Poison Ivy

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Ivy Isley is your typical 25 year old woman, who lives on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. When it comes to her plants, her greenhouse is the most exquisite and exotic greenhouse that you wouldn't see for miles around. Her exceptionally quirky and weird way of life isn't known for praise however. Instead she is constantly harassed and chastised by the locals who come to know her. The Jackson brothers give her the most grief. The only person in her life is her only friend Bane, the only person in her life to ever treat her with decency and respect. Bane has his own agenda however and Ivy is quick to find that out when a new stranger comes to town. Catching Ivy's eye and sending Bane into a jealous rage, one he will soon come to regret.

Fantasy / Romance
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“FUCKING FREAK!” I Hear Tom scream at me as they whip past me in their truck. The dirt from the truck stirs up around me on my bicycle making me cough and gag. I look up in time as they whip a slushy out the window at me last second and I cannot escape its icy chill whipping across the front of my chest.

“YOU ASSHOLES!” I scream as I stop my bike to assess the damage. I can hear them cackling as they drive away. Why can’t they ever just leave me alone? Tom, Jeff, Reese, and Mike are all brothers, the Jackson brothers who in the laws eyes can do no wrong. “More like the jackass brothers!” I mumble as I put my kickstand up. I check each one of my plants over to make sure that none of them were damaged in the bombardment. None of them seem to be, I put my kickstand up and resume my bike ride home.

The Name is Ivy, Ivy Isley, I wouldn’t consider myself a pretty girl I am just me. I am twenty five years old with a slender build, and I have wild red and unruly untamed hair with pale green eyes. I sell my plants in town and I consider myself a botanist, and a pacifist. Which means I don’t believe in violence, actually I abhor it. Which makes me the idle target for the Jackass Brothers.

As I begin to get near the end of my driveway I hear Bane as he shuts his truck door and steps out towards me. I can’t miss the guy he is six foot five and weighs about 250 lbs. of mostly muscle mass.

“I see the Jackson brothers strike again!” He says as he brushes his Jet black hair out of his Blue eyes, with the look of concern washing over his face.

“What makes you say that, my new tie-dyed shirt or the overwhelming joy written all over my face?” I ask Facetiously.

With that he lets out a boom of a laugh, “Need a hand with unloading those plants into the green house?” He asks.

“Yeah I guess I could use a hand.” I say. Bane has been a good friend to me ever since I moved to San Antonio five years ago. Although I know his ulterior motive I keep him at a friends distance. I have never honestly been attracted to anyone, my plants have my love. Humans are a whole other story. I haven’t ever told Bane however I would never want to hurt him. After all he is the only friend I have, well that isn’t a plant that is.

I watch as he gently unloads my wagon that is attached to my bike, which makes me stifle a giggle. A big guy like Bane being so gentle with my plants, its amusing.

“So did you get anything sold today?” he asks curiosity playing in his eyes.

“I sold a few today, which is just enough to pay my utilities.” I pause, “It’s a good thing I own this trailer or things would be a different story.”

Once Bane gets everything unloaded for me, He starts to fidget and I can tell he is stalling. ” You want to come out on the town with me tonight, just me and you?”

“I am sorry Bane you know how I feel about going out.” I say twiddling my fingers.

“It’s alright, I will keep asking you, you have to get out of this house and greenhouse someday. your plants will still be here when you do.” He points out, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

“I know and I am sorry Bane, not tonight.” I say.

“Alright it was worth a shot.” With that he hopped into his truck and drove back out of my driveway.

I know he means well but I would much rather prefer the company of my plants. “Oh, his organization skills are horrible.” I say chuckling as I enter my greenhouse.
Everytime I step into my greenhouse it is like stepping into a fairy tale.

I have such a wide variety of plants, from common plants to exotic. lillies, dwarf evergreens bushes, Fairy Duster, Golden mimosa, Gryphon, maple bushes, ornamental grasses, Aloe Vera, asian centella, chamomile, my favorite however are the ivy vines that coat the walls of my greenhouse. I have many other healing plants as well, even your average variety vegetables and herbs, and so much more!

Working in my greenhouse brings me such peace and joy that I almost forgot about the Jackson brother incident. Looking down seeing the image of the slushee coming at me earlier sends a chill of disgust through me. I get up to leave the greenhouse after tending to everything. “Goodnight my beautiful babies, I will see you tomorrow.” I smile to myself as I walk to my trailer.

My trailer isn’t much but its something to live in at least. A rundown ten year old Vintage piece of work. I have a bedroom and working plumbing and that is all I need. I walk through the back of the house pulling my damp sticky shirt off, and strip the rest of the way and toss my clothes in the washer, to start a load. I am not much for a lot of clothing so the clothes I do have I wear all the time. That doesn’t always fair to well for me, in fact it gives me more grief with the Jackson brothers.

I brush my unruly locks out and hop into the shower. Once I am done pull my hair back into a ponytail, grab something quick to eat, and curl up into bed. I drift off to sleep dreaming of my beautiful garden.

It was the middle of the night and I found myself walking into the greenhouse. Everything was so bright and clear, and my beautiful plants glowed in the moonlight. I could hear a tune, no a whisper, floating through the air. As I tilt my head listening to the tune I realize, it’s words floating on the breeze towards me. Spiraling, floating up upon the breeze, I laugh as It surrounds me finding its way to my ears. “We love you mother!” The sound fills me with the most beautiful bliss, Just as quickly as I am uplifted and filled with ecstasy. I am jerked away from my beloved plants and darkness surrounds me leaving me empty broken and completely alone.

I jerk from my sleep with a blood curdling shriek, and I lay there realizing just how lonely I really truly am. I have been having this exact same dream for as long as I can remember. I pull the sheets up to my chin and I spin wrapping the blankets around me as I gently weep myself to sleep.

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