Poison Ivy

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All That is Glitter Isn't Gold


I can feel myself floating among the darkness, when my feet finally meet with something concrete I am walking down a large corridor. I get spooked, there’s no one here but me there are doors along the corridor. I begin checking them all are lick. Soon giving up i begin running and zigzagging down the halls finding no doorway to exit still. Finally I stop running and find myself in front of my doorway, I peer out the window as I reach for the handle. I can see my porch and my yard, opening the handle I begin to hum softly to myself. When I finally step through the door, a thunderstorm suddenly hits breaking the serene scene I found myself in seconds ago. The harder it pours, the more I begin to hear his thundering footsteps charging up to me. Bane closes the distance between us before I can even move, He is soaked from head to toe. His veins are bulging out of his neck in anger and when he leans in screaming into my face, I can smell the liquor on his hot breath. “YOU FUCKING DYKE!” He grabs me by my forearms, his words becoming demonic. I try to jerk away from his grip but to no avail. I cannot break free, he overpowers me. I begin to scream at the top of my lungs, the ground begins to shake and a tree root hits the bottom of my porch sending bane flying. “I’LL GET YOU YOU STUPID BITCH, IVY!” He screams as he hits the ground. His voice begins to fade out, morphing into someone else. She is calling for me, beckoning for me to come back to her, I know that voice.

“Ivy! Ivy! Ivy!” Kelly pleads as she shakes me from my sleep. “Are you okay? Ivy, oh god please wake up!”

When I open my eyes, The first pair of eyes that meet mine are Kelly’s. “I’m okay, just a little nervous I think.”

“Nervous girl you almost gave your lover over here a heart attack, You shoulda seen her face girl. American horror story right there!” Jojo proclaims pointing towards Kelly.

“You would have been the same way if it was one of your little boy toys too Jojo, so shut it!” She says whipping a pillow at him. “Are you okay? You were screaming and curled up into the fetal position.” She says with worry in her eyes.

“Yeah I’m fine just a really weird dream is all.” I say shaking off the horrible feeling it left me with.

I scan Kelly’s entourage, Jojo is black with braids going down each shoulder he looks to be a couple of years older then the rest. Cameryn is straight Caucasian, you can definitely tell he is the more laid then the rest with his long shaggy hair. He is also dressed in vans, with a beach shirt and khakis. Last but not least Oli seems quiet and definitely reserved, he is watching Kelly and Jojo as they go back and forth at each other. His arms are crossed but a shy smile plays across his lips. His head is shaved and he wears glasses.

Breaking the awkward silence I stand up, walking towards the boys I lean in towards them hand outstretched. “Let’s try this again!” I say with a soft chuckle. “Hi, My names Ivy, It’s nice to meet you. As you all know Kelly and I have a thing.”

“A thing?” Jojo and Cameryn both say at the same time.

“Aren’t you an item? Just a thing sounds like a fling to me!” Jojo asks me, while averting his eyes to Kelly.

“Ivy, is new to dating women. That’s enough said!” Kelly says as she stares Jojo down.

“Girl you always be chasing them newborn snowflakes!” With that comment him and Cameryn burst into giggle fist-bumping each other!

“Don’t judge me Mr. I can make any straight man gay!” Kelly shoots back, as she takes my hand in hers.

“Alright you got me there! I’m sorry I will drop it right now!” He says apologetically. He rubs his stomach and changes the subject. “So when do we eat, I am starving.”

“Me too!” Oli, finally speaks.

“Alright lets go get some take out.” She pauses, “My treat you freeloaders!” She chuckles as we get our coats and head out towards her car.

“What does everyone want?” Kelly asks everyone.

“Do they have Sonic’s here?” Oli asks all hopeful eyed.

“Yes they do!” Kelly answers. “Everyone in agreement?”

“Yes, Sonic it is!” Cameryn says raising his voice rambunctiously as he pulls out a joint and lights it.

“Puff puff pass!” He says as he hands the joint off around the car.

When it comes to me I hesitate to take it and Kelly notices. “It’s okay if you don’t want to, either way I’ll take care of you!” As she reassures me I can hear the boys all making whiny aw sounds as they heckle us in the back seat! “Shut up back there and pass that, quit babysitting it!” She takes it, takes a drag and hands it out towards me. I take it from her hands, and bring it to my lips. Before I inhale she tells me cautiously. “Just try not to take a big drag from it, that’s what put you out the last time, moderation!” I nod as I begin to inhale, and as I exhale I don’t cough at all. After a few minutes the high hits me but not hard enough to where I can’t handle myself.

“That stuffs not so bad.” When I say it everyone in the car bursts out into laughter but Kelly.

“Where’d you find this girl, she sheltered as fuck!” He says it as a joke but it stings a bit with pain.

“Jojo, shut the fuck up. You wouldn’t even be selling the shit if it wasn’t for me.” She squeezes my hand and mouths that she is sorry.

“Yeah you’re right I apologize, sorry for being an inconsiderate prick!” He says, then pats my shoulder, “I come off like a dick sometimes, but its all in fun.”

I nod shaking my head, “Its okay, I’m not normally a shut in but sometimes I can be a bitchy hermit!” I say smiling and chuckling.

“Touché! I like this one Kelly, you should keep her!” Jojo says.

We continue to cruise around town eating, and smoking. Razzing each other the rest of the night, I never knew what it was like to be around people and have friends before. Not ever, not even with Bane all he ever wanted to do was drink.

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