Poison Ivy

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The Fairytale Life


The past week has drug on longer then I could ever imagine. I have been doing everything I can possible to get through to Friday. I painted my trailer, and sold as many of my plants as I could just trying to pass the time. Kelly has called me almost every night, making the time without seeing her a little easier. I never knew what it was like to feel this way about someone, it’s almost like out of a fairytale.

When Friday finally comes, I decide it’s about time I go shopping for new sundresses. As I leave my house I unhitch my wagon from my bicycle and make my way into town.

As I make my way through town I scan the different clothing stores, I stop when my eyes meet ‘Broadway pinups’. I have bought a few sundresses from there, I kick my kickstand down and park my bike. As I make my way into the store, I can feel the managers eyes on me. I meet her glance and smile, she turns her nose up at me, turning her attention back into her magazine she’s reading and ignores me.

I make my way to the sundresses, I grab out a few of them that catch my eye. I make my way to the dressing room, and try on the first. It’s a green and black floral patterned dress, It fits me perfectly. The second is a red and white polka dot halter top dress, I marvel at how it curves around my body. The last dress is a yellow, red, and orange tye dye dress that accents my flame red curly hair. “These are perfect!” I say to myself as I exit the changing booth.

I place all three of the dresses on the counter, and begin to pull out my purse.

“You want all of these?” She asks me with a nasal whine.

“Yes please.” I answer her, fidgeting with my purse in hand.

“Alright then, that will be 69.97” She says matter of factly.

I hand her 70 dollars and head out of the store as quickly as possible, putting all of the dresses into the basket on the front of my bicycle. Then I peddle home as fast as my legs can carry me, My red locks whipping in the wind behind me.

When I finally make it home I park my bicycle and race up my porch stairs dresses in hand. I jump into the shower and wash off all of the sweat I worked up riding home. As I step out I hear the phone ringing, I take off running down the hallway and answer it. “Hello?” I say gasping.

“Hey, are you ready for our date night?” Kelly asks.

“No!” I paused realizing what I just said. “I mean yes I can’t wait, but no I’m not even dressed yet!” I say chuckling.

“Okay well you better get ready, I am almost to your house.” She declares.

“Oh okay well just come on in then, I have to go finish getting dressed. I’ll see you when you get here” I say as I hang up the phone.

I book it back down the hallway and into my bathroom, I dry my hair and brush out my tangled curls as much as possible. I turn towards the dresses, contemplating on which one to wear, I can’t decide. I am so enveloped in which one is the best I don’t even hear Kelly as she comes through the front door.

A soft knock on the bathroom door jolts me out of my thoughts. “Ivy are you okay in there?”

“No, I’m not I don’t know what to wear!” My voice comes out in a shriek, and I can hear Kelly giggling on the other side of the door.

“Well try them on, I will be your judge!” she says, as she stifles another giggle.

“Fine but please be gentle, I’m sensitive.” I say as I open the door, as her eyes take in the green and black patterned dress she nods in approval.

“You look absolutely adorable!” She says as she spins me around. “Wear this one, I want to be surprised when you wear the other ones!” She declares.

“Alright, I’m not going to argue with you!” I say as we walk through my house.

When we make our way outside of my house kelly gestures for me to get into the car. “Where are we off to today?” I ask.

“I hope you don’t mind sushi.” Kelly says as she takes my hand in hers while she drives.

“Honestly, I have never tried it.” I admit as I entangle my fingers with hers. “Sounds like an adventure!”

She smiles meeting my eyes, “Afterwards I was thinking we could hang out in the greenhouse for a while.” She asks.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to end the day!” I say as a smile begins to play across my lips.

We make our way into town and stop in front of Nee’s Thai and Sushi Delivery. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” She says getting out of the car and going inside.

I sigh with relief, “I don’t know about going out in public anyways.” I say to myself.

When she returns she is carrying a big brown paper bag with a receipt on the outside.

“Eating in are we?” I ask her eyeing the paper bag.

“Yeah, that’s why I mentioned the greenhouse. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful and peaceful place.” She says as she backs the car out of our parking spot, and begins the drive back to my house.

When we make it back, we both make our way into the greenhouse. She walks until we come to a clearing into the middle. Pulling out all of the food, explaining what I will be eating. “These are Crab Rangoon’s, my personal favorite. They are cream cheese wrapped with crab and fried into a crispy thin dough. Vietnamese egg rolls, they have vermicelli noodles, lettuce and sweet and sour sauce. Last but not least, the piez de le resistance, California rolls, made with crab avocados and cucumbers.” She says, handing me a plate.

“Well it smells good.” I say taking in the aroma. She watches me intently as I put a California roll into my mouth. My eyes widen as I begin to chew it taking in all of the flavors. “This is amazing!” I squeal.

“I am glad you like it!” She says chuckling as she begins to eat her plate.

We finish our food, I begin to pick up all of our garbage and throw it in the trash. I make my way back to where Kelly is laying among the foliage in the clearing. She pulls out a little container, opening it she grabs a joint.

“Do you mind?” She says asking my permission.

“Uh no, I don’t” I stutter as I am caught off guard. “You know that’s illegal here right?”

“Yeah, but only if they catch me. You aren’t gonna tell on me are you?” She asks chuckling.

“No, I like you too much!” I say, sitting down next to her.

“Okay, I’m glad we could work this out.” She says with a chuckle as she lights up the joint and takes a puff.

I eye her, watching her curiously. “What’s it like?” I ask.

“Why you want to try? You won’t know what it is really like unless you try.” she says handing the joint out towards me. “Come on Ivy it’s a plant!” She beckons to me smiling deviously.

“Alright! Alright! Don’t twist my arm!” I say grabbing the joint and bringing it to my lips. I inhale deep. As the smoke it hits my lungs, I start coughing my head off, and Kelly grabs the joint from my hand.

“Easy there killer!” She says patting my back.

When I look up everything starts moving in fragmented pictures, all slow motion. My plants all seem to be looking at me waving. “I can feel my plants!” I say bursting into giggles.

“Okay I think that’s enough for you lightweight, come on lets get you inside.” She says as she hauls me into the trailer and into my bed.

As she tries to leave my room I grab her wrist, stopping her. “No, Please stay with me.”

“When your sober, I will.” She says as she bends down to kiss me on the forehead. I hear her walk through my house locking my door. Then I hear her car start up as it pulls from the driveway, my eyes become heavy, as I fall into a deep sleep.

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