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I probably be nicer, but who cares who’s this palace is. I can be however I want. Today one of the servants did announce me that today, TODAY! A ball is going to be organized in the honor of the little prince I almost killed yesterday cause he is looking for a suitable wife. HOW ROMANTIC. I hate this kind of parties, they are just… torture!

I am not sure if I should go or not, but I couldn’t miss the chance to make the prince embarrassed in front of his future wife and that’s sounds dramatic. Fun! That’s the only reason I will show up at the ball.

The dress I will ware is… hm, villainous? A black elegant dress. I look extremely good in this dress and it seems the perfect one when I want to cause drama. Ah this is going to be epic and I kinda like to cause problem after all. When I was a kid I thought is not funny, but now… now… it’s epic. I can’t just admit it. I need to make it… interesting and this ball is the perfect opportunity for me to shine.


It’s been 5 hours. It’s almost 8 pm the hour I will show up exactly in time… but there are chances I will end up being late like always. I put the dress on and I walk silently on the halls.

The door is opening slowly letting me have a dramatic entering. All the eyes are on me, perfect. The prince is talking whit one of the princesses that had come to this useless party. I look perfect. I go straight to the place where the prince talks whit one of the girls. He is having a good time and he’s about to die of embarrassment. I am there and I say.

-You’re the one who flirted whit me right? I say smirking.

-W- what? The girl said confused.

-N- no. I think you might get the wrong person. The prince says in his defense.

-Oliver Moonlight, right?

-Y- yes.

-Then you’re not the wrong person darling. I say winking.

-This is inappropriate! The princess said.

-It wasn’t inappropriate yesterday, right Oliver? I tease him and I know I am destroying the atmosphere here.

-There was nothing yesterday, I am sorry Sarr for the interruption.

-No no no… why are you a jerk Oli? I say. I want to laugh right now so bad! This is so funny.

-I am not a jerk. Now go away I am having a conversation whit lady Sarr.

-Oh come on dear, don’t be so rude in front of her. See you just showed her your true colors. The pity in my voice is so credible.

-I am gonna leave… Sarr says and then leaves disappointed.

-This is all your fault. Oliver says mad.

-I hope so. I say looking at him whit an evil smile on my face.

-You are such a bitch! He says to loud and the whole room heard him. He fucked up. This is getting better and better. His mom gives him a death glare and I pretend to be offended. The guest are gasping and are so confused. Oh my…

-Why..?How?I-.. Fake tears start to come out of my eyes. All I want to do is laugh and I cant hold it anymore so I start crying. I am going to die after this.

- I didn’t meant to… His mother stops him from talking and she is extremely mad at him.

-Oliver you have 5 seconds to explain.

-I didn’t do anyth-.

-The whole room heard you, at least say sorry. Go! His mother snaps walking to where I stand whit tears falling down. She says sorry and walks me out of the room.

- I am truly sorry for what he said… he should act like a prince not like a jerk. I am going to have a ~talk~ whit him later and the ball will be over when I go back after I let you to your room to rest, if you need any food you can ask Alec. I nodded appreciating the effort she offers me. I like this.

-It’s fine… I am ok, maybe he was just mad or something, there is no need to make this a big deal. I say befor closing the door of my bedroom.

-We’ll see about that. She says and I close the door. I wait for 5 minutes to be sure she’s gone and after I know it I start laughing almost losing my breath and I go to take a hot bubble bath. I didn’t laugh this hard for so long. I said it’s fine to make things worst cause why not. He is going to… hmm… learn a lesson.


The sleep I got last night was… perfect. I had the most beautiful dream and I really woke up early today. Maybe I will cause more trouble from now on. I dress up in a dark blue dress and I let my hair free.

Everyone is looking at me as always and after yesterday well… I am going to be pretty popular.

-Uh… my lady would you like to go and eat whit the royal family this morning? One of the servants asks


- Follow me please. I do as he said and I we walk into a big room whit a long table. The prince and the queen look at me. I act… not okay? The prince chokes whit the wine and I say.

-Good morning. Oliver stays quiet and the queen just nods. I take a seat and I start eating my food. Most of the time Oliver was looking at me and after everyone stopped eating the prince said while walking out of the room where his mother was talking whit one of the servants about something.

-What you did wasn’t nice. He whispered.

-Oh why? Your scared now. Did your mommy gave you a lesson? I say quietly.

-Mhmh. He mumbled laughing a bit.

-What’s so funny? I ask.

-You don’t know? Didn’t they tell you?


- The apology is that you will be my queen.


-You heard me. You didn’t think everything will work like you planned? This can’t happen, no this wasn’t the plan! I… no… come on tell me he is joking.

-That doesn’t sounds right… I whisper.

-Hm. That’s what I thought yesterday when you had your little scene.

-I would do it again.

-Nah you will not.

- What if I will? You are going to put the blame on me?


-You can’t, you are to mad in those moments to say anything.

-So that’s what you think hun.

-Don’t call me that.

-Why not we will be married in less then a week and after yesterday “darling”?

-Oh I will not stay here letting you take advantage of that, not even a chace. Anyway I will not stay here forever did you forget?

-Oh about that my mother wrote a letter to Marette and she is not coming back for you anymore.

-You’re evil.

-Me? You did it whit your own hand.

- I didn’t plan this.

-Of course you didn’t and that’s pretty funny, mylady.


-You want to be called otherwise?

-No thanks.

-That’s what I tought.

-But remember, just because we will be married does not mean I won’t kill you if you make me mad.

-You are already so what’s the point, you can kill me right now if that makes you happy, it would be good cause I won’t need to stand you anymore

-Am I that bad? I say whit a sad face and this time I mean it remembering my past.

-O come on you don’t need to act.

-I am not acting Oliver, don’t be a jerk and answer the question. I whisper.

-The princess is sad huh?

-Shut up, you know my name not my past you idiot.

-Really? You have enough time to tell me what is your past.

-Is not like it matters or something. I affirm.

-Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, it’s a mystery.

-You are such a tease… I sigh.

-Have a problem cause if you have one I think you are going to face it for the rest of your life.

-Not really cause you won’t act like that forever.

-What makes you so sure?

-The fact that you are not like this maybe?

-And how do you know that?

-It’s obvious.

-Maybe it isn’t. He tries to argue but I end it.

-No. You are to nice to be a jerk.

-Really? Wanna try me, huh?

-I don’t need to. I already know that.


-You’re an open book in my eyes.

-Really? A handsome book.

-You are so full of yourself. I roll my eyes.

-You didn’t deny it. Is that a yes? I don’t say anything.

-You have nothing to say? He said smirking.

-Surprise! I can shut up. I roll my eyes annoyed.

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