Poison Ivy

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Bloody Mother Nature


Kelly is driving me home after the amazing, and incredible weekend we have had. Meeting her friends and spending the weekend with them was the best time I have ever had in my life. I think to myself, as I glance at her. She catches my glance and smiles at me, and I match her smile.

“So what do you think of everyone? I had such an amazing time, the best was when you broke that redneck jerks nose!” She says her smile turning devious.

“I love them all I can see why you are all friends. I honestly don’t get it, I abhor violence. I guess I had enough with them treating me like dirt.” I say as I rub my wrist. “I didn’t know I could throw such a punch!” I say laughing nervously.

“Well sometimes you just have had enough, a person can only take so much.” She says as her face becomes stern. “You had every right to stand up for yourself! Don’t take shit from people like that jerk!” She finishes with a long sigh.

I nod my head in agreement with her. When a broadcast from the San Antonio Police department catches my attention.“Breaking news for San Antonio residents!” I turn in up, Kelly looks at me funny but we both listen. “San Antonio Police have an update on the ‘Howl at the moon’ Lurker. They are looking for anyone who has any information about the two female victims. The first victim has been put on life support and is in a coma, and this latest victim was found dead in the ally behind ‘howl at the moon’. If you or anyone else knows something about these recent tragedies please contact authorities. Lastly, we brought in a criminologist to assess these horrific crimes. He believes any women with red hair seems to be targets of the prowler. He also believes this individual to be psychotic and a possible serial killer, and is suspected to be armed and dangerous. Police also ask that all women be critically cautious, and never leave home alone at dark. Thank you once again!” Kelly and I both looked at each other worriedly.

“Ivy, you gotta be careful!” I can see the fear in her eyes when she says it.

“Don’t worry about me.” I say as I think of what happened with the mountain lion. I quickly shake the thought from my head. “Besides, I’ll be fine. I got you to guard me!” I say with a fake chuckle.

She laughs but her face turns serious. “Ivy, I’m serious! The prowler is mostly targeting women with red hair, hell he’s already killed one of them. What makes you think you aren’t any less at risk?” She says as she pulls into my drive and parks.

“I promise you I won’t go anywhere without you. I’ll keep home and lock the door, and stay put!” I say saluting her and crossing my chest.

She wrinkles her face at me and sighs tipping her head back a bit. “Fine, alright, and I’ll be safe too!” She leans forward and wraps her arms around me and holds me their for a long while.

I melt into her tucking my face into her neck breathing her in and out. “I think I love you.” I whisper in her ear.

I feel her body shake as she chuckles “Good, because I think I love you too!” She says as she breaks our embrace and begins kissing me long and hard. After what seems like an eternity she breaks the kiss. “Alright now get outta my car!” She says laughing maniacally.

“Dang, getting rid of me that fast!” I say as I open the car door and step out.

“No I can have you whenever I want!” She says still teasing.

I jerk my head back laughing. “I’m going to hold you too it, Alright, goodbye!” I say hesitating. “I love you tho.”

“Love you too!” She says smiling. I close the door and walk away waving goodbye to her as she pulls out of my driveway.

When she is out of sight I take off running towards the porch. Swinging my bag up over the porch rail I turn towards my the greenhouse waltzing all the way. I laugh and begin to hum as I open my greenhouse door, the door swings shut behind me. I go to take a step, when I feel hands on my arms. A startled scream escapes my lips but is soon cut off as a wool bag is thrown over my head, I’m hit hard, my head jerks violently sideways, and I fall to the ground. Another blow collides with my face, I taste the blood on my lips as it swells and bleeds.

“You think your so smart? Don’t you little bitch!” A voice says as I’m kicked hard in the gut I recognize Jeff Jackson’s voice Immediately.

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Reese hisses. “Orders were to stomp the bitch and get out!” As he finishes hands grab be by both arms. I am hit by blow after blow, coughing and spitting. Blood comes out allover inside of the bag, causing me to choke.

“I don’t fucking care, this bitch has this coming!” He says spitting on my chest. “We’ll stomp the life right out of her.” He kicks me hard right in the head sending me flying backwards and slamming into the ground. I can barely breathe, let alone move I just lay there my body limp. I can hear Jeff coming towards me slowly my heartbeat is pounding in my head. I try to swallow my fear, I dig my fingers into the dirt. I can’t die now, not without Kelly! I think to myself as I tremble slightly trying to move my beaten body, I hear Jeff lean down above my ear.

“Don’t worry I will take care of that little dyke for you! She won’t even remember who you are once I have my way with her!” His hot breathes on the back of my neck.

“No, no you fucking won’t! Not over my dead fucking body!” I whisper with a shallow breath.

“What’s that I can’t hear you?” He spits out, grabbing me the bag on my head. I scream out in pain as he picks my head up, ripping the bag off. “You won’t be needing this where your going” He sneers, slamming my head down into the dirt. He grabs me by my hair and begins rubbing my face into the ground. “You’ll be eating dirt soon stupid bitch!” He goes to slam my head down once more, and is cut off by my blood curdling scream. The ground begins to rumble and shake, the more my voice fills the air the more the ground begins to quake. “What the fuck?” Jeff says as he lets go of my head. fear filling his voice. I watch as the ground rumbles and crumbles beneath him as tree roots emerge from underground. He begins screaming hysterically reaching towards his brothers as the roots tangle up his legs spiraling around his body. Reese hesitates watching in shock and horror. Tom, and Mike back away in horror running towards the door as vines of ivy begin creeping towards them. I rise from the ground looking Jeff in the eyes watching as the tree roots begin to encase his body. Tom grabs Reese, as him and Mike try to pull him out of the greenhouse. “HELP ME!” Jeff screams with one final plead, cut short as my hand whips out in front of me fingertips arching with a spiraling motion. When I close my hand in a crushing motion Jeff is completely crushed, whatever is left of his body is ripped underground, hidden away under some of the oldest trees’ roots by my trailers.

The last thing I remember seeing before falling to the ground, was Tom and Mike dragging Reese away as he began to retch. When the door shut, my mind went black and I fell to the ground.

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