The place where I belong

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This people are so nice and welcoming.They are so nice to me.Little fairy’s are always flying in my sides.They are talking some kind of language that I’ve never heard of before and I still understand a little.The magical things are unlimitated ,at least that’s what I heard.They brought me to a little empty house where…I can live for the next few days till I’m comfortable whit the new …experience.The hours had passed faster then I expected.I eat something that’s deliciously good.The fairy said is a secret recipe.I asked her how did she do it and she said ~It’s a secret ~ said whit a fatted voice.


It’s been 2 days.I feel okay but a feeling it’s jumping in my head constantly.~Run.RUN!?!~my head is screaming.Why?Why would I run from this perfect place?I am finally home and now I’m screaming inside to run?????Am I that stupid?I’ll never do that.I put myself on the bed and slowly closing my eyes.I fell in a deep sleep and had a nightmare.It felt so real…it felt like a memory rather a simple dream.I woke up whit messed up hair,my neck was hurting and I barley could open my eyes.My ears are burning.The feeling is more intense then usually and I really felt like running away,but I could not,I’m not that dumb.

I continue my day like usual,ignoring the screams in my mind.~Run,now!Go away!Here it’s not safe!Run!Escape!~The voices won’t stop even if I give my life,they won’t.I feel like listening to them but I wont,I’ll just take my night walk and go to sleep,I always do that,every night.I take my jacket and put it on my shoulders.I feel warm,calm,but the voices,the voices,the voices are becoming loud,louder and louder.~Just run!You’re free!Run as far as you can!~ .My face feels like it’s fire now.I’m burning alive,but why?My thoughts stoped.Everything stoped,the time,my mind,I can’t even move,like someone is controlling me,stoping me from making a move.I don’t understand…What do they want from me?I am useless.No one would ever need me and I’m fine whit that.~R-ru-run!~The voice is fading away.

-Oh,oh,oh,what do we have here ?Isn’t that the princess?The fairyes queen daughter.Mh.I hear a woman’s voice in my ear.

-W-who?I finally can speak.I sighed and the woman continued.

-You don’t know who you are,don’t you?She asked.

-I-…I’m not from…here.I try to speak up.

-I recognize you,you just don’t know who you are.Why do think they throw you on earth?You are to precious to die.At least that’s what they think.They just think you’re usefull at something I still didn’t descoverd.

-W-what?I ask whit my voice trembling.

-You didn’t know?O shit!Sorry you had to found out like this,I wish m sister would tell you that,not me,but still,follow me please.

I do as I’m said to,I don’t try to fight the urge to walk on her side.I don’t want to be smashed whit one punch cause I can’t defense or fight.The woman was tall and looked bossy.She wares a mask so I don’t really distinct what her face looks like. Her hair is long and wavy.She just walks in front of me.She thinks she’s superior…What if I show her what I can do…oh,I cant do anything.My blood opens portal,nothing else is special.I feel useless and she says I’m usefull?For what?Following orders?

-I’m serious,what’s your real name,and don’t you dare tell me Searra.We both know it’s false.


-Speak!I don’t and that’s making her impatient and furious.

-I said,SPEAK!She repeats herself and puts a dagger beside my heart ready to strike.

-A-aAel-Aelin.I say my name scared and not doing any wrong move that could bring me death.

-That’s what I was talking about.She says whit a cold voice.I stay quiet for a while and then the urge to talk.

-Look,I don’t know anything about who I am,where we going or what the fuck I can do and I can’t do.I don’t know anything about myself so I don’t see why would you need me,honesly.Are you for real?I start speaking.

-Can you shut up?She says.

-Okay…I think.And I shut up like I’m said to,why do I follow orders constantly???

-I didn’t mean to actually get you shut your mouth,you don’t know anything about yourself but you need to find out if you want to survive,it’s not as safe as it looks.It’s not much different then your planet.The only thing different is here magic it’s always present,at least most of the time.

-I…huh?What do you mean by surviving?

-You don’t know that either?


-Your mother,my sister more exactly,is the most cruel person you’ll ever meet.Believe you don’t want know her,not even in your grave.Never.

-Why?What did she do?

-I’m warning you,you don’t wanna know.

-I do and I will.I say whit a little bit of confidence.

-If you say so.When she was born I was 6 years old…she had been a blessing for our parent’s.I was not.I was the weird big sister and the next to take the throne,that was all.

-I still don’t understand.

-Let me finish.She was everything our parents wanted.I was always left out.Still I needed to take the responsibility of the crown,till the age of 17 when my sister was 11…Just 11 and she still was just perfect.Perfect to be cruel and lead the country strictly how our parents want.I was always the one who’s making mistakes.She was doing everything like she should.Every single thing.The hate I carry for her and for my family is consuming me.I always wanted to be her,to be appreciated,but no,I’ve been the bad one…and I choosed to show them what evil is.I’m not a stranger to the dark.

-You think…that your sister is perfect and still hate her?

-I hate that she’s perfect and that she taked my throne,my crown,my right to lead,to be a queen that cares not like her.I would never kill innocent people .

-She does what?

-She kills whit smile on her face.Like a psychopath,that’s not all,there are more then that.It’s just the beginning .The rest you’ll find out soon enough.

-Kills??But my mother…could not be her,I don’t even look like her.

-No,you don’t look like her,you like like your father,the only thing you got from her is the magic you possess.Your father was killed as well by her whit poison.She played the victim and she won like she always does.

-Uh-huh?So your telling me she killed everyone she saw?

-Kinda.She replies to my question whit insecurity.

I think of that for sometime.I never knew that and what magic do I possed??I don’t even know what to say or do.The woman walks in front of me looking nervous and worried,like the voices in my mind are now in her’s.Oh seriously ?~Stay whit her!~The voices come back slowly.~Don’t run away!~they repeat.We are in a forest of flower’s and loads of huge colorful mushroom’s.They we’re glowing.Weird but perfect at the same time.Is the middle of the night so they bring light and we can see something in the darkness.The path we are walking on is broken and old but at least we know where we are going,I think so..

-Where are we going?I finally asked.

-Well Aelin,YOU are going to Misfoter and you don’t need to know where I’m going.


-Another country you have no chance to survive,but you’ll be protected by my cousin.Marinna.She’s the only one that’s not insane or evil.

-You look like you’re the villain.

-That’s what you see not what you know.Don’t ever judge me by my look’s,never.Believe me it’s not going to end good.Not at all.

-Okay,okay,you don’t need to yell or be mad about it.I try to defense myself and my life.My ears we’re burning again…something bad is about to happened,isn’t it?I ask myself.

I am tired of walking in silece and looking at her whit a confused face.I tried to imagine what name she could have or would be perfect for her.Yes,pretty silly but I’m bored and I don’t know what to de besides just following her.

-Do you have a name?????I ask in the end.



-What?Don’t you even try to ask.

-Why not?


She ignores me and said:

-We are gonna camp here I have two tents.Can you at least put yours up?

-I-I can.I lied ofcourse I can’t, I’ve never could but I can try for the hundred time or first.I grab the tent and trying to put it thogeter.I failed and I cant say I didn’t expect that.

After a few hours and I still didn’t put my tent up.The woman is looking at me for while now .

-Do you need help??She finally ask.


-Hand it over.She orders me.I do as I’m said and I sigh of relief.She makes the tent in less then 10 minutes.

-It wasn’t that hard,uh.How annoying can you be?she complains.

-I have no idea wanna find out?I can continue ~like this~ all night.I say wanting to stand up .

-Wanna fight now?I didn’t know you wanted to die today.She says to me.

-I don’t but you annoy me.

-Really ?You really wanna fight whit me right now.Go and sleep we have a long road tomorrow.I sigh and ho to my tent.It’s warm and there’s a blanket and a pillow.I put my head on it and I drown under the blanket.The darkness cloe my eyes slowly full of tiredness.

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