Poison Ivy

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A Hat Trick


Kelly and I pack up all of the essentials we would need for a hike quickly. Caught up in the excitement of our daily excursion we hurriedly made our way out the door to her car. If I tell Kelly she might not freak out about my powers, but if I don’t tell her before Bane gets to her. She might not love me anymore, and we just can’t have that now can we? I think to myself, which is echoed by a chorus of my babies all interjecting both sides. I shift in my seat uncomfortably, hands balled up and jaw locked tight. Kelly notices instantly.

“Ivy, are you okay?” She asks as she observes me.

“Yeah” I say smiling and giggling. “I just really have to pee!” I say as we pull into McAllister Park. She smiles and shrugs, turning off the engine. I run around the car towards the nearest tree and pretend to pee. Once I am done I head back towards car, and we unload our backpacks from the trunk. Kelly reaches for her boots, as she turns towards me.

“Ivy where are your boots?” She says looking in the back seat of the car.

“I don’t need them!” I say as I throw my sandals in her trunk shutting it.

Shaking her head she laughs. “You surprise me more and more each day!” She ushers me ahead of her.

Oh you just wait! There’s much more to come! I think to myself as I follow her along the Red trail. Once we are far enough that I am certain no one would see us I motion for Kelly to stop. Taking a minute to close my eyes felt like forever, when I finally opened my eyes I find Kelly’s big blue eyes staring intently into mine.

“I have to tell you something, well show you something.” I say with pursed lips.

“Okay, what is it?” She asks swaying her hips, she nonchalantly hangs her hand on her hip.

“Okay well first, you need to go sit over there.” I gesture at a large flat rock. “Before I show you anything you have to promise me first, that you won’t stop loving me.” My voice trembles with the last of my words.

“Ivy, what?” She asks confusion in her eyes. “I have only just started loving you.” She says worriedly as she sets her backpack down, she sits onto the rock.

“Well that will remain to be unknown until you see what I am, well, what we are!” I say, as I observe her.

“Wait who’s we? Me and y-” I make my move before she can even finish her sentence. Running towards her I run and leap off from the rock into the air! Arms spread wide I fall 7 feet off from the rock.

“IIIVVYY!” I hear Kelly scream out reaching for me as I fall. Her scream is finally quieted once she sees the branch that caught me, setting me gently back down. “I-Ivy, what the fuck just happened.” She asks still mortified.

“Well do you remember that night we all went hiking together?” I ask her.

“Yeah, you never did tell me what happened.” She says swallowing hard.

“Well now you know.” I proclaim raising my arms up into the sky, two giant tree roots mimic my arms outstretching.

Kelly stumbles back a bit, catching her footing she manages to squeak out. “How long have you been like this Ivy?”

“It mainly started the day I met you. I don’t know why, but I believe everything happens for a reason.” I pause, throwing an assortment of wildflower seeds. “What do you believe?” I ask her as I kneel to the ground I place my hand towards the ground. Spiraling my fingers and hands in a circle motion, I raise my hand slowly and as I do all of the wildflowers grow and bloom.

“Well after this I think I can believe a lot of things, especially after seeing this with my own eyes.” She says laughing a little uneasy.

I pick a handful of the wildflowers thanking them for their lives, as I hand them to her, I ask. “Do you still love me?”

“Of course, just because your girlfriend turns Mother nature over night doesn’t mean you stop loving her.” she says not even skipping a beat, sending us both into a fit of giggles.

“I don’t know how to explain it but, there are so many ways, I can show you, if you let me. Do you trust me?” I ask her holding out my hand to her.

I held my breath as she slowly grabbed my hand. “Yes, I do.” She says with a kind smile. “Always!”

Pulling her close to me, I take her in my arms and we are lifted up into the tree canopy. I watch her countenance closely. At first there was a hint of fear in her eyes but the more we moved gracefully together through the trees, her fear was replaced with laughter. I taught her to jump and move from branch to branch without fear of falling, and I could tell that she loved every single minute of it. Once we were both well tired out we made our way back to our backpacks.

“How do you do that?” she asks curiously.

“Well honestly, it’s not just me, plants and trees are living creatures too.” I say matter of factly.

“Well that explains the “We” you were referring to earlier.” She finishes taking a swig of her water canister. “Now are you ever going to tell me what happened with Bane.” She asks eyebrows raised.

I explain my friendship with Bane to her, and about what had transpired between the two of us. When I had met Kelly initially to begin with. She sat back watching me as we walk back towards her car. When I finished she looks at me for a long while before she speaks.

“You know you don’t owe anything to that creep right?” She pauses.

A wicked grin spreads across my face. “Oh I know it, and he knows, I know it. That’s what drives him mad!”

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