Poison Ivy

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Lovely One


The next morning when I wake my head feels so groggy I can barely open my eyes. I slump my way into the bathroom. Turning on the water I splash my face, trying to shake the sleep from my eyes. With no effect on my grogginess I make my way into the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea. When it is finished I make my way out onto the porch, basking in the sun as I try to shake the sleep from my head.

I hear her car before I even see her and a smile spreads across my sleepy face. When Kelly pulls up into the driveway I make my way down the steps.

“Well this is a nice surprise!” I say as I make my way towards her.

“Yeah I hope you don’t mind, I figured you might need some Tlc after last night. From the looks of it you look like you need it.” She says with a chuckle. “Also I need you to look at the lovely one, there is something wrong with it. Can you take a look at it?” she asks as she grabs for the plant in the backseat.

“Of course!” I choke out, remembering the night before. “I’m so sorry about that! I have never smoked weed before in my life.” I say as I put my palm to my forehead.

“Well good thing I am here then!” she says smiling and holding the plant out to me. Then she reaches into her front seat and pulls out a drink holder with some coffee cups. We walk towards my greenhouse and I set the plant down on my workbench.

“You know I don’t drink coffee?” I say gesturing towards the coffee in her hand.

“Just trust me, you will feel a lot better once you drink these.” She says handing me a cup.

“Okay I will take your word for it!” I say bringing the cup to my lips. I sip it, and my face lights up. “Not bad, not to sweet and not to bitter, its just right!” I declare, bringing the cup to my lips again.

“I told you!” she says laughing, her face turns serious. “So what’s your diagnosis?”

I begin checking over the plant, Its leaves are wilted and the plant feels dry and dehydrated. “How often have you been watering it?” I ask her as I stick my finger into the soil by an inch, it feels parched.

“Once a week when I water all of my plants together.” She says as she looks down at her shoes.

“Okay well it is dehydrated, I can keep it here and bring it back to good health. Should take me about a week or two. I will let you know when it is.” I say as I check the pot. “Looks like this guy could use a replant as well.” I say, “It will be okay.”

“Oh thank goodness, honestly I was afraid that you would be upset at me.” She says pausing. “You have such a finesse with plants, I thought you would be disappointed with me.”

“Never, its an honest mistake. It’s not like you meant for it to happen.” I say taking her hand. “It’ll be fine!” I say reassuring her.

She lets out a long sigh. “Okay good, wouldn’t want you to think I’m a bad plant parent.” With that comment she sends us both into a fit of giggles.

“Hey you want to do something today?” I ask her. “Of course after this coffee?” I say taking another drink.

“I would love nothing more then to spend time with you but I have to go take care of some errands in town.” She says pausing and noticing my disappointed face. “But hey, I was wondering. My friends are coming down from New York next weekend, and I would really like for you to meet them. I think you will love them, and they can’t wait to meet you!” She asks me as she rocks on her heels.

“Ye-Yeah I would love to.” I say nervously. “So does that mean we are having a sleepover at your apartment this time?” I ask her.

“Yes! That sounds like a plan to me!” She says as she begins to walk towards her car.

“WAIT!” I holler at her setting my coffee down and begin running towards her. “You forgot something!” I say closing the distance between us.

“Wha-” She turns towards me and I cut her off with my lips against hers. When we break the kiss she smiles deeply at me, tucking her finger under my chin. “Yeah definitely cannot leave without that!” She chuckles and gets into her car, we wave goodbye as she pulls out of my driveway.

I waltz towards the greenhouse humming and dancing to myself, completely enamored in her spell. As I make my way into the greenhouse I walk over to the lovely one. I begin re-potting it and giving it a new home to grow its roots. Making sure the entire plant is taken care of and watered. When I am done I realize the entire time I am working the tune I am humming is the exact one from my nightmare. How could a nightmare sound this beautiful? I think to myself as I take the plant inside my house. I leave the house and return to work in my greenhouse tending and caring for all of my plants.


The next morning when I awake I go through the usual routine, shower, brush my teeth, make some tea. I begin to cook myself something to eat, taking my breakfast and tea to my kitchen table. I am still humming to myself, still completely consumed with how Kelly makes me feel.

When I am finished, I put my dishes into the sink. I make my way into the living room, I stop dead in my tracks. Jaw dropping in awe, my eyes are trying to jump out of my skull. I can’t believe what I am seeing.

Not only is the plant back to one hundred percent, it’s grown into it’s new pot already. I reach for the phone to call Kelly, but stop and hang it up. What would I even tell her? Here’s your plant back, I healed it with my freakish nature? I walk away from the phone, and I sit there in front of the plant for a long while watching and daring it to move!

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