Poison Ivy

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Coming Clean


As Kelly and I, make our way to my trailer I begin to worry. I know Kelly is not safe without me around. What am I going to do keep her at my trailer? She doesn’t even know about what happened to make me, like I am. How can you tell someone something like that? How I Killed Jeff Jackson even? I begin to reel panic consuming me, overwhelming my senses. I try to think of what we do as Kelly flips her blinker turning onto the road that sweeps by by house. All I need to do is protect her, even if that means making her stay close to me for a while. I think to myself, affirmation calming me to a point.

“Hey until all this stuff with the mysterious killer going on, would you want to stay at my house with me?” I say as nonchalantly as possible.

Kelly turns towards me as she opens her mouth and closes it, blowing out a puff of air. “Sure, I still have to go to work though you know that? I will need clothes too, don’t want to look dingy.” She says laughing as she slows down flipping her blinker. She whips her car around and speeds off towards her apartment. Relief soon washes over me, and I relax completely into my seat. We quickly make it to her apartment complex, and exit her car. Hurriedly making our way into her apartment complex, we make it to her apartment. Kelly grabs everything she will need for a while, and packs it all up into a suitcase.

“Okay, I think I am just about ready.” She proclaims as she runs to her bathroom. She grabs her deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste. She turns walking towards me, kissing me on the cheek. “Okay, I am confident that I am completely ready.” She says smiling, she turns towards the door. “Let’s get moving!” With that I follow her out, and we hop in her car, making our way to my trailer once again.

“Third times a charm!” I say chuckling.

“Yeah I guess it is!” As she says it we both erupt into giggles.

When we begin to make our way back down the road that leads to my trailer, I begin to shift in my seat uncomfortably. The closer we get to the trailer the more a sense of dread washes over me. Something isn’t right! I think to myself, Kelly notices me shifting around in my seat uncontrollably.

“Ivy, are you okay what’s wrong?” As soon as she asks me, I see exactly what is wrong. I billow of black smoke is billowing from my trailer, coming around the corner I see my greenhouse. Grey smoke is billowing out of it, flames igniting, burning my precious babies inside. I stumble out of the car, retching and puking. I stumble and fall, sobs wracking my body. I rise slowly the world in slow motion, I look at the horror my eyes fall upon.

“Ivy, turn the hose on!” Kelly screams snapping me from me back to reality. I fumble with the water nozzle turning the hose on full blast. “Here, take the hose!” She says as she opens the greenhouse door, thick black smoke billows out followed by gust of flames. I spray the hose into the greenhouse. Kelly flips her phone open, she dials rapidly on her phone.

I faintly hear her conversation with the fire department, as I battle the smoke and flames alone, tears flowing down my sooty face.

I’m so sorry, I wasn’t here to protect you! I sob thinking to myself. I can hear some of them crying as they are burning, I fight trying to save as many of them as possible. I don’t even remember when the fire stopped, even after the fire department got there. They mentioned something about how the fire, How it was caused by Molotov cocktails. How they are going to have someone look into this by the police department. They didn’t have to vandalize my property near by to know exactly who did this. I think to myself gritting my teeth. The fire department leaves after taking down my information.

“Let’s go in side.” I say sniffling. “There’s something I have to tell you.”

Kelly’s eyes widen for a moment and then she rocks forward on her heels. Gesturing towards me she turns linking her arm with mine. She leads me inside patting my hand with hers. I brew a kettle of chamomile tea, handing her a cup we sit down onto my couch.

“Ivy, what is it?” She says breaking the silence.

“Okay, first off do you remember the day at the diner, I broke that guys nose?” I say taking a sip of my tea.

“Yeah that was the best thing I’ve ever seen!” She says with a chuckle.

“Him and his brothers have been harassing me for a long time. Even vandalized my trailer at one point. I know they did this too.” I say.

Her eyes widen, and her mouth drops open as she puts two and two together. “That’s why your trailer looked like that?”

I nod confirming her. “Well it got worse after we met. Do you remember the first day we told one another we loved each other?” I ask her.

“Yeah of course I remember!” She says smiling.

“That night The four of them, they ambushed me in the greenhouse. That one in fact, Jeff, had a vendetta against me. He beat me almost to death, that was the day I realized I had powers.”

Kelly’s mouth drops open and tears begin to form in her eyes. “Oh my god Ivy, why haven’t you told me any of this?”

“Because I was afraid you wouldn’t understand. What I did and why I had to do it. Just to keep you safe.” I say not breaking eye contact.

“Ivy, tell me what the hell is going on.” I can tell by the look in her eyes that she is serious.

“Because when Jeff almost killed me that day, and I got my powers. I killed him, because he said, he would have his way with you.” I pause breaking eye contact. “That I had to kill him because he would hurt you.” When I finish speaking I look back towards Kelly, not making eye contact. “I killed their brother, and they burned down my greenhouse.” I say finally looking her in the eye.

“Y-yo-you Killed someone, Ivy?” she says mortified.

“Yes I did.” I say blankly. I’ll kill them all if I have to. I think coldly to myself, Which is followed by a chorus of all of babies in agreement!

Vengeance! Justice! They Chorus!

Kelly stares at me for a long moment, swallowing hard she finally speaks. “Okay then.” She grabs my hand holding it firm in hers. “Then it had to be done.”

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