Poison Ivy

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Confidence, Strength. but Most of all Love


It’s the middle of the night, I am walking towards my greenhouse once again. As I walk towards the greenhouse, the tune in the air begins to play softly and sweetly. I hum along as I open the greenhouse door, and begin to waltz among the foliage swaying in rhythm to the melody. My humming is met with another tune soft and sweet. I make my way towards the sound of her humming, and when I round the corner the tune turns sour. Kelly’s piercing screams fill my ears so loudly, that I cup my ears and flinch. I open my eyes only to see her being drug away from me by some men. I can’t see their faces, they are moving away faster then I can move. She kicks and screams as she struggles to break free. My legs are like Jello, and I stumble and fall! “IVY!” She wails with a blood curdling scream as they hoist her up off the ground carrying and carry her out the door! Everything goes pitch black and I am sucked back to reality.

I awake with a jolt, and a scream escapes my lips. I begin sobbing, covering my mouth trying to keep from wailing. It’s no use, Kelly rustles in her sleep next to me. I hold my breath hoping she hadn’t heard me. She opens her eyes, noticing I am in disarray.

“Ivy, what’s wrong are you okay?” She asks concern washing over her face.

There are things I cannot tell you, because I cannot lose you. I think to myself as I take a big breath and look her in the eyes. “I just have really horrible nightmares. I’m sorry if I woke you, I was trying to hold it together.” I say sniffling.

She takes my hands in hers, holding my gaze the entire time. “Ivy it’s okay that you woke me, I was just worried about you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She says pausing for a moment. “You know you can talk to me about anything, and I mean ANYTHING.” she says emphasizing the anything.

“Yeah I know!” I say forcing a smirk. “Thank you though, that means so much to me.” I say as I hug her pulling her down onto her bed with me. I nuzzle into the crook of her neck taking in her scent. Her head turns down towards me and she kisses the side of my face repeatedly, making me giggle!

When I look up at her the look she gives me when I look in her eyes a feeling washes over me. I shiver, and a warm tingly feeling fills me completely. My arms have bumps all over them, and my hair is standing up on end. I begin rubbing my arms in awe completely perplexed.

Kelly giggles noticing my amusement. “What you never get goosebumps before?” She says teasing me.

“That’s what those feel like, no I’ve never gotten them before.” I say and we both begin giggling. Is this what love feels like? I blush at the thought.

“Come on though we should probably get some sleep, the boys have an early flight tomorrow.” She says checking her phone. “Yeah it’s Two in the morning, and I would like to spend a little more time with them tomorrow before they leave at 11.” She says chuckling as she embraces me, as we curl up together and quickly drift to sleep.


The next morning after Jojo, Oli, and Cameryn were finished packing their bags and luggage into their rental car. Everyone insisted that I pick the restaurant, so I chose Pancake Joe’s. We go inside and wait to be seated, the boys becoming boisterous the longer we wait.

“Settle down children!” Kelly chuckles as she scolds the boys as the waitress walks out to greet us. She stops smiling as soon as she lays her eyes on me.

Straightening up she turns towards Kelly smiling once again. “How many? Five!” She says taking count. “Booth or table?”

“Whichever has more room.” Kelly says quickly, as the waitress ushers us to follow her.

“This is the biggest we got.” she says pointing to the biggest table in the middle of the room.

“Great thank you so much!” Kelly says with a fake smile.

“What can I get for you folks to drink?” She says flipping her pen pad open and clicking her pen, and handing us menus.

“I’ll have a coffee, with creamer please, and a glass of water.” Kelly says looking to Jojo next to order.

“I’ll have the same please as her please.” He says pointing at Kelly and batting his eye lashes.

Cameryn is conversing quietly with Oli silently. Finally Cameryn gestures towards Oli. “We will both have lemonade.” Cameryn says looking towards me.

“I’ll have a strawberry lemonade please.” I say quietly.

The waitress finishes writing down our drink orders. “Alright I’ll be back in a minute with your drinks. If your ready to order I can take your orders then.” She clicks her pen and puts hands on her hips, She leans forward looking over her glasses directly at me and says snottily. “I don’t want any funny business in my restaurant so keep it classy.” She clicks her heels together and clacks away with her nose turned up.

“What the hell was that?” Jojo asks bursting into giggles. “She got her sights on you Ivy, better watch out girl!” He says jokingly.

“I don’t know!” I say shrugging my shoulders. “Honestly people around here are afraid of what they don’t understand. Kelly, Jojo, Cameryn, and Oli all looked at each other nodding their heads in agreement with the words I spoke.

“We all know too well what it’s liked to be judged for being different.” He pauses throwing his arm out across Cameryn, reaching out he grabs Kelly’s hand.

“It’s honestly what brought us all closer together ultimately!” Kelly says tearing up a bit.

“Awe don’t cry girl! Look you got a beautiful lovely lady! As a matter of fact welcome to the Family girl!” He says standing he hugs me across the table.

Cameryn and Oli both follow suit and stand to hug me in a line. “Don’t forget me!” Kelly says, I turn around and she kisses me on the lips hugging me.

“I could never!” I whisper into her ear.

“Mhmm!” The waitress clears her throat. When I turn to face her, she holding our drinks and tapping her foot furiously. “Any more stunts like that and you can leave! You got that?”
She says looking back and forth at both Kelly, then me.

“Okay sorry, won’t happen again MA’AM!” She says throwing her hands up in the air, slightly curtsying.

“Okay then, here’s your drinks. What do you want to eat?” She says, without a trace of sweetness in her voice.

Everyone looks to me. “Well your the food expert here Ivy, why don’t you order for all of us?” Cameryn says shooting a dirty glance at the waitress.

“Seriously? Are you sure?” I ask shocked.

“Yeah, enlighten our taste buds!” Oli says wafting in an imaginary aroma.

“Okay, well my favorite here is Waffles and fruit!” I say closing my menu.

“Then that’s what we all want! Fruit waffles for all of us please, MA’AM?” He says mocking her with a southern twang.

“You all want Waffles with fruit on it?” She says beginning to get irritated.

“Yes, ALL OF US!” Jojo says making a funny face and pointing at ever single one of us.

“Fine!” She says sternly, as she turns to walk away she huffs under her breath but we still hear her. “You’re all a bunch of fucking fruits!” With that we all roar with laughter, making her spin around. She glares at each and everyone of us until our laughter quiets. Then she storms off towards kitchen to give the chef our orders, still continuing to curse under her breath. When are food arrives, we all thank the waitress for her service. Showering her with fake praise and snarky comments. It sends into a fit, she takes off out the backdoor. Complaining about not getting paid enough and needing a cigarette. Which sends us off into another bought of laughter. We all quickly finish our food making small talk and settling our full stomachs.

“That was delicious, Thank you Ivy. Yo girls got good taste in food.” Jojo says poking Kelly in the ribs.

“Oh, I know don’t have to tell me that twice!” Kelly says giggling.

We all begin laughing, enjoying each others company. I take Kelly’s hand, smiling at her I kiss her hand. She makes me feel so happy and alive, more then I have ever felt before! I think to myself, completely enamored with her in every way.

My happiness is shattered suddenly as a familiar crippling voice cackles from behind me. “Well, well, well. What do we got here, the Freak, and her fucking freak squad.” Jeff says in a nastily as we all turn towards him.

“Yeah and the rumors must be true, she found herself a little play thing!” Reese says cackling as he flips Kelly’s hair into the air. “A whole circus of queers!” He yells and him and his brothers all join in.

They catch the attention of the waitress and she stands back behind them in the distance. Great supervised public humiliation! I think to myself. Oli stands up readying himself for a fight, but Cameryn stops him with his arm and sits him down. “They aren’t worth it Oli! Leave them be.” He says holding Oli back, Oli nods and relaxes.

“Fucking pussies!” Jeff says, spitting at our feet. “You really know how to pick your friends Ivy, Pack of pussies!” With that all of his brothers roared with laughter again.

Something in me began to boil, this time I am not going to let them treat me or anyone else like this anymore. “Something you can never get!” I say narrowing my eyes and meeting him toe to toe.

“Stupid bitch!” He says slapping me across the face, I kept my balance rocking my body into the punch. Blood begins spewing from Jeff’s nose, shock then anger plays across his face. “You stupid fucking bitch! You broke my fucking nose!” He screams becoming ballistic.

The waitress interrupts us before he has a chance to retaliate. “You all have 3 minutes to get the hell out of here, before I call the cops!” She screams at us all as we begin to rush out of the door laughing.

“I can’t believe you did that Ivy!” Kelly says grabbing my hand as we make a break for her car with the boys.

“Yeah me either!” I say rubbing my hand as we leave for the airport.

We follow the boys to the airport, trying to make the most of every minute saying our goodbyes.

“You are my idol! I still can’t believe you punched that jerk, but it was beautiful!” Jojo says pulling me in for a hug. “Take care of our girl for us!” He says letting me go.

“You know I will!” I say to him.

“You’re a totally bad ass chick, I’m glad you and Kelly are a thing!” he says chuckling.

“Me too!” I say as I turn towards Oli.

“Don’t change for no one! You are amazing just the way you are!” Oli says smiling at me.

They all charge Kelly and I one final time, Giving us both hugs. Wishing us well, they also tell me how great it was to meet me! Finally ending with a long screaming match of Jojo and Kelly yelling I love you back and forth in the Airport terminal. The boys taught me a little bit about myself, that I am strong and loved. I am so grateful that Kelly and I found each other, I think I’m in love. Whatever that means! I Think to myself smiling and holding her hand all the way towards the car.

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