The place where I belong

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He took care of me for days and he teases constantly. I hate it because I just can’t take it forever. Tho… it’s not that bad. He doesn’t know it yet, but these three days I planed my escape and where I will go. I can’t stay here and I can’t marry someone I don’t even like as a friend. That would be to harsh for the both of us. I don’t want to kill him, I am not that evil, but if he stays in my way I won’t hesitate. If I need to do it, I will.

I start getting better and that’s good, as soon I’m healthy I’m getting out of here. I have all I need in a hidden backpack. I just need some wepons and I’m going…somewhere?

-Hungry? He asks.

-Mhm, but I can go…by myself, I’m not a kid you know. I say walking to the place where the food is. I eat some fruits, biscuits and more others kinds of food. He looks at me the whole time. I don’t really know what to do so I just mind my business.

-Why are you looking at me like that?

-Cause you’re pretty?

I roll my eyes and I stay quiet tired of all this never needed compliments. I never asked for any of this ~adventures~. Yes, I cause problems, but this never happen. Never. Now I have to stand against a wedding and an annoying prince? This isn’t paradise, this isn’t the freedom I need. This isn’t a life I want to live. I need to get out of here as soon as possible.


Another day has passed and I’m still here… in a palace where I’m stuck. My brain is going to break to the point where I’m going insane because of this. Today. I need to leave today and there is nothing that could stop me now, even if there is two more days till the wedding I am not going to attend or maybe I will, but not as a bride…but as a pretty girl who wanted to ruin everything. To put the whole world on fire.

I’ll wait till the sun will come down and I’ll leave when the dark will be my cover. I cannot be seen, I don’t want to be caught and just pushed to marry an idiot. He can be as handsome he wants to, that doesn’t change anything. It’s just a mask. His heart is paper and can be burned whit a single spark. Easy, maybe to easy and easy it’s boring.

I try to act normal and it seems like it works. I won’t be here tomorrow so why not scaring people a bit. I’ll write a letter.

I know you didn’t expect this. Kidnapping the future wife of your son? My queen… you know what you did and no one, no one could ever forgive you for that. You won’t find us and if you try to search for her… I’ll haunt you all down till the blood forms a river. About your son… he’s such a gentlemen I can say he’s going to cry or try to do something stupid like all men do for the love of their life. Try to find and save her? Don’t panic, the princess is in good hands.

Oh, she has a message, “Don’t ever push my buttons!” I don’t know what that means but she says you do know. Anyway… if you try to do anything stupid at least think before you act.


This letter… I am going to laugh but I can’t not right now. ~Love of his life~ this is just the perfect word. They really think this wouldn’t happen. Expect the unexpected that’s the lesson they will learn tomorrow or when they read this, when the queen reads it and the most scary thing is that the letter is written whit blood. They will think is mine but it’s just a little innocent mouse. It’s not that scary, but they don’t know that. I’ve never been terrified of death, but if I would been found now, oh Lord my life will better end fast I don’t want to be lectured or yelled at for what? For the life I want to live?

I am done whit the you’re „a princess need to submit to everyone” nah that’s not me. I just want to start again by myself and never talk to them again which will happen.


It’s time. It’s almost midnight and I have all I need packed and put in my bag. I dress in a coat , some pants and a shirt. I have a mask to cover a good part of my face, I don’t want to be recognized. Sure, I look like an assassin but who cares. Not me.

I get out of my bedroom in a deathly silence. The dark is like a friend who helps me to escape this living hell. My heartbeat accelerates like it’s the end of the world without any good reason. I barely can breathe and I feel someone following me. I turn around but no one is there and I think I’m just paranoid. I turn in front and my heart stops when Oliver is right in front of me wide eyes and an open mouth. He looks scared.

-Who-… who are… you?

-Really Oliver?

-Who are you?

-You know who I am, don’t play stupid now get out of my way.


-Move! I command him.

-Where are you planning to go?

-Hell most likely.

-You are not going anywhere! Not even in hell now stop and say who you are before-.. He says blocking my way.

- First of all you can’t tell me what to do or where to go so move before I kill you.


-Okay then, I warned you, you choose to your own fate. I say and he grabs my arm.

-Then go away.

-You are literally holding me you idiot.

-I have a better idea.


Whit that said I stab him in his left leg starting to run when he screamed. He did it. He wanted me to follow his rules when I make my own. I run, and I run, and I run, every step is one step closer to freedom. To the outside. I can hear the music in my head.

To the freedom we go,

Our brother takes all

The freedom we make

The way we escape.

The sea is our home

The village, the song.

The pirates song. The freedoms lyrics. I am outside and the moon is under the clouds. The wind is jumping around me and little rain drops wash my body.

-You are heartless!!!! I hear a scream coming from the castle.

-And you are naïve. I whisper know ing they can’t hear me, but I wish I could say that in their face. Maybe I am a lady, maybe I am wake, but I’m not dumb. I hope this makes it clear. He’s not going to die and it’s a little disappointing, but as I know him he won’t say anyhing or he’s not going to be listen to. He doesn’t even know that the masked person was me. The letter I let in my room will “clarify” the misunderstanding that happened today. If it is a misunderstanding, maybe it isn’t, maybe it is. No one knows but me.

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