me to do about that, huh?

-Maybe to shut up, you know, but the question is, why is you mad?

-You didn’t found out yet?

-What? Is it bad?

-For me… yes, for you, not necessarily.

-Just spit it out already! A tear falls down his cheek and he took a deep breath before starting to talk again.

-My father… was found dead…in the bar.

The men I killed…was his father? I feel bad, but good at the same time. He doesn’t need to know.

-I need to find the one who killed him… I need to get my revenge… He told me trough tears. I want to hug him…. But there is a problem… I am the one who he wants to revenge on. I fucked up. How am I going to get out of here alive and without any scar. Oh Lord…

-I don’t really know what to say in this case… but so you need a hug? I asked not knowing what to do. He nodded and I stretched my arms out. He hugged me tight, I can’t breathe anymore. Fuck he cries now, pain in my ass. I hate this kind of moments… hugs… ew.

He doesn’t want to let go… but I want to live…

-I … can’t… breathe… I squirm almost losing my breath.

-Upss… sorry. I just…umm.

-It’s fine just don’t kill me whit that hug okay? I say whit a cold voice. He laughs a little another tear running down his cheek. Oh God… I killed his dad because I needed to do what I had to do… I can’t just say sorry and leave like nothing ever happened, I killed someone and by a coincidence that someone was the father of the future pirate Lord… I can say I’m dead if they find out what I did and who the fuck I actually am. I need to play it cool… to pretend I’m damaged by these “horrible” news. Devastating indeed! I laugh in my head.

-You’re gonna find them… I’m sure you will…you will have your revenge, I don’t doubt that. I said almost loosing my own words.

-Thank you… maybe, you could go whit me tomorrow at the meeting whit the one who rules there…

-There’s no need.. I don’t think I’ll help whit anything maybe just another bother so… I can stay here, maybe take a break..

-Maybe… you really worked hard the last days… I guess you can stay here, some day you’ll meet all this people so it doesn’t really matters right now.

Well this was easier than I expected.. I didn’t expect for him to be this… trust giver. I don’t know how to handle all of this anymore. That trust will be broken soon enough.

-I think I’ll go now, I have something to do whit those pearls before landing. I’m in the library if you need anything.

He just said the place where the pearls are… now he plays dumb and thinks I can’t do anything… well it’s not my mistake. I have to go in that library tomorrow and find the pearls then I’m literally FLYING out of here.


It’s the middle of the night and the music still didn’t stop. They need to work tomorrow. It’s 3 am in the morning. The lyrics are in my head.

The seaaaa oh the seaaa.

I just want to sleep tonight that’s all. Nothing more than that. The music finally stops… FINALLY! I close my eyes and I…


I closed my eyes falling asleep. I woke up early to see them before they leave and then the plan begins. I ran to the library, the place where probably he hid the pearls, I have the dagger whit me, I take the pearls and I go, nothing more.

And … it’s looked, what did I expected to happen… of course he looked the place where he hides precious things. Uhhh why, why do I need to do this. Especially by myself. Couldn’t I get a partner in crime or something, an assassin to help me. Anything that’s not some cute innocent boy? I need a villain, but not a good villain… I don’t know if that is even a thing. A good villain is not something that exists. Maybe in another life, but not here. I am human… or whatever people from this place, some fairytale characters, I don’t know? Something like that. I kind of hate it here, I hate this place whit passion. So dramatic. Perfect for me right?

I will blast the door open. It worked, the desk is full of papers but there is a box that catches my attention. It’s little, perfect for those pearls… I go and open the box seeing the pearls. Pretty, I close back the box putting it in my backpack the next minute. I take the dagger out… cut the inside of my palm and the blood starts running down my arm and falling on the floor. A green portal appears the next second, this was easy as fuck. I step in the portal, the gate that will take me to another strange place and I will not know what’s waiting for me there. A light is eating me alive absorbing me to another dimension. I’m falling. I look at the ground seeing a grass field and sunflowers. The grass seems taller by the second I fall to the ground, hoping to be still alive and don’t have any break bone when I touch the ground… I collapse again, so funny. 3…2…1…

-Ouch… It didn’t hurt that bad, but still hurts, none broken bone, not even one, is that humanely possible? Wait I’m not human… but that’s not the point now.. Where the fuck am I?

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