The place where I belong

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It’s been two days from the ~announcement~ and it’s settled. I will marry Oliver and I can’t say no after… the incident. It’s all his fault, he did call me… not something anyone would. He literally screamed it out loud and everyone heard it “by accident”. I kind of mad at him, but I don’t have a choice and I need to see his annoying, stupid face. In a few days I need to see that face often than usual and that sounds like a problem that needs to be take care of.

It’s 2 a.m. in the morning so I’m really supposed to walk around, especially not this late. I just wanted to clear my mind, in the middle of the night ’cause most of the time I am more… calm at this hour. Everyone is asleep so it’s pretty quiet, a perfect moment to think about life in general. I can admire the mood, the stars and the tall trees outside. This place seems so familiar, it’s like I’ve been here… in the past, but I never saw or knew about this planet so I don’t think this is even possible. I just stare at the sky till I hear some steps coming from the right hall. Who is walking this late besides me?

A body comes in my direction, but I can’t recognize it because the dark is making it hard to see. The body comes closer and closer… till I can see a face. Oliver’s face. Not again!

-What are you doing this late? I ask him raising my right eyebrow confused.

-I heard someone walking around like a zombie that seems to be you.

-You couldn’t just go back to sleep?

-No, besides what are you even doing out here?

-Thinking. I say starting to walk again whit him on my tracks.

-Can I accompany you? He asked quietly whit tiredness in his voice and half asleep.

-I rather not, but we both know you won’t leave anyway, am I right?

-Pretty much. He said silently laughing

-See that’s what I’m talking about. That’s why you didn’t need to ask.

A moment of silence passed by whit a floating flower passing by my head lightly. Weird.

-What are you thinking about? Oliver finally asked breaking the silence between us.

-Nothing important, just the plan of murdering you. I say laughing slightly.

-Really? When?

-After the wedding maybe.

-Well that’s not so nice, what about torturing me, if you would kill me they would catch you the next day.

-Not really, but that’s a good idea too.

I feel like I am not in my own body anymore and I hear a voice. She’s so calm and nice at night. I come back in my body and I freeze exactly where I’m standing amazed about the affirmation I just heard. What just happened? It was like… I felt something changing. Am I over-reacting? I am pretty sure something just happened.

-Is everything okay? The prince asked.

-Yes I just stopped to look at the stars.

-I didn’t know you’re so romantic. He said jokingly.

-I’m not, I just like to appreciate the surroundings, that’s all if you really are that curious.

-How surprising of you. He said whit a little smile on his face.

-What are you looking at? I ask noticing he’s looking at me for some weird reason.

-A star. At least he tried.

-You know you are not doing anything right?

-Yes I know that’s why I said that. I knew this would be your reaction. Avoiding looking at me.

-You’re not serious, are you?

-I am extremely serious. You know I am but you just like to deny it or act dumb.

-No I don’t. I try to get my way out of this conversation.

-See you always deny it.

I mean he’s not wrong after all but that’s for another day to discuss, preferably never if possible. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll die till that day, hopefully that’s what will happen. I’ve never liked this kind of “talks” if I could say that. It would be a waste of time anyway so it doesn’t really matters.

-Maybe I do. Having problems whit that? I asked him.


We stayed like statues looking at the stars that glow and bring light into the darkness.

-You should go to sleep. I say walking away to my room.

-I-….fine, good night. He said while I stay silent.

As I said, I go to my room jumping straightforward on the bed ready for a 2 hours nap or sleep, whatever.


I woke up dizzy like I was on my death bed which is not even possible. Maybe I’m sick. I cough realizing that I am actually sick. I don’t anyone will notice that I’m not present today. It’s just one day.

I stayed in bed all day unable to get up, to speak or to do anything else. I barely can move. I didn’t eat all day and I am thirsty. I need to get up, but the pain is to much.

I hear a knock on my door. I don’t say anything, but I try to mumble. Oliver enters seeing how bad I look.

-What the hell happened?

-Sick… I try to say and I coughing.

-Can I help? I come whit some tea and some cookies if that helps. Stay here.

He gets out of the room wanting to grab some cookies and tea? He wants to help? This is something I don’t see everyday. He comes back whit the tea , the cookies, honey and some medicine.

-Here . He hands me tray whit the food. I eat showing a lightly smile. After I am done he takes the tray putting it on one of the nightstands.

-Do you need anything else? He asked whit a nice tone.

-N-…I cough. No.

-Do you want me to leave?

-Do whatever you want… I try to speak.

- A yes or a no could’ve been enough.

-No. And …don’t… even try…to…-

-Make fun of you? Nah…

- I…hate… you…

I cough multiple times.

-Yeah, yeah, I hate you too.

-I… swear… I’ll kill you…after I recover…from this flue.

-You aren’t actually going to kill me and you know it.

-I… will… don’t…push…my…buttons…cause I …won’t hesitate…to…cut your…head off.

-For sure. Now rest. For the moment can’t do anything, not like this. You are sick and I need to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.

-You’re…so …damn…stupid.

-I am not the one stupid here, not right now.


-Shut up, don’t make me mad. It’s not the perfect moment.


-I know right?

I give him the ~puppy~ look and he says.

-You act like a sick child.


-Can you stop it?



-Am I annoying… the little prince…? I cough again.

-See. Do you want to lose your pretty voice?


-What? The sick “child” is blushing?

-No… I think…you are hallucinate….ing.

-I don’t think so….or? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

-You …are…

-Handsome? I know, right?

-No…not that… you really are… an…prime class…idiot.


-For …what?

-For the compliment.

-That…isn’t…a compl…iment…idiot…!

-For you!

-Dumb…prince…very…very…dumb. I roll my eyes coughing.

-Oh… so.. the next king is dumb…huh?

-Extremely… dumb…

-And his future queen is a little brat who likes to cause loads of trouble. I giggle a little bit but then I get my serious look back.

-Yes… and…you gotta deal…whit that…

-Unfortunately yes.

I throw a pillow in his face cause he’s a jerk and why not.

-What was that for?!

-For… being… mean.

-Don’t even get me started about who’s the mean one.

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