Poison Ivy

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When I finally come too, I find myself encased in ivy vines. As I sit up they slowly unwrap from my body almost as if by reflex. I look at my reflection in the greenhouse mirror expecting to find blood spatter, bruises and cuts. Instead I am completely cleaned up, my hair is coiffed and luminous. I run my fingers through it admiring the way it bounces in the fading afternoon light. Remembering my beating I look over my face, my skin is completely healed, glowing even. The memory of what happened washes over me fully and completely. At first I am appalled, disgusted even, but then the thought of the power coursing through me hits me. A wickedly devious smile creeps across my face. “I killed Jeff!” I say turning towards where the ground gave way. There is absolutely no sign of what happened, all traces are completely gone. We killed him, together! They all say in unison. For you are our mother, and now we are one!

“Who’s there?” I say, my voice shaking with panic.

All of us! They all chime in unison and as they answer me, leaves lifting and waving gently in the air. We have been waiting for you, for a very long time. Watching over you waiting for the time to be right! Calm yourself, they are coming! They say as they all revert to normal, seeming like your average plant.

“Who is coming?” I say turning towards the greenhouse door, I can see the red and blue flashing lights. “Oh how lovely!” I say straightening up and walking out to greet the officer. It’s the same officer that picked up bane when he went to jail a few weeks ago on account of my behalf. How the tables have turned. I think to myself. I smile devilishly “What can I help you with officer?” I say perkily.

“Well we got a complaint, from Tom, Mike, and Reese Jackson stating that you killed Jeff in your greenhouse.” She says watching my countenance closely.

“That’s just absurd, I would never!” I say laughing at the idea.

“I know that’s what I thought, they were dead set on the tall tale. So I thought I would do a routine check and just stop by.” She pauses. “Personally I think they all just got drunk and Jeff wandered off somewhere, but they won’t let it go.” As she finishes speaking the Jackson brothers pull up and park on the road, all three sets of beady eyes burning holes in my skull.

“No that’s perfectly fine! I don’t mind at all, you can check the greenhouse, the house, and my yard. I don’t have anything to hide!” I say tilting my head back with laughter.

“Alright thank you for letting me look being that I don’t even have a warrant.” She says turning to walk around my yard searching for anything out of the ordinary. First she checks the trailer, after about ten minutes she comes out and nods at me as she makes her way down my porch towards the greenhouse.

When she is out of sight, I turn around towards the Jacksons’ and give them a devilish grin from ear to ear waving! “Hi, boys!” I holler. I see Tom and Mike are visibly trembling. Reese puts his head out the window and begins to puke again.

I turn around as I hear the greenhouse opening, the officer makes her way towards me shaking her head. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience these boys may have caused you, if you have any issues with them again. Feel free to call, here’s my direct number.” She says handing me her card.

“Thank you so much, but I have a feeling I won’t have a problem with them anymore.” I say still smiling as wicked as ever.

“Alright then you have a wonderful day!” She says tipping her hat, she walks towards the Jackson boys truck. “Next time you boys call in such a serious allegation your going to be sitting in a cell!” She says as she takes off her police hat and waves it at them. “NOW GET THE HELL ON OUTTA HERE!” She says scolding them like children.

The officer leaves and flicks her lights at the Jackson boys to turn around and follow suite. I walk towards them waving like I’m in a pageant. “Buh-bye now boys! Come again soon!” I say mocking them with laughter. Their truck speeds up and they nearly rear end the officers vehicle as they speed out around her to get away.

I make my way towards my greenhouse, as I near the door it opens, revealing a vine wrapped around the handle. “Why thank you!” I say as I make my way into the garden. You’re welcome mother! I hear it say as it shuts the door behind me letting go. “I have some questions, please. You all owe me that much.” I say as I begin casting a cleansing circle. Yes anything! They all whisper in unison.

“Okay first off where have you all been all my life?” I ask pausing, as I begin cleansing the greenhouse.

We have always been here, it is you who has been absent! They all say swaying back and forth.

“What do you mean, absent. I have been here the whole time caring for you all tending to your needs.” I sit down in the clearing of my greenhouse lighting some sage and putting it in a dish. I watch the smoke as it wavers in the air.

Yes, you were here but you were not you! Not enough you, to make us all ONE! They finish emphasizing on the one.

I take in their words meditating on what they have said to me. I stand reaching for the greenhouse glass windows imagining roots picking me up, the ground begins to rumble and tree roots shoot from out of the ground lifting me up, opening the greenhouse glass windows. I open my eyes laughing at the unbelievable view I am seeing! I am up higher then the tallest trees around my trailer and I can see everything around me. “This is incredible!” I say hugging the roots close to me!

That’s not all, close your eyes and listen to us closely. Let your mind drift. They all say.

Closing my eyes, I let my mind drift. At first I don’t hear anything but then, I hear the roaring and flow of the San Antonio River. My eyes Jerk open in surprise, and I put my arms at my side. The roots recede back towards the greenhouse, setting me gently down as they recede back into the earth. Once again showing no signs of ever even coming out of the ground. I spend the rest of the day learning all I can from my beautiful babies, completely losing myself in my new found world.

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