The place where I belong

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The queen was nice and friendly and she gave me lots of food and space to stay in.A part of the castle is all mine.She’s so generous but why?? I am not treaded like this everyday and I don’t lie when say I like it. The clothes are so many I can’t even choose what to ware. I really feel like a aristocrat right in this moment.

Marette leaved early. At 5 am , at least that’s what I understand. She is such a MORNING person. I woke up at 11 am! That’s literally impossible. Maybe I am important, but still.

I was left on this wing of the castle to rest, but I’m tired or resting. It’s just to much. The crown on my head is now on a desk. I paint the last few days cause I have nothing, NOTHING to do. I ate the best food in my whole life. There is no guard to keep me ~safe~. On earth there was at least three of them. I was so annoyed and that’s not a good thing when you’re a ~princess~, but I wasn’t , not a princess for them, I never was and I’ll never be. They say it’s such a BLESSING ,I rather name it a curse.The monster inside of me is still hiding from the outsiders.The people that don’t even deserve to breathe. How damaging that is! Loss of air. I feel like going o a nice walk today. Who knows maybe I’ll do something better than staying at a desk, painting and drinking some tea like the lady I’m not and it’s pretty obvious that I look like a serial killer.

I take a robe and put it on.The warm feeling is shivering on my back.Ah. It’s a good day to be mad… and annoy someone. If is someone is going for a walk at this time of the day. Everyone has something to do but me . Sounds fine by me . I get out of the castle going straight to the garden in the back. I rather call it a whole botanic park . All this is just to much to think about at this moment.

I just walk around and I feel like a ghost till… I see someone coming in my direction whit a sweet smile on the face .A tall boy whit welcoming vibes.

-And who are you suppose to be? I ask .

-Oh, so my mother did not mentioned me. The boy affirms shocked .

-Your mother? I am confused and he starts to laugh. Why does this happends every fucking time I meet someone?

-The queen, mylady .I am Oliver Moonlight as you do not know . He said kissing my hand . At least he’s not a jerk, not yet.

-Huh? You have to be joking right?

-No. Why would I joke about me being her son?

-To impress me. I know it sounds weird ,but they all tried this old tactic.

-Mhaha, now who are you more exactly?

-Long story. I say.

-Well you hae enough time to tell it.


-Why are you so quiet???

-None of your business.

-Well it is, kinda.

-No, it’s not. I try to make him stop teasing me.

-As you wish , then I guess I can go walk alone.


-What? Do you need anything ?

-Yes , company .

-There is no point of walking whit someone without talking.

-You know… you seem manipulatve and I do not love it.

-And you look moody .I don’t love that either. Come on ,have some fun , talk and laugh whit someone. You cant stay grumpy all your life.

-Watch me. I can do more then you know.

-Really? Prove it. He challenges me and I ignore this stupid request of his.He notice and teases me again.

-You can’t.

-I can.

-Prove it.


-Yes,pretty please.

-Not even a chace.


-Now you are begging for what?

-A demonstration of what you ~can do~.You say you can, but don’t want to prove it?

-Yes , do you have a problem with that?

-Maybe, maybe not. It depends on… I have no idea.

- I can not resolve your problems so I do not to hear them.

-But it wouldn’t be so nice if you are not going to help me.

-I am going say it once.

-What ?

-I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT, you are not the only one whit problems here.

- I know that’s why we could… help eachother?

-I think you are joking.

-I am not, mylady.

-You really are doing it right now? ~Mylady~?

-I do not know your name -…



-Why? It’s only my name…?

-You seem familiar. I think I saw or heard of you before. I am so confused.

-I don’t think so.

-You know what I’m talking about don’t you??He asks knowing I hide something, more exactly the fact that I am not familiar whit this place.


-You do, lost princess.

-W- what?

-My mother told me a little about you and she was right, you really are pretty.

-Thanks?I guess.

I am purely done. I just wanted to go for a walk and now I’m 2 seconds apart a question I can’t answer and I don’t like it.

-What about me telling you my story and then you tell me your story?

-No thanks.

-Why not? Sounds fair to me.

-Exactly. For you ,but for me sounds horrible. I do not like to talk about my past. What is in past it remains there end of the story.

-Fine. Then tell me anything about you .

-Hm I get annoyed easily by stupid questions and people like you.

-That was not nice to say. Aren’t you a princess or something?

-No I am not a princess, I am who I want to be ,now leave me alone.


-Cause I said so.I say and he pushes my buttons.Not going to end well.

-Nah you can’t give me orders. I am the prince, the future king so...

-What? Do I look like I care?

- I am not surprised you don’t have any friends.Oh this is the limit, now he maked me mad.. I have a shoe and a knife, I don’t know why did I would take a dagger so.Anyway I take the dagger almost strikeing through his chest.

-Oh what is this supposed to be?

-Divine violence. I say while glaring at him.


And that’s one of the reasons I hate people. They like to ~play~ games whit me and I am not playing and when they realize it is to late to leave without me trying to take my revenge and it’s not just a normal revenge,it’s a bloody one. I did it once or twice and I am not afraid to do it again. I said the past remains there but the memories are always whit me even if no one cares or notice I hurt. I’m screaming for help that no one is going to give me. I wanted to be free and I am but not as I want. Free is when I am going to be alone and I will go everywhere I want without the need to ask for permission to some dumb, cruel nobles.

Honestly I could disappear right now whit some provisions for at least a week. What if... maybe I will, but first I need to clarify something.

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