Poison Ivy

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System Overload


All week long all I have been doing is working non-stop, trying to save up some extra cash for this weekend. Didn’t do half bad, I managed to sell three times what I normally make. It’s Friday afternoon and I just got home which gives me a minute to situate everything. When I am done unloading what was left over in my wagon I make my way inside. I climb up the steps and make my way inside. I take off sprinting down the hallway, stripping my dirty scrubs as I hop into the bathroom. I throw my clothes in the hamper and slip into the shower, scrubbing all of the sweat and gook off from my day. Once I am done I brush my hair out and throw on the red and white polka dot dress I bought last week. After I am done freshening up I run to pack my bag with a few of my sundresses. By the time I am finished packing I hear Kelly’s car horn honk.

I sprint through my trailer towards the living room, I slow as I near the the lovely one. Ever since you magically healed yourself I’ve felt strange. I shake my head as I grab it gently carrying it towards the door. As I begin to open my door, Kelly is on the porch waiting for me. The sight of her makes me forget my worry instantly.

“Is that my plant?“she gasps and looks it over. “It got really big! What did you do?”

I can feel the blood drain out of my face as I remember what happened last week. “Uhhm, Miracle grow?” I manage to choke out.

“Really? Wow, you can’t even tell it’s the same plant!” she holds her hand out and takes it from me, her eyes still looking over the plant.

“Yeah it is.” I say as we walk down the stairs towards her car. “How long will it take them to get here in the rental car?” I say changing the subject.

We load my stuff in her backseat. “About 45 minutes, so we better get there if we want to have any alone time. They can be a bit rowdy at times, but you will be fine I promise!” She says chuckling as she starts up her ignition.

Oh boy, what have you gotten me into Kelly? I think to myself. “Well as long as you promise, I guess I’ll be alright. So where did you meet Jojo, Cameryn, and Oli?” I say trying to remember all of her friends names.

“We all met 7 Years ago at ‘The Rosemont’, I heard they had good Jazz music there. Plus anywhere with a built in garden patio and I’m SOLD.” She says chuckling. “We all just happened to be at that same place at the same time, and I am so glad I met them! They are seriously the best friend a girl could ask for.” Her face lit up as she finished speaking.

She pulls up in front of a big apartment complex. “We’re here!” She proclaims, shutting off the engine. We get out and grab our things and make our way into the building.

“Wow, you must get paid a lot to live in a building like this.” I say studying how much it’s size is compared to my small trailer.

“Wait till you see my apartment! We have about thirty minutes to kill, and I’ll fill you in on the guys.” She says as she unlocks her building door, we walk along the building and stop at her apartment door. She unlocks it and I peer around her shoulder, eyes widening.

“Wow, this is a really spacious apartment! I love it, what’s it called?” I say as we step inside.

“It’s a studio apartment, I am a freelance artist so I like to have a lot of space for my art.” She says flicking on the lights, illuminating the walls. I look around her apartment taking in her artwork, completely in awe.

“It’s abstract art, It can be anything you want it to be. That’s why I love it so much!” She says as she places the lovely one in the windowsill.

“It’s beautiful!” I say, as I scan all of her paintings I can feel my heart fill. “These are amazing, you a so talented!” I say turning towards her. “You’re amazing!” For the first time, I see her blush.

“Thanks! That means so much, it’s actually been really hard since I’ve moved here honestly.” She pauses plopping down onto her couch, patting the cushion for me to sit. “Being an artist can only get you so far down here its not like in New York, but still something in me told me I needed a change of scenery. I’m glad I did though, meeting you has been the best thing about being here by far.” She says placing her hand on top of mine, placing it in hers.

“I’m sorry that things are rough, that must be pretty hard on you.” I pause searching for the right words. “I’m glad we met though!” I say pausing. “So about the boys?” I ask her.

“Okay, this might take a while. So please bare with me.” She says laughter playing on her lips. “So Jojo is gay, Cameryn is straight, And Oli is Trans Fem to Male. All of them tend to become pretty rowdy whenever we are all together. However out of the three Oli is the most laid back and reserved. Whenever Jojo and Cameryn are together they tend to get into trouble more so when they are alone, so Oli and I are always there to save their asses! I love them all so much and I just know they are going to love you too!” When she finishes I hear the doorbell ring and Kelly jumps up off from her couch and runs to the door! “Oh my god they’re here!” she squeals as she looks back at me running towards the door.

I stand straightening my dress as she pushes the buzzer and lets them into the building. My heart begins to beat faster and faster. Keep it together Ivy! I think to myself, I take a deep breathe and exhale slowly as I walk towards Kelly. My heart is still rapidly pumping blood through my ears, I see Kelly open the door as the world spins. The last thing I remember seeing is everyone’s worried faces as I face planted to the floor.

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