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Part 3: 1

You know that moment when you hate someone so much that you can’t even ignore it and everyone thinks you love that someone whit all of your hear? Yea… that’s just acting, inside you that little voice tells you to just end their days and forget about their existence.

When I was a kid I wanted to be the hero of the story, the one who saves everyone and sacrifice themselves, I can’t say if I had the chance to die I wouldn’t hesitate, not even for money. The hero who needs to save the day is now the villain of their own story, funny I ended up like this right?? Hero when the sun is on the sky, villain when the darkness rules. The servant of the moon. I kind of enjoy tracking myself, all the evidence are never going to lead to me. I am the boss here and there is no chance to be caught by these incompetent nights I have to handle all day along. There is no such a thing as brains if you ask them. I am working to catch myself and I have some dumb coworkers who I need to give tasks and money every damn week, could it be worse than this? Maybe but for now… this is all I can do. Work to catch a villain who pretends to be a hero..

Today I have to go and give the queen who is my mothers sister the clues I placed there, no finger prints or anything else that could lead them to me. I hate these days… when I need to present some fake evidence. I need to explain HOW I can prove there is nothing to find the villain aka me. I barely can hold my laughs. It is hilarious how stupid they all are.

I am on my way there… at the light castle. The place that scares me just a little, just a little. My heart just stops for a second when I enter those big shinny doors, but first let me just explain how I got here in the first place…

After I landed on the ground someone found me, one of those stupid nights… He wanted to kill me because he did not know me, which is true, I almost became insane for a second, but I stood calmly explaining why and who I am. First he throw me in front of the queen and then in a room for the ones who are thiefs, murderers or who committed any type of crime, if they only knew. After they became to trust me and at one point they gave me a job to find some villain, at first I thought it was some stupid one, but when I realized it was me, I almost laughed.

“How can you catch yourself?” I wish I could say that, but that’s not the point. It’s been years from when I stole the pearls and I killed that pirate lord… I didn’t find anything new, but I’m working on that when I’m not investigating. For now, I’m to busy for that, I wish I wasn’t and honestly I wish I had another choice, if I could I would’ve stayed whit the pirates there,, on the sea, no problem for me… but at some point I would’ve break and they would know I lied. All my life I lived in lies. Can’t go back. Not anymore and I have to live whit all of this… bullshit.

As I might said before, I am on my way to the castle… The sky is dark, probably a storm is about to start which might slow us down… I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. It depends on how strong the storm will be. I see the guard looking at the sky rising an eyebrow.

-Is there something wrong, cadet Rymhson? I asked whit authority.

-I don’t know yet, captain.

-It’s about the storm isn’t it?

-It just seems weird… I know it’s just a storm, but something feels… changed, new? Suspicious.

-Oh jeez, don’t need to be scared of a little storm, I trained you better than this cadet. Scared of a storm, are you?

-No… captain Aelin. He said concerning about what I just said for some reason. It’s got be just a little innocent rain, but what he just said… it makes a bit… just a bit of logic. It really seems weird… but maybe I’m just over-reacting. I hope so.

It’s been half an hour and the sky is getting darker and darker by second… and now it just doesn’t seems…normal? I hope whit all my heart I’m wrong. Little rain drops fall from the sky touching the wheel, the windows and Rymhson’s body… He looks sick. What in the world?

-Rymhson? Are you okay? You seem like you’re sick..

He disagree turning his face in my direction. Green skin, white eyes, his mouth is almost impossible to be seen. This is not the zombie apocalypse. Is it? I take my sword pointing at his neck.

-Get. Back, cadet. I demanded towards him. He just showed his teeth coming closer to me, I do not want to touch this beast.

-Do not make me kill you, Rymhson.. I say whit a cold voice. I really don’t want to kill him, he is a good person and believe me when I say a human being is good, I mean it. I don’t say it all the time, but when I do, I do and that’s the end of the story. He just barks like a dog or something. I am in danger I guess. I kill people everyday so it shouldn’t be that hard to kill this one either. I’ll feel bad for a hour or two, but after I’ll be fine. I did this to many times to count anymore. I say one more time.

-One more chance, get back or I’ll kill you cadet, I’m not joking and if this is a stupid prank of yours you will be punished. Get the fuck back cadet. I yell at him.

-GGhrr. He does that annoying sound and I cut his neck open.

-Sorry cadet, but your job here is over. Rest in peace. Your name is going to be forgot anyway. Your corpse will rot and your heart will belong to one of those places haven or hell. You see what you get. Good luck! I say slightly laughing looking at the sky and then at the ground. Hmm.

I got to stay under this roof till the storm stops. Wow, so entertaining. I wonder what am I going to do after, what am I going to say, I ain’t saying I killed one of my team members, uh-huh. I am going to say that:

` The rain has some toxic substances and it got him, I was under the my jacket so my skin wasn’t damaged. Rymhson transformed into some zombie.., or whatever that was. I am not going to repair all of this mess, someone else can take this responsibility, just it’s not going to be me… If the world will end like this I will not mind it, at least it’s not going to be my fault. For once.

The rain is slowly stopping. I don’t have anything to cover myself whit so I really need to stay here in this little space. Stupid rain working whit karma. That is what’s happening. All I need right now is some red wine. I am about to explode. I hate it here. I am that kind of person who wants to end the world but is to controlled by the society, that is exactly my whole life. When I’m going to have a chance I really will do it without hesitation. All I need is time and some knowledge, but I can’t have that now. I’m not a kid anymore , I lost all that magic I thought I had. I don’t even think I ever had something special , I’m just a normal human being.

Finally the rain stops completely. I get out of this destroyed vehicle. The horses are barely breathing so I got to use my feet if I want to get to the palace which isn’t that pleasant, I have to walk 167 km till there and it’s going to take me at least 3 to 4 days. Long road for what? To announce that one person is dead and that I didn’t find anything about the killer. It would be just a waste of my time. I don’t have the nerves at this moment. What if I just leave? No one will bother, after they find out what the rain does. They will think I’m dead hopefully. That’s my assumption about all of this dying mess.

-What a rainy day.

I hear a deep voice behind me. What in the world. Where do they all come from exactly when I have no time for conversations. As I said multiple times… WASTE OF TIME.

-I have my own eyes to see that, you don’t need to remind me. I affirmed.

-I know, I just wanted to start a conversation you know. The man responded.

-Well I don’t have time for that.

-Oh come on, you look so lonely! Don’t you want a friend to keep you company?

-I don’t have friends and I don’t need FRIENDS.

-Hmm… if not friends then maybe something more?

-You can continue to dream, now go away.

-Mh, I’ve never met someone so stubborn. Especially not a lady like you.

-I may look like a lady, but I can kill you right in this moment so I suggest you to leave me alone.

-Oh no, no, no, I think you took me wrong. Who told you I’m weak? How do you know I’m not a criminal, how do you know I’m not the criminal the queen wants to find?

I laugh silently, but enough for him to hear me.

-Who are you laughing at? He asked me confused.

-You, of course. If you we’re the criminal, you would defiantly wouldn’t joke about it. Second of all, how do you know I am not that murderer?

I laugh again shameless.

-You seem like the hero of the story, you don’t look like a killer.

-Oh, we aren’t in a story here. This is real life and you seem pretty st-.

-Stunning? Well thank-.

-Stupid. You didn’t let me finish. You are pretty stupid to believe what stories said.

-Some are true, some aren’t.

-How do you know which is which?

-I just like to guess.

-Again, you either like danger or you don’t have a brain.

-I just like danger.


-What? Are you at loss of words? Where did your voice go?

-Asshole. Don’t follow me.

-Why not? Scared?

-I’ll show you scared. I say taking my dagger out pointing at his chest feeling his heartbeat.

-Oh what’s this? So it’s true, they were right… you are insane.

-Devils daughter if you want to talk to me you better know that.

-Do you think your funny? I know her and believe me when I say, she’s not as pretty as you.

-Why are you so arrogantly annoying?

-Because I can and you look nice when you’re mad even if I just find out this, I might like seeing you like this. Mercy less. You know, we could work together very nicely if…

-We won’t, now fuck off.

I say putting my dagger back.

-See. We could actually end the world if we wanted.

Why “we”? I don’t want to but he is stubborn like my mother and I don’t like that.


-So that’s what your soul desires. You want to feel special don’t you?

-If I end the world is that kind of special then yes, nothing else.

-I could… help you more than that.

-No. Now go away.

He is not going away is he? He is going to follow me till I break.

-Nah… I think I’ll come whit you. So where are you heading?

-None of your business. I told you to-

-Go away. I know, but you can’t tell me what to do, so where do you want to go?

-Uhh. Wherever you are not.

-I am everywhere.

-You know what, you can come whit me if you shut your mouth.

-Told you, you will break.

-I didn’t, you are just insanely annoying.

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