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part 3: 2


The man followed me, but still talked about the most stupid things and I had to ignore him for at least 3 hours for him to realize I am annoyed.

-Oh come on, talk, no one is stopping you.

-Can you shut the fuck up already?


-Ugh. Look, I don’t have time for your bullshit, okay?

-Why? Little one has work to do?

-First: I am NOT little! Second: that’s not your business.

-Oh come on! I’m not going to kill you if you tell me and I am sure I don’t bite… unless?

-Shut up!

-Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey-

He continues to annoy me? Little shit! I swear I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t stop. I take a deep breath trying to calm my anger down, but… it doesn’t works as planed. I punch him and break his nose. That felt good. He bleed from his nose crying to me about:

-Ouch! How could you do that? I just…. talked.

-It’s just a little blood! I say.

-A little blood!?! You just broke my nose.

-Yea, yea, I bleed 7 days a week every month too. And that nose is going to heal eventually. I punched you because you are annoying me.

-Now I am going to stay silent.

-Finally! I sigh.

The silence finally came and my head stop hurting. I can hear my thoughts again clearly. I can think about what I am going to do next. Am I going to go straight at the palace and told everything that happened to the queen or… should I go whit this annoying stupid boy? Stupid boy be it. I rather be annoyed than thrown in a prison from where I am never going to come out.

-Sorry. I finally say.

-Hm? I didn’t hear you right?

-Are you joking?


-I said SORRY! Heard that one?

-Shh don’t scream!

-It’s not my fault you can’t hear me right.

-You aren’t wrong, but… you could’ve just repeat the sentence you know.

-Yea… that wasn’t my first thought…

- I can see that clearly, umm… what’s your name??


-Aelin, I’m uh…Malyin.

-Hm… You seem familiar. Do I know you? I can bet on my life I know you from somewhere.

-Don’t think so. He said a bit… scared? But why? This is so suspicious… I can’t beat the shit out of him now… “Aelin be gentle, have some patience.” . I repeat those words in my head like a prayer. I have a short temper… and that means, no patience for me. Hoping he is going to break and spill the tea out of him.

-There is almost no chance that you know me, you didn’t even know my name…

He spoke up after a few minutes.

-Maybe… but seems so… known.

This is getting out of hand and honestly… I have no idea about what should I do now. Maybe go to the forest and to the “Mermaid lake” ? No, it’s to dangerous. Especially this time of the year…

-Where should we go…? I mumble not realizing I was speaking out loud and that he heard my words.

-I kind of have an idea… but I’ll get you there if whit one condition.

-First tell me the place.

-I can’t, not yet, but you have to promise me something.

-I can’t guarantee anything. What is it?

-Give me your word that you aren’t going to run.

-Run? Why would I run from you?

-Just promise me that and I’ll take you whit me at that place.

-I promise. I say rolling my eyes.

-Just… follow me.

-You can’t just tell me where are we going, can you?

He shakes his head into a ’no‘. Of course he can’t I’m a total stranger he just met. It would be stupid of him to trust me instantly. I kind of find it funny, I mean this boy or man or whatever he is, it’s easy to play whit. Can be manipulated easily. Not this time Aelin, not this one, let the humans be happy for once. Should I? Maybe.


He walked for hours in front of me. The sun is almost gone so I guess we need to find a place to sleep.

-Malyin? Shouldn’t we find a place to sleep? I asked confused seeing he didn’t stop and it’s middle of the night, seems like he doesn’t realize what hour it is.

-Oh umm I didn’t realize it’s literally uhm night.

-I figured that out earlier than you did.

- I can see that clearly. I think we will go to the barn, it’s not too far away… and we should get there in a few minutes maybe hours…?

-Boy… hours or minutes!?!?! There is a big difference between those two and I ain’t walking all night.


-Oh shut up already, you need sleep too.

-Are some kind of princess. Just those need the sleep for beauty is it?

And now the flashbacks from my past come back like a storm. Jerk, but he doesn’t know and he’ll never will.

-Do I look like a princess to you? Especially a spoiled one?

-Honestly yes, you have that perfect face and body all of them have. And the attitude.

-Really? Are you kidding me if I act like a princess than you act like a frog. Idiot.

-Why are you so offended? Isn’t that meant to be a compliment? Don’t girls want to be princesses or something?

-You fucking dumb shit! No, do you even know what that means? I can already tell how stupid you can be.

-Woah! Calm down. I understand you want to be one of the badass ones, there are not a lot of them, but they exist.

-You pissed me off so it’s practically not my fault “Mr. I know everything”.

-You can’t deny the fact I’m right, can you?

-Oh shut up already!

-Yea I can do whatever I want. I thought you aren’t meant to be here. As the laws said once “Woman belong in the kitchen and men at war”.

-Did you really forget where the knifes are? Hm? To bold for you to assume I’m going to follow those “rules”?

-Uuu bold! Hm, why would you ever threatened me?

-Because I can and you can’t stop me.

- Oh jeez I bet that you would kill me just for breathing the wrong way…

-You’re not wrong, not at all. I would kill you right now, but I still have honor and some respect.

-How nice of you.

-Don’t get comfy with that, cause it’s not something that will be done often, hm.

I pout being annoyed. Bold of him to assume he can give me orders. He thinks he’s some god or something that’s superior to everyone he ever met.

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