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Part 2: 2

I move around the room and my heart was beating so fast I think is going to run out of my chest letting me in agony. The man has his head on the table sleeping peacefully not knowing what’s going to happen to him. I found another dagger… I didn’t find mine, but I find this one, a sharp dagger. I want to kill him as fast as I can, but I need time to find the perfect spot that gives him no chance to survive. No one knows that I was here so… maybe is… an advantage on my part. Found it. I stab the man who screams lightly. Blood runs on his cold body.

-Don’t harm... them...please..

The last words he said where a single sentence.”Dont harm them” he refers at his crew is it? I can’t promise that, they harm me and i kill them, or maybe he was right...maybe I like people for fun, just maybe.

Now i need to find the ship and... look blind? How do i do that, i need a stick or something and some glasses, very black so my eyes can’t be seen. I still ask myself if that message should be or should not be followed. As I put myself hundreds of questions without any answers. I hope it wasn’t some pretty joke my deeper self. I really do not want to kill people for nothing. Oh wait, I think I just did that, did I? Killing a men because of a dream sounds like what criminal would do, which I probably am now, I stabbed the prince and I killed a pirate… sounds impossible if I would tell anyone, I look to “innocent” and I’m going to use that in my advantage. I could save the world, but what’s the fun in that? More fun is to look at the whole world burning to the ground like we never existed and another plus is that I’ll cause it.

I can’t be stopped anymore, but first I need to know what’s on that ship. I found a stick on my way to the biggest ship in history, named “Oceans tears” painful and majestic at the same time, no one ever goes there coming back, and if they do, they come without a tongue or actually dead, who doesn’t is a part of a crew which is rarely happening. They have high standards at least that’s what I suspect. The rest remains a secret till I found out.

I don’t know how will I even get on that ship without being seen by them. They’re very handy when it comes to fighting. I am not very good at it, but I’m not literally useless either. I could’ve come whit a plan earlier, I don’t have enough time for childish problems and plans right now, focus. Focus Aelin! FOCUS! Can I..? Maybe I can…do that, but what if I get caught. Am I going to risk my life for a stupid dream? I don’t have anything to lose do I? No I don’t so what’s the matter then Aelin? I talk in my head whit myself…pathetic. I’m pathetic, how can I kill someone and then not find a good plan to get on a simple ship. I can’t go there like I own the world, but I can’t stay here either.


It’s been 10 hours, almost midnight. I haven’t eaten in the last day… the huger is consuming me, but right now I have to get on that stupid ship. It can’t be that hard or maybe it can. I can’t be seen which means that I need to act like all of them. I start to walk whit my head up looking at the big ship in front of me. I go further and I see a man whit a sword in his hand. He looks at me whit suspicion. Do I really look like I’m a criminal? I play blind like the dream told me.

-HEY! The man said who apparently believed my acting.

-Me? I ask like I don’t know what’s around me.

-Yes, you, do you see anyone else here?

So he doesn’t know, yet.

-Umm… I can’t… I can’t see. I say nervously.

-What? Oh… well why are you even here then? Are you looking for something?

-Yea…umm what was the name…umm, a ship… “Ocean tears”? That’s the right name.

-So you want to find our ship?


-I am one of the crew members so tell me what do you need?

-I want to join if that’s alright.

-It’s not, first of all, if you want to join you can’t go back, if you’re a spy, you will be killed without a second thought. And besides, what can you do? You are blind, but let’s say I won’t care for that, so tell me, what can you actually do?

- I can fight, cook and I’m pretty good when it comes to artifacts.

-You can’t see… how is that even possible?

-That’s why I have hands, ears, a nose, feet. I got comfortable with this. I was trained by the royal guard.

-The royal guard? Now you really seem like a spy.

-I ran away… they tortured me… pushing me to kill people… innocent people.

I sob to make it real. I didn’t think this would work, but for now… it’s more than enough. How does this happened? How did I even get here? How in the world did end up alive?

-Shut it, your tears are not worth stupid royalty…

After those words he comes closer, taking my arm saying:

-I’m taking you whit us, you’re part of the crew now, but the rules are the same, there are more then those two but I’ll explain tomorrow. You need to rest and eat something, you look tired and extremely hungry.

-I am…

-I know, I’m going to take you to a room and you can stay there, I’m coming in the morning to wake you up and then you’ll meet the rest of the crew.

I nod and I lay on the bed. He gets out of the room leaving me alone to sleep. I did it, I got on the ship… I smile lightly looking at the walls. It looks so… beautiful. I can see the beauty even whit my eyes closed. The man was acting weird tho… something about him is…sinister. I slowly close my eyes, hoping that tomorrow will be as good as today was, maybe a bit better.

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