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I sleep peacefully till…5 am when she wakes me up for a ~good~ reson.More exactly to leave and go o some stupid city .Misfoter at the castle it is then.At that stupid cousin of her’s.Another day of walking till the breaking point.As yesterday the woman said I need to follow her if I want to live.Ofcourse I do as I’m said cause why not?Do I have a choice here?Nope,not even close to~have~.I try not to but I know how weak I am,I just can’t compete whit anyone.I don’t know what to do or what to say especially because I was blocked into a castle,a room,That’s my whole life in two words.I didn’t live if I can call it like that.It was a simple…job,a responsibility that I needed to do not for fun,but because I was told to.I hate it,but I don’t have a choice…

-Morning,morning,are you still asleep?She snaps and get out of my head.


-Come on why so sleepy?She complains.

-Are you joking ?You woke me up at 5 am !I had just 3 hours of sleep,idiot.I yell annoyed.

-It’s not my fault you stayed till 2 am to make a tent!That’s your fault.She says.

-How dare you!?!You didn’t help me at all and it’s still my fault?

-You said you can do it yourself!I didn’t know you’re that stupid.

-You don’t want to say something about me,I’m going to kill you don’t doubt about it.I say boldly.

-Hm.You don’t know how to fight and you’ll learn,but not here,not whit me,the queen will decide,now shut up and walk!she orders.


-What did you say?

-No.Do I really need to repeat myself?

-I’m gonna kill you!She says and puts a knife at my chest.Again.Is this suppose to be a game now?

-Oh come on.Is this suppose to scare me?

-Oh you got bold huh?This is the last time when I’m going to let you unpunished,but I swear I’ll kill you next time and I’m not joking !

-Yea sure .I roll my eyes.She ignores me and I would not really cared if she would kill me,honestly I’ll be laughing at her.A moment no one would forget.Not even my stupid ashes that no one will find and I’m proud of that and I hope it will be like that.

Hours pass by ,I’m silent and I walk even if my feet hurt like hell.I can’t stop.She’s still upset or something cause she does not talk.She just plays whit that damn knife like it’s a children’s toy and that annoyes me so damn much.It’s just extremely annoying.I wouldn’t hate her but she gives me a reason to and I just can’t refuse.I thought she’s not that bad,I was wrong,again and I hate that I’m so…naïve,that happened twice in 3 days.I’m done whit trusting people.Done.Forever.

-We are almost there.She says grumpy.

-What?I didn’t hear you clear.

-We are almost there.Almost in the city.Get it now?

-Oh ,yes.Sorry.

She rolls her eyes and continues to make steps in front of me.I hate when she is like this.Acting so bossy is not going to make me less moody.We don’t have very much till we get to the main city at least that’s what she said and even if I don’t want to trust or believe her I still kinda do.The voice in my head is talking about something and I don’t understand a thing.~Prince,castle,run,stay here,don’t.~What is that suppose to mean??I’m serious about it and I try to put it in the right order but it seems impossible.I take a deep breath when the woman says:

-I need your blood.


-Just give me at least a drop of your blood.Are you deaf?

-No…but why?Why do you need MY blood?

-Silly…we don’t have time for this,come on,I’ll explain after we pass by.


-We don’t have all day.She says angry.I take a dagger and cut a little bit of my palm,another scratch.The blood is running down my finger and then touches the ground.Here it is another another portal,a door to a city I had never seen.I wish I knew what I was doing.I just walk through the portal and I close my eyes.When I open them loads of people are running left and right whit an insanely speed…

All these colors…blue,pink,purple,light green.It feels like a anniversary.A moment of joy passing by.That’s exactly what I needed.The woman pushes me to go forward whit her.I just admire the city.The people are happy and joyfull and I’ve never seen human beings in such a…good mood.

We passed shop’s ,motels,rustic buildings ,big or smller houses and lots of gardens.All of this seems a big garden .The music is in pure harmony.It’s kinda…suspicious and I think I know it,but at the same time I don’t .It’s extreamly confusing and I’m the only one who seems to hear it.It can’t happened ,not again.I try to convince myself I’m not hallucinating .I want to palm face myself right now.~Someone help!~I hear from a corner and I panick.

-Why are you so scared?You seem disturbed.


-You don’t know how to lie don’t you?

-I didn’t lie.

-Again,you don’t know how to lie.At least be honest,what the f__ is wrong?

-I said nothing!

-What you say is not always what you actually think or want so spit it out.

-I am more then fine.

-You’re so stubborn!

-What if I am ?Do you have a problem whit that.

-In fact,yes I have a problem.Do you mind it or something?She confronts me.

I take a deep breathe trying to calm myself ,but I fail ready to blow up like dynamite.3…2…1.

-SHUT UP!I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR COMPLAINS!!I hope I make myself clear cause I am not going to repeat myself.I snap and explode.

-Woah you can be mad?????She teases me.

-DON’T TRY ME!I yell.

-CALM DOWN!She yells back at me.

-You calm down!

-You started all of this I just defense.She says to me .


I stop talking and everyone stoped listening a long time ago anyway.So what’s the matter now?Does it matter what I say anymore?I ask myself a million questions ,but no one answers them.It’s just a empty space.An empty brain that’s mine or not.I feel like a dog.I feel like they own me.I just don’t want to feel like this anymore.Can’t I just jump of a tower a building or something.No one can save me from myself right?No one can save me from my destiny so why shoul I try?


It’s been half an hour.We are so close to the palace and it looks majestic.The light blue and the black are complementing each other.The castle is huge!

-We’re here!At the Moonlight family castle.You are going to stay here for sometime and hope you’ll be nice.

-You just said that?It sound like you just said to the devil to be good.I think you’re just stupid.

-Good joke.She affirmed.

-I’m very serious about it.I I settled the point in this discussion.

-As you say,MYLADY.She says jokingly starting to laugh.

-Don’t joke like that!I am a normal person!I am not some aristocrat princess or queen!

-You are joking right now?Is that so?

-I’m not joking!How many times do I need to tell you ?I am extremely serious.

-Yea sure…

An old man comes to welcome us . He goes in front of us asking to follow him to the throne room.The servants are running left and right trying to do they’re job’s. Candles all over the place lighting the hall’s . We stay in front of a golden door that opens ahead us.We pass and I see the throne .It’s tall,slim and made whit plants,obsidian and crystal’s .The queen is beautiful.She stays on her sit whit the head up and the superiority is a part of her.Her black hair is so…impressive.The long red dress is perfect for her body.

-Your majesty !The servant says and the queen nods.

-Marette!You’re here!She affirms getting up and what?Marette?Is that her name?I am sure she’s going to say something about me soon enough…

-And who is that?She points in my direction whit a curious expression.

-Oh,well this is my sister’s daughter that was thrown on that stupid planet.Earth?

- I thought she died a long time ago?Me?Died?That’s what she did for them not to find me?That is so cruel??

-Surprise,surprise!I’m back from the dead!Isn’t that exiting ?I say pretending to have energy that I don’t .

- Oh.How much energy does she have?The queen exclaims.

- Don’t worry she does not.She just likes to lie. That’s all.

-Oh come on!You can’t be serious!I jump from the lies I’m spreading .

-See.Marette said jokingly .The queen brusted into tears hugging me tight.

-What the he__!I say trying to breathe.

-Sorry.The queen apologized to me?- I didn’t see you for to much and….

-It’s fine.I stop her.

-I need to go on the ~mission~ tomorrow.I am leaving in the morning.Marette affirms.

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