The place where I belong

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Part 2: 1

They all say:

-It’s easy to be a lady, especially a princess. All of those expensive things and servants. You must be living the best life so why would you want to join us? The lord of the pirates asked me whit a cold and reckless voice.

-You do not know? I asked him.

-What should I know more then that?

-A princess has responsibilities that are most of the time hard or almost impossible to realize. I explain.

-So you’re telling me your life is a living hell. That’s what you mean, right?

-Maybe I do, maybe I do not, my past is not your business. I want to join you ’cause I want freedom.

-Well, that means you don’t know what you are doing. Freedom does not exist. We all have our little demons deep inside us. You better go and live your royal life. I’m warning you, this is dangerous for girls like you.

-So you assume I must be weak? Just because I’m a lady does not mean I’m so fragile.

-Prove your point. What can you do?

-This question will have an answer at the proper time.

-I can’t take you whit me and my team, maybe you’ll slow us down and I hate slow people as you already know.

-Give me a chance and I’ll prove what I can do.

-You must be crazy if you think is that easy. I can’t let anyone on my ship.

-Don’t take me as a fool. I am not stupid you know. Did I stutter when I mentioned about-.

-Your past? I really do not care, what I do care about is if you ever been on a ship before?

-I did not, but I’m a fast learner if that helps you whit anything.

-Oh lord. You are big risk to take, tell me what makes you want to be a pirate besides the “freedom” you think you’ll get, which is half truth.

-I want to help.

-Helping criminals doesn’t sounds good for your reputation princess.

-I am not a princess anymore so call me Aelin.

-Hm, you are very stubborn and you look like the type who would kill for fun. I don’t want those kind of people around me, besides you don’t even know how to properly use a dagger or a sword I guess.

-I assure you, I won’t kill anyone if I’m not disturbed or mad at someone and about how to use a sword. Who told you I do not know? I actually can, I’m not perfect at it for now, but if you want you can help and teach me.

-I have more important things to do then train a little girl.

-First of all, I recommend you to be respectful and choose your words carefully if you don’t want to mess whit me, second of all I am not a little girl, I can fight and I have all I need for this, I’m not here to beg you for a place on your ship, but I wouldn’t mind.

-What makes you think you’ll survive in the first place?

- I was born to survive don’t even try to doubt it. He lightly laughs.

-Do you hear what you’re saying? You clearly sound stupid.

-Maybe. Maybe your right, but maybe just maybe you’re wrong.

-Care for a drink? He asks me looking at the wine on the table.


-I didn’t think you-

-I honestly don’t care anymore so I can be extremely unpredictable.

-So basically you are done whit life. I don’t think so.

-I am, now give me that drink.

I demand and he gives me a cup whit red wine. I enjoy it little by little. Every sip is another step to the dizziness I already serve.

-So… deal? I ask referring at the “Can I join you?” discussion.

-What deal?

-Can I join your team, yes or no?

-Maybe. I need time to consider it, but till then you are going to meet the crew. I am not sure if I should trust you but they can handle any of your stupid plans, if you have something on your mind that could harm them.

-I don’t plan anything, I assure you.

-You assure me to many times and that makes you suspicious. Don’t you know how to say other words?

-Not right now, but that’s not what’s important right in this moment.

-Nothing is important. Everything is messed up, all this world is.

-The truth you speak is too much for right now. I don’t really want to question the sense of life, it’s just a waste of my time.

-A drink…and you are already dizzy? Oh lord, you really are fragile.

-Say that one more time and you’ll end up dead or very badly injured.

-My crew would probably hunt you down till your little world falls apart piece by piece. Believe me your life will get harder and harder by every second that passes. If I let you join the crew there will be very much… uncomfortable situations I you are not going to like, but you’ll have some friends who will protect you if you protect them at need, speaking which, did you ever had a friend?? You seem so lonely, but extremely desperate for attention and I guess you never get what normal people get and by that I mean, love. A normal family maybe.

-I never anyone who was truly my friend as the pretended to be. Maybe there was one that I probably hurt or did something for them to disappear like I was dead. They all leaved like I’m just a lost puppy. One of them cared or at least it seemed like he did. I prefer to believe it was all a lie or that he used me as a cure of his loneliness, I wouldn’t be surprised he was and is still a jerk. Yes maybe he was handsome and all of that… but the… the things he does and says are… cruel and rude.

-Who is ‘he’ ?

-The prince of Misfoter. Oliver Moonlight.

-How could that be possible, he acts nice and like a gentleman.

-He ACTS. He does it for a reputation and because his mother is… lecturing him about respect.

-Oh my, is he that BAD?

-Yes, I felt the words and the actions on my own skin. I was to naïve, but I kida took a bit of revenge , he should be fine unfortunately, there’s a chance, little innocent chance that he died.

-How eroic! He laughed slightly taking another sip from the wine bottle. I do the same and I feel like the world is just a dream. A nightmare that will end soon. The darkness is light and the light is darkness. The moon is the sun and the sun is the moon. Lies are truth and thrust are lies. Love is hate and hate is love. Messed up but logic. I fall into a deep sleep waking up in a dark room. All I can see are walls where a sentence is written whit blood I think. Every wall whit the same words.

Don’t tell them you can see.

Even the floor is painted. How do I do this? The captain knows, or maybe he…isn’t the captain. How do I get rid of him. I need to wake up and poison him or something. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

I open my eyes fast and a headache hits me. I don’t have any weapon at me, he took my dagger away from fear. I need to find something… fast. I found a rope… what if I hang him? No, that would woke him up. I need to find my dagger… where is it?

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