Poison Ivy

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We are on our way back towards Kelly’s apartment. The car is filled with the scent of our pheromones, I inhale it in deeply shuddering, the smell sending a tingling sensation through my body. Kelly glances over at me, my eyes lock with hers. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she and I both know what is about to happen next. I grab her hand, as I inch towards her placing her hand between my thighs. I lean in towards her kissing her arm up to her neck, biting her hard, she lets out a small gasp. Pushing her foot to the floor, she speeds up making her way into her parking lot. She slams on her brakes and parks abruptly. Turning towards me she kisses me long and fully, until the windows become foggy. She breaks away, fumbling to get her keys out of the ignition.

“Let’s go!” She says as she gets out of the car, I quickly follow behind her in sync to her apartment complex door. She turns towards me kissing me again, this time pulling me close to her by my fiery red hair. She unlocks the door breaking the kiss and I follow her down the hall hand in hand towards her apartment door. Still embracing me she begins to unlock her door. Still kissing we slam into each other into the door as it opens. I follow her watching intently as she marches me up to her loft, still kissing me as we strip each others clothing off. “I love you, Ivy!” She manages to breath out between kisses.

“I love you, Kelly!” I say, pausing. “Your the first person I have ever loved.” I say, as I push her down onto the bed. I look over how beautiful she looks, as I begin crawling on top of her she stops me.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” She says looking me in the eyes.

“This is what I have ever wanted since the day I met you, whether I knew it or not.” I say as I lay on top of her, I intertwine my body with hers. She flips me over, so she is positioned on top of me. The feeling of her skin on mine sends my body up in flames, when she kisses me the world begins to spin. I let out of soft moan as my entire body ignites in fireworks at her touch. The entire world seems to stand still, Kelly and I, are the only ones living in this moment.


I open my eyes to Kelly laying across my chest sleeping. I lay there holding her, watching her for a long while. No matter what the cost, I would die for her. I think to myself. Just as soon as I think it my beautiful babies correct me in unison. You have us mother, no need of dying! I smile to myself and thank them.

Kelly stirs and when she looks at me a smile forms sleepily across her lips. “You like watching me sleep?” she says teasingly.

“Yeah I do actually, I am a bit of a creep, unless you didn’t know that already?” I say with a cackle, which sends her into a fit of giggles.

“Oh boy what have I gotten my self into?” She says rolling her eyes giggling. Reaching for her phone she checks the time. “It’s 3:00. I am supposed to work in the morning but I would rather lay here with you all day.” She says leaning towards me and kissing my neck. “I mean if that’s alright with you that is? Unless you need to tend to your plants?”

“No I can stay, I’m sure my plants can take care of themselves.” I say with a wicked smile.

“Good then, one second.” She starts texting someone rapidly on her phone, once she’s done she throws her phone onto the floor. Rolling over in the bed she moves closer to me. “So what do you want to do?” she says as she traces the side of my stomach with her fingertips. The smell of pheromone emitting from her body, sends chills through my body once again.

Grabbing her hand I scoot down the bed so that I am eye level with her. “Whatever you want, I want!” I say kissing her deeply. Reaching up she tangles her fingers up in my hair, our bodies intertwining, as we rolled and rocked in her bed wrestling around.

Her head jerks back as she catches her breath. “I want you always, Ivy! From the first day I saw you, I knew you were different.” She says as she kisses my neck.

“You have no idea how true those words are!” I say, my breathing is faltered and shallow. Ever since I have met Kelly things have changed, I have changed. The world begins to freeze in time, once more as we begin making love to each other. The early morning sun rises by the time we even begin to sleep once more.


When I finally awake, Kelly isn’t beside me. The faint smell of toast wafts up to the loft, I smile breathing it in deeply. I hop out of bed throw on a t-shirt and run down towards the kitchen. I find her standing in the kitchen buttering slices of toast.

When her eyes meet mine, a smile spreads across her lips. “Well good morning beautiful! Do you like eggs?” She asks me as she pulls a carton from the fridge.

“Yeah I do, thank you!” I say as I sit on a stool on her counter.

“Awesome! I make the best omelets!” She says leaning over the counter and kissing me. She then begins cutting up some onions and peppers. She cracks a few eggs, and pours a bit of milk in. Finally adding some salt and pepper. She whisks it all up really good and then pours it into the pan. As it cooks she adds the peppers and onions into the omelets, once it cooks she adds some cheese. Flipping the omelets shut she cooks them until done and then plates them. “Enjoy beautiful!” She says as she slides the omelette and toast at me.

“Thank you! This looks delicious!” I say smiling. She makes her way around and sits next to me. When we finish eating she washes the dishes up. “That was delicious, you weren’t kidding you really do make the best omelets.” I say.

“Thank you!” She says with a smile. “Hey do you want to go on a hike or something today?” she asks me as she finishes drying a plate.

“Yeah, we can go re-enact our first date.” I say smiling wickedly.

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